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  • Nov 26, 2019

LIVE: China coronavirus infections and death toll - YouTube
LIVE: China coronavirus infections and death toll – YouTube

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Department of Health in the United States on Monday reported on one day since the outbreak. On Monday night, officials have reported 18 people were killed, bringing the total nationwide to 85, according to a tally Washington Post.

President Trump in a Monday news conference recommends that the state with evidence of community transmission of the virus to be closed schools, as well as a bar, restaurant, fitness center and other meeting places.

“This is not overreaction,” Anthony S. Fauci, a leading member of the coronavirus presidential task force, said of the recommendations were released Monday.

About 4450 cases of coronavirus has been reported in the United States, although experts suspect the actual number is much higher.

Here are some other important developments:

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California will allow local governments to stop the eviction of tenants and homeowners and protect against utility shut-offs, he said Monday.

This command is intended to ensure that California was not punished for failing to keep up with their rent, mortgage and utility bills, the Governor Gavin Newsom (D) said that, as a guide coronavirus recently many workers in the service industry or economic gig lost wages substantially or lose their jobs entirely.

“People should not lose or be forced out of their homes because of the spread of COVID-19,” Newsom said in a statement. “Over the next few weeks, everyone will have to make sacrifices – but a place to live do not be one of them.”

California already grappling with soaring housing prices and one of the homeless are the most severe crisis in the country it. while the sequence Newsom does not limit the ability of the owner to recover the rent late, it does not require banks to temporarily halt foreclosures and evictions more until the end of May.

other jurisdictions have taken similar steps in recent days. state New York, Seattle and Boston have all the moratoriums on the eviction process.

pandemic disrupt the presidential election in 2020 as an official Ohio ordered a poll late Monday open “as a health emergency, “although the state judge ruled that the election should go.

Amy Acton, state director of health, said it would menghindari’ancaman soon with a high probability of exposure luas’dengan new coronavirus.

“During this time when we face a public health crisis of unprecedented, to conduct the election tomorrow will force poll workers and voters to put yourself at risk for health unacceptable contractor coronavirus,” Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) said in a.

She also encouraged to remedy through the courts “to extend the voting choice so that every voter who wants to vote will be given the opportunity.”

announcement sure to create more uncertainty as voters, poll workers and county election officials receive yet another reversal on the fate of the presidential primary Tuesday, with voting set to begin at 6:30 am

Earlier Monday, the Franklin County Court of common Pleas Judge Richard A. Frye refused a temporary restraining order was supported by DeWine to seek a delay, said in a Monday night heard that the rescheduling of the elections will be “a bad precedent.”

“There are too many factors to balance in this uncharted territory,” Frye said at a court hearing Mo nday night.


Proponents say they are growing increasingly concerned about how they would get food to millions of Americans vulnerable, especially in “hot spots” around the country -. and more face food insecurity due to the closure of the business and market upheaval

widening outbreak of coronavirus make it difficult for food banks, food pantries and soup kitchen to fulfill their mission at the time they are needed most, advocates say.

The biggest challenge in the area that has been hardest hit by the virus, and where there has been a significant drop in donations of food from the grocery store.

Proponents also say that as stores grapple with panic buying and the shelves are empty, their focus has shifted to restocking and adequate sanitation grocery surface.

“Nothing in my life has there been a precedent for this,” said Catherine D’Amato, chief executive of Boston Food Bank, which serves two coronavirus hot spot, Boston and Pittsfield, Mass. “We know how to respond to fires, earthquakes, floods. There are no guidelines for this. “

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Food and Drug Administration, in an effort to accelerate the development of coronavirus test, on Monday announced that the state can approve the test developed in the laboratory in their countries -. without obtaining FDA clearance

This step is similar to the latitude of New York State Department of Health last week to set up a laboratory on the coronavirus test. The countries will become the de facto regulator, and the laboratory does not have to interact with the FDA.

The agency also said that commercial manufacturers develop coronavirus test can distribute the test to be used prior to FDA approval, called an emergency use authorization -. Another significant loosening of the rules

companies will be required to validate the test before selling them and submit an application for authorization within 15 days. Similar flexibility with 29 Feb guidance that the agency given the high complexity laboratories at academic medical centers and other entities that want to develop their own tests.

“This action shows the FDA’s ability to pivot and adapt if the situation in the light of public health emergencies,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on telephone briefing with reporters.

Jeffrey Shuren, director of FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, acknowledged that the new latitude for commercial producers is a trade-off that carries some risk – because the test will not be reviewed by the FDA before being used on patients. But, he said, “That’s the trade-off is worth doing,” recalling attack coronavirus

Government Trump has been under fire for failing to provide extended test at the start of a pandemic -. At the moment some experts said the outbreak may have been contained.

The agency also provides recommendations for the company to develop serological tests for use during an outbreak. The test measures the amount of antibodies or proteins present in the blood when the body responds to certain infections.

The agency also announced that it issued an emergency use authorization for tests coronavirus by two larger producers, Hologic and LabCorp

RIO DE JANEIRO – .. Hundreds of inmates staged an incredible escape from prison in southeastern Brazil on Monday night following the imposition of severe restrictions on attempts to limit the potential for an outbreak of coronavirus behind bars

flow showing men walking out of a prison complex in the state of Sao Paulo as sirens and someone shouting, “Come back on Monday!”

dramatic scene, staggered in several prisons, comes soon after the prison system suspended state what is known as “saidinhas” – prison short term recesses intended to help prisoners re-adjust to society before their release < / p>

Centro de Progressão Penitenciária de Mongagua: ⬇️ <. / P>

Bra zilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that at least 1,000 prisoners escaped. It was unclear Monday night how prisoners were sprung loose.

The escape again highlighted the deep dysfunction of the Brazilian prison system. Overcrowded, uncontrolled and extraordinary violence, prisons in Brazil are often where the state appears to hold little control, than most.

Now, the new coronavirus has become another complicating factor. As the virus moves across Latin America’s biggest country, the authorities are taking steps to curb increasingly aggressive his rise -. From grade school to cancel the event and to encourage people to stay away from the beach

So far, however, every day has brought more cases than ever before. On Monday, the number reached 234, most in Latin America

SANTA BARBARA, California – .. The leaders of the six districts of the San Francisco Bay area, among the hardest hit by the outbreak of coronavirus widening, asking for more than 6 millions of California residents Monday to stay home for weeks unless faced with an emergency.

The measures, among stringent measures taken nationally to individual isolates from exposure to the virus, will be enforced by the local sheriff’s office and the police department, although authorities said they would tread lightly in the beginning as those people become accustomed to remaining in and around their homes. authorities referred to as fixed-in-place orders, something more commonly associated with earthquakes and mass shootings, although people would be allowed to leave the house for groceries, to walk their dogs and to carry out other routine activities.

This directive is scheduled to apply overnight and remain in place until at least 7 April and includes six of the nine counties comprising the Bay area, including Santa Clara County in the center of Silicon Valley, which has the most reported infections of every 58 counties country. the county has reported nearly 140 cases of infection and two deaths.

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Department of Veterans Affairs serves as the health system backup in times of crisis, but the mission statement for this important role has been removed from the agency’s website on Friday as many in this country grew worried that could weigh on house civil Hospital.

VA medical resources have been deployed to assist veterans and civilians alike in the wake of hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. It even sent a mental health doctor to Orlando after slaughter Pulse nightclub in 2016.

But the reference to “the fourth mission” VA -. Absorb civilian hospital work in the event they are overflowing with patients – that is rubbed on the VA site emergency management and replaced with information that does not reference the mission altogether.

“These are Orwellian,” Kristofer Goldsmith, associate director of policy and government affairs of Vietnam Veterans of America, on Monday. “It’s really scary to see the administration apparently trying to purge the memory of America,” he told The Washington Post.

The mission statement of the office of emergency management was updated in May 2019, Christina Mandreucci agency spokesman said, although he did not provide the text updates. A page on Friday showed that the mission statement has remained almost unchanged in the page cache.

Bob Fetzer, union representatives VA thousand employees in four countries, he was concerned with what he heard from the field. “VA is not ready. Health and safety officers were completely out of the loop throughout the VA, “he said.

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health departments in the United States on Monday reported the largest number of associated coronavirus. death on every single day since the outbreak

Agents in 10 countries reported at least one person was killed and four new states – South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and Nevada – calculated the death of their first, more evidence of this pandemic increasing effect throughout the country.

on Monday night, before 8:00, officials have reported 18 people were killed, bringing the total nationwide to 85, according to a tally Washington Post.

A plurality of new deaths were reported found in Kings County, Wash, the epicenter of the outbreak of the US, where the death toll is now 43 -. far more than other regions or countries have been reported. Most of these deaths are connected to in Kirkland.

This is the 17th consecutive day deaths have been reported in some places in the United States. At first, the numbers increased slowly, with two or three people, but on Friday, the agency reported more than half a dozen per day

A complete picture of the fatal cases -. How many people have died and the identity of the victims – have not been possible. Tests have been left behind, covering the number of positive cases of coronavirus, and health departments wary of releasing information about patients because of privacy laws. But at least one thing is clear: The numbers will continue to rise

At a press conference at the State Capitol on Monday in Indianapolis, Commissioner of Health Indiana State Kris Box can only speak for leaders everywhere, says , “We expect to see more of this in the whole state of Indiana in the days and weeks.”

for the week, some of the most popular Fox News host underestimate the threat of coronavirus, the media and the Democratic organization to undermine President Trump.

Fox News personalities such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham accused the news media whipping up “mass hysteria” and to “” Fox Business host Trish Regan “another attempt to impeach the president.”

But that was then.

With the declaration of Trump on Friday that the virus is, the tone at Fox News have quickly shifted

on the program on Friday, Hannity -. The most watched figures on cable news – praising phandling citizens of what host now, too late, refers to as a “crisis.”

“Tonight, we are witnessing what will happen to a major paradigm shift in the future of disease control and prevention,”. “A brave, new precedent is being set, the world once again will benefit greatly from the leadership of the United States. , , , The federal government, state governments, private companies, hospitals all come together, under the leadership of the president, to stem the tide of coronavirus. “

In all, it has become an intricate dance to the network host is one of the most vibrant amplifier Trump and defenders – .. more challenging position to take as a growing crisis of the magnitude

How long will we have to keep this – ? closed schools, working from home, six feet of personal space and zombie-apocalypse empty streets

The question now occupy America as millions of parents silently screaming into the void middle coronavirus pandemic. But it is very difficult for science to answer

The best and most honest reply, according to epidemiological and virological experts, simple :. “It depends.” This will not be over any time soon -. A matter of months, not weeks

Two senior White House official working remotely after coming close to them who has. diagnosed with coronavirus or being tested for it.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in an email Monday that he has been working on the house after contact with the delegation of Brazil in a private club President Trump in South Florida earlier this month.

Nestor Forster, ambassador of Great Brazil to the United States who dined with Trump on March 7 at the Mar-a-Lago, has tested positive for the virus, such as having Fabio Wajngarten, secretary of communications for the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, which has posed for photos with Trump.

“with my closeness to the President’s better to be safe than sorry,” Grisham said, adding he would follow the advice of the White House medical staff when measuring her back.

Outgoing acting chie f Mick Mulvaney also teleworking staff “of an abundance of caution” after contact with an individual who coronavirus test results pending, Grisham said.

Two sessions nationwide college entrance examination in April and May were canceled Monday because of the impact of the crisis continues to hammer coronavirus all aspects of the education system.

ACT session scheduled for April 4 was postponed to 13 June and scheduled for May 2 SAT session was canceled as well. This action is certain to disrupt the plans of junior high schools across the country who are preparing to apply to college.

Most selective colleges and universities require applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores, although there is a growing movement among colleges to make the test optional.

The college Board, which owns the SAT, said it would issue refunds to people who sign up for the session May 2 and to those who have signed up for the March 14 exam but can not take the weekend as many closures a site suddenly.


British neighbors in the European continent to confront the spread of the deadly new coronavirus :. locking pubs in Dublin and cafes in Paris, school closures, curfews and enforce quarantine not seen since the Middle Ages

But in London, the bar is still open. Most schools, museums and restaurants, too.

Unlike Italy, France and Spain, the British government did not stop people from everywhere. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday encouraged the UK to avoid “all non-essential contacts with others,” to work from home and to isolate themselves if they are elderly. Prompting some theaters London to start to go dark. But all the action is voluntary.

In a go-slow approach, governments Johnson is determine the direction of their own, refusing tough restrictions adopted in the continent.

Timing is everything, said Chief Science Officer Patrick Vallance, who have expressed concern about the “fatigue behavior.”

“If you tell people to stay at home too early,” Vallance said, “they get fed up with it at the very point where you need them to stay at home.” < p> But a growing chorus of critics, in politics and science, want more done now.

‘We are losing time,’ warned DeviSridhar, head of global public health at the University of Edinburgh medical school. He called the British government’s plan “alarming and perhaps reckless.”


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), chairman of the National Governors Association, said national leaders are scrambling to secure for hospital ventilators ready for a surge of patients coronavirus, but there is not enough available.

“No problems with supplies and a ventilator,” said Hogan. “There is not enough inventory. The countries do not have enough. The federal government does not have enough. They do not get distributed quickly enough. And that’s a problem for all of us. “

He added a couple of governors bangsa’sangat marah’bahwa President Trump told the governor to seek their own supply ventilator during a conference call Monday, but he thought the crisis was too large for “Monday morning quarterbacking. We just have to get this thing done, “he said. “There was a lot of tension and frustration (among) the governor.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) also said he was surprised when Trump told the governor this morning that they have to see if they can find a ventilator itself, comparing the struggle for a war in which “we only hear our leaders say you all need to get his own weapon at the state level to beat this. But that’s the way it is “

Major League Baseball recognizes the reality that clear Monday: .. Opening Day will not arrive in the near future

Commissioner Rob Manfred conduct a conference call Monday with the owner of the team, and MLB later released a statement saying Opening Day will be delayed well beyond the April 9 that was originally targeted when it first announced the delay last week.

on the day of the week, the CDC recommended public halting gathering of more than 50 people, including sports events, for eight weeks – that MLB is quoted as saying, “the opening of the 2020 regular season will be pushed back in accordance with the guidelines.”

The new, albeit vague time – the second week may now represent a best-case scenario -. makes it increasingly unlikely that baseball can contest the entire, 162-game regular season in 2020.

Unlike the NBA or NHL, calendar baseball surrounded by winter weather in the northern part of th e country, which would make it possible to extend deep into the postseason schedule in November or beyond -. Restrictions step unprecedented for a stadium neutral-site with a dome or in warm climates

In 1995, the last time Opening Day was postponed, teams lumpy, spring training two weeks before launching into shortened, 144-game season.

The main difference this time is that spring training is already well underway when the stoppage came, with all their good pitcher’s arm-strengthening buildup innings. Baseball will probably need to do, “second” spring training is abbreviated for the sake of the pitcher before his Opening Day rescheduling.

Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate sharply criticized the response of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo to plague coronavirus, alleging it failed to provide information about employees who are infected with a virus or a plan to prevent the spread covid-19 for other US officials.

Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ) said in a letter addressed to Pompeo that he was concerned that “the embassy employee at least one State Department tested positive for COVID-19 -. And may have worked during the period when they are contagious “

He said he had learned that the department knew about the” case some positives in several different locations “but” failed to provide any guidance for employees or their families on COVID -19. ”

State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

on Saturday, the State Department authorized the departure of US personnel and family members at embassies and consulates around the world “that has been medically determined to be at higher risk or a bad result if exposed COVID-19.” orders allow qualified diplomats to return to Washington in the days and weeks.

The department is also implementing telework schedule that involves a small number of employees come to work on a rotating basis.

Menendez letter accusing Pompeo failed “give details” on “response of the Department to protect personnel and surrounding society. “

In the letter, Menendez also asked Pompeo to appear before the Foreign Affairs Committee to answer questions.

Amazon plans to hire 100,000 new warehouse workers in the United States to alleviate tension face global network as buyers turn to it while avoiding physical retailers for the rapid deployment of the new coronavirus.

e-commerce giant has admitted in recent days that it was out of stock of some household staples, and that delivery took longer than usual.

In addition to employing new staff to address that challenge, Amazon will raise the salary to April by $ 2 per hour in the US, £ 2 hours in the UK, and around € 2 hours in parts of the EU. The company said that it would cost $ 350 million.

“Get a priority item to your doorstep is very important as a community to practice social distancing, especially for older people and people with underlying health problems,” senior vice president of Amazon from its worldwide operations Dave Clark writes in Monday. “We are seeing a significant increase in demand, which means that our workforce needs unprecedented for this time of year.”

And Clark made a special pitch for workers who have been furloughed by the current employer has ceased operations.

“We want people to know we welcome them in our team until things return to normal and past employers they were able to bring them back,” wrote Clark.

additional jobs come amid concerns about low-wage workers have no protection job to stay at home or get health insurance if they came down with a virus. Amazon said that people who can not work at home, such as warehouse workers, will receive “all the usual paid and unpaid time-off benefit them.” And every employee is diagnosed with a coronavirus or placed in quarantine will receive up to two weeks of salary, the company said.

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.

One of the many unknowns about the coronavirus is how it affects pregnant women. There are no guidelines from the US government, even Britain said Monday that pregnancy is regarded as an underlying health condition, which would make pregnant women at risk sections of the population.

Government Trump isn ‘t ready to go there yet. Speaking from the White House on Monday, coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx said there is little data when it comes to the effect on pregnant women. The only thing US health officials know, he said, is that China reported that nine coronavirus-infected pregnant women in their last trimester “delivered healthy children and themselves healthy and recovered. It was a total size of our sample. “

that official health facilities do not know how this virus can affect women in early pregnancy, a potentially more susceptible to the fetus, or whether a newborn can contract covid-19 from the mother they. officials also did not say whether they know if the coronavirus can be passed from a mother to her baby breast milk. Birx said he would try to get more data from European countries racked by the coronavirus. To date, no additional regulations in place for pregnant women in the United States.

An employee in the office of the Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for overseeing United Express and other airlines at O’Hare International Airport tested positive for coronavirus, according to the internal emergency FAA warning Monday.

as a result, the FAA office near O’Hare that perform safety inspections and maintenance has been closed “until further notice as a precaution due to secondary exposure” to workers who are infected, according to the alert.

employees who tested positive work in Chicago FAA Certificate Management Office, said the alert. Employees in the office were inspected Air Wisconsin Airlines, which operates as United Express and also has a crew based at Washington Dulles International Airport and Milwaukee and Columbia, SC

Office in Des Plaines, Illinois. Also keep an eye over 50 foreign airlines, including flying from O’Hare, Chicago Midway International and Chicago Rockford International and airports in Milwaukee; South Bend, Ind.; and Gary, Ind., according to the FAA.

A spokesman for United Airlines and Air Wisconsin Airlines did not immediately respond to questions about whether their employees may have conwise to an infected individual, and if they are being quarantined or monitored.

FAA warning said his Flight Standards District Office, which is also at the facility Des Plaines and has a safety inspector flights, superintendent of maintenance, managers and technicians are working to make the aircraft and airline operating confident that secure, closed, and employees will telework.

spokesman An FAA did not immediately respond to questions about whether employees of other institutions have been tested or quarantined in connection with the case or what work it does to keep track of contacts with employees who are infected

KABUL – , A sudden surge in cases of coronavirus in Pakistan, due in part to religious tourists returning from a visit to Iran, has brought the number of confirmed infections nationwide to 184, health officials said Monday. The number rose from 150, after doubling of the amount previously reported 76.

On Monday, health officials in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province reported 15 confirmed cases, most of them say come from Iran. In southwest Balochistan province, which borders Iran, 10 positive cases have been reported. The second case was confirmed on Monday in the province of Punjab, as well as five in Gilgit Baltistan and two in the capital, Islamabad.

More than half the confirmed cases in the country are in the province of Sindh. Officials there ordered all schools closed until the end of May and set up screening centers for arrival at Karachi International Airport and the center of a pandemic emergency care with 2,000 beds in the city of Sukkur, where many cases have been reported.

Nationwide, the authorities have imposed a ban on large public gatherings or demonstrations. All government workers have been urged to wear masks and avoid unnecessary visits to public offices.

There are reports that some Islamic clerics in Pakistan issued a decree against the quarantine on the basis of religion, but officials of the National Council of Islamic ideology rejects this attitude, said at a press conference that Islam provides clear instructions to follow directions medical to protect against disease.

Iran has reported almost. Pakistan, with a population of 208 million, 90 percent Muslim, and Pakistan’s Shia minority regularly travel to Iran to visit Shiite holy sites

BERLIN -. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said that the furore surrounding US attempts to secure exclusive rights to the coronavirus vaccine from a German company “resolved”, while the company’s main investor said that President Trump personally try to clinch a deal.

His comments followed a report in the German newspaper, as saying that the government Trump has offered a large sum of money for CureVac to secure vaccine – but one exclusive to the United States. CureVac has repeatedly denied that there is an offer and said it “rejects all the allegations in the media.”

However, Merkel said that the issue was not raised during a video call conference with Trump and other Group of Seven leaders Monday as the German “government took care of it very early.” The chancellor did not provide other details.

In an interview with Germany’s Sport 1 radio Monday, Dietmar Hopp, the billionaire Germany who holds shares of 80 percent in CureVac told Trump that “speaks to the company.”

“They immediately told me and asked me what I thought was, ‘he said. “For me, it goes without saying, it can not be that a German company developing vaccines and is used exclusively in the US”

After Sunday’s Welt am report Sonntag, a White House official said aides did not realize of each offer from Trump to CureVac. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the issue with the name cautioned, however, that Trump often have a private conversation that his staff did not realize.

Daniel Menichella CureVac chief executive met with Trump and Vice President Pence earlier this month to discuss the coronavirus vaccine.

“CureVac has not been received from the US government or related entities to bid before, during and since the Task Force meeting at the White House,” the company tweeted Monday.

Maryland and the District on Monday ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants except for service delivery, because the number of reported cases coronavirus recently in the Washington area sailed past 100 and Virginia reported the second death.

“I am going to make any decisions and take any action necessary toMarylanders save lives, “Governor Larry Hogan (R) said in Annapolis. Officials say the closures – which includes health clubs and gyms and in Maryland began to 5:00 Monday -. Will be fully enforced

“We’re not playing games anymore,” said Hogan

DC, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said all the restaurants and bars in the nation’s capital to be shut down for service on-site starting at 10:00 on Monday. “You may not eat at or visit the bars in their establishments,” says Bowser.

The second death in the region of the virus was a man from York County, Va., Which is in the 70s and died of respiratory failure at a hospital, officials said. First fatality was a man in his 70s from the nearby James City County who died Saturday of respiratory failure also

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron .. Monday night announced the imposition of a total lockdown at least 15 days to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

lockdown will begin Tuesday at noon and will severely limit the freedom of movement throughout the country. People will be allowed to leave their homes only to purchase food, see a doctor and walk to work if their jobs require it.

But macron reiterated previous calls for all businesses to embrace telecommuting as much as possible.

“This is the only way to protect people who are vulnerable,” said macron, noting that the French people had ignored the government’s announcement earlier, continue to congregate in the park and crowded markets during the weekend.

His announcement also included a European decision to close the border during the 30-day European Union, which would entail the suspension of all non-essential travel to within the EU, and even within its own borders, between the 26 member states. But French citizens abroad will be able to reenter their country during this temporary closure, said macron.

Period lockdown, which can be extended, will also include a generous package of state subsidies to reduce some of the damage to the French economy is coming.

French will defer taxes and social costs, suspending electricity bills throughout the lockdown and state guarantees of up to 300 billion euros ($ 335 billion) will be put in place to protect small businesses

macron, often criticized because it looked aloof and pro-big business, announced that no business -. however small -. will be allowed to fail because of the shutdown coronavirus

“No business, regardless of size, will be left at risk of bankruptcy,” said macron. “There is no French and no France will be left without resources.”

The French government has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses, including restaurants, cafes and cinemas, as of midnight Saturday.

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that he had confirmed cases of coronavirus first institution employees 11,000 people.

“This person is in good condition and isolated to prevent the spread of infection to others,” the CDC said in a statement. “The desire of the best we went to the employee for a quick and full recovery.”

The agency said the employees are not involved in the response covid-19 and not at work they CDC since March 6 At that time, people without any symptoms, according to the agency.

“After developing symptoms, the right of individuals to take action and stay at home,” the CDC said.

The CDC did not specify the case of a person, saying it wanted to respect the privacy of employees.

Staffers of unit employees to work from home while experiencing office “cleansing,” according to the agency. CDC inform other employees who may have been exposed and the “quick retrieval steps to reduce the spread of the virus.”

Trump said Monday that the new coronavirus outbreak in the United States could take place until July or August.

“People are talking about July, August, something like that … could be much longer than that,” Trump said one day after he said the virus was under control.

The president also said he was not planning a national curfew, despite previous reports that the government can implement it.

“We have not really determined to do it at all and hopefully we do not need,” said Trump. “This is a step we can take but hopefully we will not.”

He told reporters “we were all surprised” by the emergence of an infection that has spread from China throughout the world. Presidenthas a simple tone and appears to have dropped a lot of courage he has employed when discussing the gravity of the pandemic. He said he had told one of his sons, who asked how bad the situation really, that “it was bad, it was bad. But we will hopefully be the best case, not the worst case. “

Trump also announced guidelines coronavirus new at the beginning of Monday’s press conference, including calling on the US to home-school their children whenever possible and avoid discretionary trips, eating at restaurants and bars, and a group of more than 10 people.

guidelines came less than 24 hours after the CDC urged people to avoid gathering more than 50.

in Pasco County north of Tampa, the Election Supervisory Brian Corley said he was working to draft sheriff’s deputies, workers and employees of the county school district to charge for poll workers Tuesday afraid to work because of coronavirus -. and warn people who are sick should not vote in person

“This is the only time you’ll hear me prevented from voting,” said Corley. “But if you’re sick, do not come to the polls.” He said he did not want voters poll workers or others in danger.

Corley said voters can ask someone to take a mail-in vote for them in the election supervisor’s office and have it returned to the office by 7:00, when the polls close.

“There is an alternative,” said Corley. “I strongly urge that they do not go to the polls if they do not feel good.”

Corley is among the election officials in the four countries are scheduled for introduction on hold Tuesday. The office usually employs 1,000 poll workers, many of whom are of retirement age

By Monday morning, 150 said they would not come – .. and he said he expects more breaking

“They just flat-out told me, ‘I do not want to do this, I was uncomfortable might put himself in danger,’ “Corley said.

He said he had asked other county agencies to require their employees to volunteer to fill in for poll workers.

“I reached out to our administrators and the county sheriff, and also superintendent of schools, and I said, ‘we’re bleeding poll worker per hour, and we need your help,'” Corley said Monday.

Paul Lux, supervisor of elections in Okaloosa County in the Florida Panhandle, said he heard four more poll workers Monday morning that they won ‘t report to work on Tuesday, and he expects the number to increase.

Lux also said he ordered the closure of polling locations in an assisted living facility that serves only its resid ents after Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on Sunday night banned visitors to the facility. lux plan to distribute ballots to citizens of the facility and then have an election official to collect them personally.

A few days after President Trump announced restrictions on entry into the United States for immigrants and non-residents in an attempt to stop the import of a new coronavirus, a number of other countries have announced similar measures.

Justin Trudeau Canada pledged Monday to ban entry for newcomers and non-residents, while Chilean President Sebastian Pinera also announced Monday that Chile will close its borders to foreigners began Wednesday.

Russia announced that a similar restriction on entry to migrants will be in place from March 18 to May 1, and the European countries that make up the Schengen zone 26 countries visa-free is also expected to announce steps similar later Monday, according to.

deployment ban on the arrival of foreign nationals, although often temporary and with the exception of large, which is unprecedented in the modern era.

H owever, they reflect concerns about the country’s ability to contain the outbreak of coronavirus their own and fear that more cases of the virus can be imported from tourists, further stretching healthcare system.

The effects of coronavirus pandemic reaches North Pole this week, when the organizers of the largest Arctic expedition in history survey flight was canceled in response to the new travel restrictions aimed at combating the virus.

The flight departing Svalbard archipelago, located between Norway and the North Pole is scheduled, in March and April as part of the Multidisciplinary Observatory’s drifting Arctic Climate Studies (Moses), at the top of the world. They will support scientists in the research vessel Polarstern, which had been drifting with the Arctic ice pack since last fall.

Last week Norway announced its tourists from non-Nordic countries who do not hold a residence permit will be prohibited from entering the area or subject to quarantine 14 days.

“The situation was very unusual at the time leaves us no option” but to cancel, said Andreas Herber, a climate scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute and coordinator of the air campaign mosaic.

the beginning of the air campaign had been pushed back after the researchers who participated tested positive for coronavirus. That scientists and anyone who attended a training session with scientists placed under quarantine. But the virus will continue to pose a challenge to the rest of the expedition, especially the exchange of crew APR is also set to depart from Svalbard. Participants may need to allot extra time in Norway to allow two weeks of isolation.

The introduction of the virus into the Polarstern, which took about five dozen people at a time, it could be catastrophic. The ship is hundreds of miles from the nearest land and rescue efforts can be delayed by the storm. But the committee said all crew members to be tested for the virus before leaving their homes and before departing from Norway. Polarstern is also equipped with a quarantine ward.

San Francisco Bay area will join at least two states and Puerto Rico in declaring shutdowns statewide amid increasing public health crisis of the virus that causes covid-19.

on Monday afternoon, officials in six districts of the San Francisco area is expected to announce an order for all residents to “shelter in place” for the next three weeks. shutdown will take effect at 12:01 am Tuesday in San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties and last until at least April 7th.

News from the Bay Area lockdown preceded the official announcement after a local TV station issuing early warnings, in the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus US state of Washington, Governor Jay Inslee (D) announced the closing of each sweeping Monday that residents to treat the next two weeks as the quarantine.

While more than a dozen countries have ordered bars and restaurants closed for the dine-in service, the shutdown Washington affect almost all businesses – from the gym to the nail salon – freeing only a handful of providers of essential services, such as grocery stores, banks and pharmacy.

“over the next few weeks, normal is not in our game plan,” Inslee warned during a news conference Monday.

The Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) to the entire state, ordered all non-essential businesses to close

comprehensive closure that will bring some of the northeast to stop same-well jointly announced Monday for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut .; Closing New Jersey including daily evening hours 8:00 to 5 a.m.

None of shutdowns in the continental US is as severe, but as a step Puerto Rico issued early Monday when the governor announced a total shutdown of the island. During the lockdown, residents can only leave their homes 05: 00-09: 00 for important reasons such as shopping and medical visits. Those who flout the order lockdown can be fined up to $ 5,000 or six months in jail.

Government Trump closed Statue National Monument of Liberty and Ellis Island on Monday in response to an outbreak of coronavirus, add it to at least 10 sites that were closed in Washington and in the Golden Gate National Recreation area of ​​California during the late week.

One of the most popular attractions at the National Park Service, Statue of Liberty gets about 3.5 million visitors per year.

According, visitors are now banned from sites such as the Washington Monument and the National Theater Ford Historic sites in Washington and the island of Alcatraz and Muir Woods National Monument in California.

“health and safety of people who work in and enter Liberty and Ellis Island is our number one priority,” said a statement issued by the Park Service, a division of the Department of Interior. “The park is working with NPS Office of Public Health, US Public Health Service, and state and local authorities to monitor outbreaks of respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus.”

Officials have not determined a date to reopen the site.

leaders of the Group of Seven economic bloc agreed on Monday to boost cooperation and coordination to deal with an outbreak of coronavirus, including coordination between the central bank. Pandemic “pose a great risk to the world economy,” said a statement from the group.

They promised to use “various instruments, including measures of fiscal and monetary policies and targeted action,” a clear reference to stimulus measures further to offset the economic slowdown caused by a closed business, travel canceled and lower productivity. “We decided to coordinate steps and do anything, to use all policy tools, in order to achieve strong growth in the G-7 economies, and protection against downside risks,” they said.

The leaders of the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan met by teleconference Monday morning, at the request of French President Emmanuel macron.

“While today’s challenges may require a national emergency measures, we remain committed to the stability of the global economy,” the statement said.

They agreed to accelerate efforts to strengthen health systems, provide supplies and finding vaccines.

“We also asked the central bank us to continue to coordinate to provide monetary measures needed to support the economic and financial stability, and to promote recovery and growth,” the statement said

LONDON -. Bowing pressure to do more to confront the spread of coronavirus – and says the time is now right for these measures – Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised British citizens on Monday to avoid “all the contacts that are not important to the other person,” which means staying away from pubs, clubs and theaters.

The prime minister said that elderly people over 70 years old should avoid unnecessary social contact. He said people who may have to work from home. Just come as the government warned of “suggestions” to its citizens. All the measures are voluntary. Johnson and scientific advisor has come under growing criticism for not taking stronger action to fight the infection.

Unlike Italy, Spain and France, Johnson did not order the pub, a fitness center, a restaurant or movie theater closed. Instead, he said that people should avoid them.

Johnson said for now the school will remain open. The prime minister said people should avoid non-essential travel, but did not announce any travel restrictions.

Johnson said that the British approach “rapid growth” phase of the growth curve for new infections and that the number of cases doubling every five days. He warned the threat was “very serious” in London, which is a few weeks ahead of the rest of the UK in terms of the spread of the virus.

The Italian government announced 349 new deaths from the new coronavirus on Monday, pushing the death toll from the outbreak to 2158.

More than half of Italian dead were killed in the last five days, although the number of Monday is a decrease from Sunday’s announcement of 368 new deaths.

Italy has the largest number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus outbreaks and deaths from outside China. Due to the unprecedented lockdown around the country ,.

On Monday, the number of people in countries affected by the disease 27 980, of whom 2,749 have been recovered.

Speaking to reporters, Commissioner of Emergency and Civil Protection Chief Angelo Borrelli pointed to falling numbers in the hard-hit region of Lombardy as a positive sign.

“this trend down, let’s sign this fact,” says Borrelli, according to

BERLIN -. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday outlined the country’s plans to halt the spread of coronavirus, including closing bar, restrictions on the opening hours of the restaurant and the prohibition of worship.

the night club, theater, museum, brothels, casino, cinema, swimming pool and gym will all be closed, he said, adding the guidelines have been approved by all states Germany. Gathering in churches, mosques, synagogues or other places of worship will be banned.

“Th ese rules will change our lives everyday,” he said.

directive is not included recommendation to the school nearby and universities, although many countries have already done so. in those that remained open, people who have been in high-risk areas abroad or in Germany in the last 14 days are required to be absent. A visit to the hospital and nursing homes will be restricted, Merkel said, and the restaurant will only be open between 6:00 am and 6 p.m.

On Sunday, 4838 people in Germany have been tested positive for coronavirus, according to the Robert Koch Institute, and 12 people died.

Merkel stressed that the closure is only partial, and some businesses will remain open, including shops, weekly markets, gas stations, drug stores, banks, post offices, newsagents, laundry and hardware and pet stores.

President Trump said during a conference call with the governors of the nation Monday morning that the country should not rely on federal officials to provide respirators to help those diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Instead, countries should try to work on getting respirators, ventilators and other equipment on their own, according to the official explanation of a call two spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private teleconference.

administration, particularly Vice President Pence, has been in regular contact with the governor as the country worked to stem a pandemic that has killed more than 60 people in the United States, most o f them in the state of Washington. More than 3,700 cases have been reported.

I have done more? No – YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President.

Trump tweeted Monday afternoon that he “just had a tele-conference was very good with the Governor of the United Nations” and that “went very well.” But he chose one particular state executive, called on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (DN.Y.) to ” ‘do more.'”

Cuomo fired back via Twitter: “I have to do more? No – YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the president. “

Calls to the governor was first reported by the New York Times.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada announced Monday that Canada will close its borders to immigrants as part of a series of measures designed to protect the country from the new coronavirus outbreak.

Limited exemption from entry ban will be made for a permanent resident, the family soon citizen, airmen, diplomats and “current” US citizens, said Trudeau. Airlines will receive directions to prohibit all passengers with symptoms of coronavirus from a plane, even if they are citizens of Canada.

“I know this news will spark concerns among Canadians traveling abroad. I want to assure you that our government will not leave you unsupported, “said Trudeau, adding that the Canadian government will step in to help those who can not speak.

From Wednesday, only four international airports of Canada will allow airlines :. Toronto Pearson, Trudeau Montreal, Vancouver International and Calgary International

Canadian leader said that action would be “far-reaching” but that they will save lives. “Extraordinary circumstances call for measures extraordinary,” says Trudeau.

Trudeau spoke of Rideau Cottage, home to the government in Ottawa, where he has been under self-isolation since his wife, Sophie, were confirmed as having the new coronavirus on Thursday.

deployment explosion of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, driven by people whose disease had not been diagnosed ,, show that people with symptoms so mild that they may not know they are sick unwittingly spread of the disease in China, and finally around the world.

Jeffrey Shaman, an infectious-disease at Columbia University who co-authored the study, estimate that the actual number of infections worldwide is greater than what has been reported. Given that there were 169,000 confirmed cases in more than 150 countries, he said, more than 1 million people can be infected with the new coronavirus globally.

The prevalence of “stealth transmission,” Shaman said, underscores the need for social distance. When even a healthy-seeming person can transmit the virus, the safest thing to do is to stay away.

Shaman study, published Monday in the journal Science, the model of the spread of disease at his home in Wuhan based on epidemiological studies and cell phone data.

at the beginning of the epidemic, it was pointed out, there are six people with infections that are undocumented for every confirmed case of the disease. These cases are about half as diagnosed contagious, but because there are so many of them, they were behind at least two-thirds of documented infections, the researchers said.

After China imposed a travel ban and boost testing on Jan. 23, the ratio flips documented for undocumented cases, Shaman said that about 60 percent of people who carryvirus was diagnosed. The spread of the virus in mainland China peaked a few weeks later. Now the number of new cases reported each day dropped from thousands to tens.

“A radical improvement in the identification and isolation of infection while undocumented would be needed to fully control” the new coronavirus, the study said.

Cuban government said Monday it would allow a British cruise ship to confirmed cases of new coronavirus to the pier so that passengers can be evacuated.

Bruno Rodríguez, Cuban foreign minister said that the decision was made “in response to [a] health emergencies that may put at risk the lives of sick people.”

at least five people have tested positive for coronavirus ship MS Braemar ,, although others have reported symptoms.

twenty-two guests and 21 crew members are in isolation, after showing influenza-like symptoms, Fred Olsen said in a statement Monday. The ship carried a total of 682 passengers and 381 crew members.

MS Braemar was docked in the Bahamas, where he marked, since Saturday, but the Caribbean countries and other local governments have refused to let passengers leave.

“This decision was based on consideration for the protection of health and safety of the Bahamian people and residents of the Bahamas,” the Bahamas Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

After the passengers arriving in Cuba, they would “immediately and safely [be] flown back to England,” Rodríguez said Monday.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines all cruises until May 23 citing “a sustainable situation with COVID-19,” a disease caused by a coronavirus new, ‘some closure port and a government adviser recently for cruise travel. ‘

director-General of the World Health Organization said Monday that the government aren’ t do enough to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Tedros Adhanom GHE breyesus recognize the rapid escalation of social-distancing measures and the cancellation of large gatherings but said the global effort is still lacking.

“We have not seen quite urgent escalation in testing, isolation and contact tracing, which is the backbone of the response,” he said at a press conference.

Tedros noted that social distancing, hand washing and coughing into the elbow was a tactic to help the deployment of combat but noted that the measures are not in themselves sufficient to extinguish a pandemic. He urged countries to improve their methods of testing and isolation to really make a difference.

“As I always say, countries need to take a more comprehensive approach,” he said, stressing the need to break the chain of transmission. “You can not fight fire blindfolded, and we can not stop this pandemic if we do not know who is infected.”

Tedros said the WHO is concerned about the low income countries and regions with high HIV prevalence or malnourished children, and he warned against hoarding goods.

“This is a defining global health crisis of our time,” he said. “The days, weeks and months ahead will be a test of our resolve, our belief in the science test and a test of solidarity.”

A lot of online tools hyped of sister company Google to find and test coronavirus bookings go live Sunday night, after about scope and the question of how much it can really help as local officials, state and federal scramble to increase testing in the United States.

to get started, available only to people who live in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County, both in the San Francisco Bay area. This site says only US citizens 18 and older who speak English can find coronavirus testing through this service. (. More than 50 percent of Santa Clara County residents speak a language other than English at home, according to the last census)

The process begins with a yes-no question: Do you experience severe symptoms? If not, it will ask about the age and location before revealing that you need to log in with a Google account to see if you qualify for in-person testing.

Indeed, the site will not make promises to people who experience severe symptoms – it recommends anyone with shortness of breath, fever or other “about the symptoms” to seek medical treatment instead. The idea is to take some of the pressure on hospitals and health departments to steer people with noncritical problems directly to the testing site.

If you’re good enough to get a test and are willing to login with Google account, you must sign an authorization form and answered questions before being added to the queue. The company said all appointments require a callback to schedule an appointment, and if the full schedule for the day, the user may get a call the next day.

On Monday morning, the site did not allow anyone to log on and try to book an appointment and show the page that says, “Sorry, we can not schedule more appointments at this time.”

“in the first few days of this trial, we hope that the availability of appointments will be limited because we stand operation and testing capacity will be increased in the future,” Lo said in a statement.

Federal Aviation Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for flight attendants and pilots coronavirus infections soared and demand for air travel slumped.

flight attendants and pilots do not have to take public transportation between the airport and their hotel for layovers, the guidance said, and had to stay in their rooms and get food deliv ered rather than go to the restaurant. And they must take their own temperature twice a day while on the job.

These measures are intended to protect the crew from contracting or spreading the virus through air travel, according to FAA safety warning is given to the operator on Thursday.

Crews based or operating in the United States should follow the recommendation “to ensure that the crew did not work while the symptoms, regardless of place of residence or flight crew traveling,” he said.

Airlines should arrange to transport their crew between the airport and hotel “private road transport vessel which has been cleaned beforehand,” said the guidance. “Advise your crew to avoid public transportation except for emergencies.”

It said the company should also ensure that hotel rooms are cleaned. If the room service or delivery is not an option, they have to eat at the hotel, the guidance says, or, if that is not possible, eat somewhere close and stay six feet from other people.

The crew must immediately inform their flight if they have a fever, cough or shortness of breath while working flights, the guidance says, and airlines must notify the CDC. The employee did not work again until they are cleared by public health officials and the work, he said.

Workers who looked healthy but had “exposure to high risk” for the virus, including the time spent with someone sick or caring for someone with a confirmed case of the virus, “may also need to be excluded from the job.” < p> The flight, guidance says, ‘can choose to exceed these recommendations based on their own policies.’

as spread coronavirus global, South Korea has emerged as one of the models for rapid testing and response to outbreaks. < / p>

Although the country has one of the highest infection rates, more than 8,000 cases on Monday, also has one of the highest levels of testing, as The Washington Post Friday, “more than 10,000 tests have been given every day” since the virus spiked in the southern city of Daegu at the end of February.

From the drive-through tests, hospital and local clinics, test most of fre e and available. Now, reports the Associated Press, R Yang Ji umah General Hospital in Seoul is to add another layer of testing for South Korea.

The test stand is installed in the parking lot that is designed to eliminate direct contact between medical personnel and patients with symptoms.

the patient enters the chambers separated by the plastic of medical personnel standing outside, who can then use gloves attached to the booth to interact with patients.

“doctor and nurse standing outside the booth, so there is no direct contact between the patient and the medical staff,” said Kim Sang-il, president of oncology and hematology department at the hospital.

“Once a patient is carried out with virus checks, we disinfect booth and allow ventilation for a sufficient amount of time before a new patient entered the booth,” he

MANILA – , President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday declared a state of “enhanced quarantine society” in Luzon, the largest i sland in the Philippines, public transport stop and limit business operations.

This new order, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, will run from Tuesday toThe officials April 12. The Cabinet then announce the details of these restrictions: a strict home quarantine; suspension of mass transit; limited land, sea and air; and work from home setting. Only private companies with regard to food, medicine, banking and telecommunications will be allowed to operate.

Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo also make announcements, the details of which fewer hours in front of the address Duterte, cause panic and confusion.

People rushed to buy food and supplies, and broadcaster ABS-CBN report commuter prevented from going in and out of Manila. One video shows people walking on the border after police gave them only 30 minutes to pass -. Even the curfew is not in place and Duterte did not declare quarantine enhanced

People run to reach the border limits in Quezon City and San Mateo, Rizal after they were given about 30 minutes to cross by personnel PNP manning a checkpoint before closing after declaration “quarantine improved society.” | through

“soft” lockdown of the capital region of Metro Manila starting Sunday, with the widely reported inefficiency in the implementation – of the lack of coordination among government agencies lack the equipment for front-line workers at the checkpoint.

Critics Duterte, who is best known for the bloody war on drugs that has left thousands dead, raising concerns about possible violations of human rights under this setup. Duterte insist that enhanced quarantine is not equivalent to martial law, but warned that anyone who does not obey the military and police could be arrested.

“Just follow [them],” he said, “and we did not have any problems.”

The Philippines has 142 cases of coronavirus novels and 12 deaths were reported

BERLIN -. signs of supply chain disruptions mounted Monday throughout Europe, a day after the European Union warned that the coronavirus fallout could affect logistics network

French car manufacturer multinational PSA -, which produces Peugeot, DS, Opel, Citroen and Vauxhall brands – said Monday that he was close European factories this week., company cited the acceleration in the spread of the virus,

other car makers “supply disruptions from major suppliers, as well as the brutal decline in the car market.” – including and – have limited production at several factories. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen German carmaker may equally be forced to the output side of the road in some plants, in the middle of the supply chain disruptions from Italy and Spain. The two governments have introduced lockdowns nationwide.

“We are now seeing a lot of challenges in the supply chain,” said a spokesman for VW Financial Times. “Things get more complicated and the situation is changing rapidly.”

Hungary became the latest country to announce such measures on Monday following the big countries such as Germany. The announced new border controls along the borders last Sunday, although exempt goods.

The move comes despite warnings from the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who urged member states Sunday to refrain from unilateral action.

“We need to keep goods flowing throughout Europe without barriers,” “Thousands of bus and truck drivers were stranded at the internal borders on the park, creating a health risk and disrupt our supply chain. “

disruption of supply chain may hit some economies are more severe than others.

in Germany, a country that relies heavily on the export industry, the Economy Ministry said it was working under the assumption that supply chain disruptions with other countries would lead to damage at least until the third quarter,

Head of the Agency for International Development, the main arm of the nation to manage humanitarian aid abroad, will resign next month in the middle of a pandemic.

snowball Mark Green said his resignation, submitted to President Trump in a letter Sunday, did not come from dissatisfaction with the government’s response to an outbreak of coronavirus.

“They are not related at all,” Green said in a phone interview about the departure of USAID, where he has been an administrator for 2 ½ years.

But his departure leaves the administration with one hand less berpengal safe to help coordinate the response worldwide to the most serious crisis to face Trump White House. Which could have wider implications ifshifting the hot spot of Europe, where USAID is less active, to the areas where the body is more entrenched, such as Africa and Southeast Asia.

Several US states and Puerto Rico officials have announced a number of limitations on the most stringent public life of the nation has seen in the ongoing battle against the pandemic coronavirus.

Puerto Rico Governor Garced Wanda Vázquez announced a total shutdown of the island Monday, allowing the residents to leave their homes 05: 00-09: 00. Just as important reasons, including medical appointments and shopping

restriction also come with penalties for offenders. Fines of up to $ 5,000 or six months in prison for those who violate the command

the governors of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island on Monday announced the closing that will affect restaurants, bars and, in some cases , space such as casinos and gyms, and play centers for Disease Control and prevention of Sunday night into state-level mandates.

New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy (D) applies Monday between 8:00 and 5 am, and is expected to announce the closure of schools in the entire state at a later date.

In a joint press conference, Murphy and governor of Connecticut and New York announced that the three countries would close the bar, movie theater, fitness center, and a restaurant except for delivery by 08:00 Monday until further notice. The meeting of more than 50 people were also banned for the time being.

The pursuit of new measures but less restrictive, Rhode Island Governor Giana Raimondo (D) and remain closed for two weeks and that the measure will be reevaluated after the March 30 Restaurant dining room will also be shut down, even though the establishment may continue takeout and delivery operations. Raimondo also banned meetings of more than 25 people.

Kentucky and Indiana to follow shortly after. Andy Kentucky Governor Beshear (D) bar and restaurant to close for dine-in service by 17:00 Monday until further notice. Indiana. Joseph Holcomb (R) announced the closure similar to dine-in services of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, although he did not specify when the closure will be implemented or how long they will last, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) Monday will be effective midnight Tuesday to a tentative date of April 13. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolves (D) opens again issued a statewide shutdown of non-essential business that will last for two weeks ,.

The new closures and restrictions come less than a day after states like Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio and Washington mandated closure or bar and restaurant.

How long will we have to keep this? Schools were closed, work from home, six feet of personal space and zombie-apocalypse empty streets.

This is a question that millions of parents silently screaming into the void, and this is one especially difficult for science to answer. The best and most honest answer, experts say, simply: “It depends.” (But think months rather than weeks.)

It depends on when the US case finally reached its peak. It took two months for coronavirus outbreak in China for the summit. South Korea took about half a month. The number of cases in Italy are still climbing in scary mode.

In the United States, however, we do not even know the actual number of cases due to limited testing. Even after our peak, we are very likely to need to survive with some drastic measures to help keep the virus at bay.

There may be a second or third wave of the outbreak. Some measures – such as isolating those infected, obsessive hand washing – may have to continue until we have a vaccine work (within 12 to 18 months, hopefully). And then there are some key characteristics-but-not known about how this virus behaves that will affect how this all plays out.

Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg and other high officials held an unusual press conference on Monday, answering kids’ questions about pandemic coronavirus.

The purpose of the press conference, which was held together with children NRK television channel super and paper Aftenposten children Junior, is to convince young Norway, said Solberg.

“does nothing to fear when so many things are happening at the same time,” he said,

A post shared by (@erna_solberg) on Mar 16, 2020 04:35 PDT

Norway has more than 1,200 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. Solberg to close schools and kindergartens as well as near the airport and port for foreign tourists.

Children have been asked to submit questions before the press conference. Some asked how long they will be out of school, whether coronavirus can infect animals, and why one child had to cancel their birthday party.

“You can still celebrate your birthday with friends, or be a little extra creative and celebrate with friends over FaceTime or Minecraft,” says Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, minister of Norway for kids, families and churches affairs.

one child asked if Solberg was embarrassed by the video which shows her old colleagues will shake hands after.

“Yes,” said the prime minister. “And I think everyone should watch the video.”

Health Minister to save the day! Preventing ???????? PM Solberg and Chief Public Health Norway violate their own advice to shake hands. ????❌????❌????

MEXICO CITY -. While neighboring Mexico increased measures of detention against the coronavirus new President Andrés Manuel López Obrador hugging, kissing and dancing with supporters this weekend during a tour of southern Mexico

Even as members of his own government raised concerns about the coronavirus new, AMLO, because he is known, said he was not worried.

“I have a lot of faith that we are going to move forward our beloved Mexico,” he said Sunday. “Bad luck and a pandemic will not do anything for us.”

Although the state has suspended classes, and health services have been encouraging people to maintain “a healthy distance,” big public events continues. This weekend, tens of thousands of people attend the Vive Latino music festival in the capital, headlined by Guns n ‘Roses.

López Obrador on Sunday posted a video on his Twitter account to promote the beauty of the coast of Guerrero state, and she was dancing in the crowd.

on Sunday, Mexico has 53 confirmed cases of coronavirus, but given the limited testing here, experts expect that the actual number is much higher.

El Salvador and Guatemala, which have fewer cases, have taken a very different approach to the virus, imposed a travel ban early, including prohibiting Americans entering the country.

Monday, after facing criticism for her response seems arrogant virus, López Obrador said at a news conference he would test the virus “if necessary.”

“I will act in a very responsible manner. I will follow the recommendations of doctors, specialists, “he

LONDON – .. Shelves in England emptied over the weekend as the urge to stockpile food ingredients spread

Photo shared on social media showed empty shelves of everything from canned soup and pasta for a frozen pizza and a bottle of bleach. The cashier was wearing gloves described scenes of mayhem. Many stores put up signs restricting certain items, including toilet paper, two per customer.

In a joint statement issued over the weekend, entitled “Working to feed the nation,” 12 leading supermarkets asking patrons to be noticed amid the plague, writes: “there is enough for everyone if we all work same.”

“We understand your concerns but buy more than necessary can sometimes mean that other people will be left without,” the statement said.

The British government has come under criticism for the handling of the crisis, with many MPs are calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take more drastic measures to stop the spread of the virus. Gyms, bars, restaurants and most businesses continue to operate as usual on British soil, although the Irish closed schools and pubs, and many European travel limit.

With a concern for older buyers increased, a location of Iceland Foods grocery chain in Northern Ireland announced it would allocate some time shopping for the elderly, starting Tuesday from 8 am to 9 am Many social media praised the decision and urge other stores to follow the example.

Australia Woolworths supermarket also announced the only window for older customers, tweeting: “we launched a shopping hours are dedicated in our store to help support the needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities in society”

BRUSSELS – The European Union proposed Monday sharply curtailed travel to most of the continental Europe, blocking most of the non-E. U. resident for 30 days.

The plan will require a final sign-off from E.U. leader, which is likely to happen Tuesday. It would bar access to the 26 countries that are in the borderless travel zone EU, most of continental Europe, except the Balkan.

“less travel, the more we can contain viruses,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in announcing the proposal.

Europe has struggled to contain the coronavirus, with many countries set up a temporary border controls, wiping decades of effort to allow people and goods to travel unhindered across many continents.

EU citizens and long-term residents will be allowed to return home under the proposal.

The decision will not affect Ireland and the UK. President Trump last week closed the US border for most non-U. S. citizens who have traveled in Europe in the last 14 days.

Israel swore in his 23 Knesset today, but not in the usual mass of 120 MPs and their families, followed by hugs and backslaps.

The ceremony at the time of the members of the coronavirus means the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, trooped to the all-but-empty space of two or three at a time and agreed with the name for the oath was read by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. He, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and the clerk was the only soul on the podium is usually crowded. Sometimes, there is a bump elbows.

Each take 20 or 30 seconds before the next set brought in, sometimes after a delay. Several dozen reps will be needed to install the entire body, which is Israel’s third parliamentary year. ,

Two MPs were sworn in the first two politicians fought hard once again to assemble and lead a coalition drawn from the new Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz, the former chief of staff.

after he won the support of most of the members. Gantz has reached across the party political spectrum Israel. Rivlin push Netanyahu and Gantz to join a unity government.

“I have only one request to make,” the president said in his speech to the opening of the Knesset members. “Give the people rule.”

The Supreme Court said Monday that it was delaying the next round of oral arguments, scheduled to start Monday, as concerns over the coronavirus.

This is the first time that a court has scheduled a break in employment since 1918, when the Spanish flu epidemic swept Washington.

court scheduled arguments on hold 23 to 25 March and 30 March to 1 April of the most pressing cases on the agenda was that the last day :. challenge President Trump effort by congressional committees and the prosecutor of New York to call their financial records

“the court will examine options for rescheduling the cases in time given the circumstances evolve,” said a

The judges will meet for their regularly scheduled private conference on Friday, although some may participate by telephone.

The Supreme Court chamber holds about 500 people, and the majority of judges are considered in the category of higher risk for the virus because of their age. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned 87 on Sunday, and Justice Stephen G. Breyer is 81. Justice Clarence Thomas is 71, and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. turns 70 on April 1, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Sonia Sotomayor is 65.

As the court noted a news release, little is clear about how the delays will affect the work of the courts. It has one round another two weeks of oral argument is scheduled to expire 29 April Generally, courts do not hold oral arguments after that, to concentrate on writing and issued an opinion in that case has been heard since October.

court usually finishes work in late June, but nothing that would prevent it from extending the term. It rarely deviate from the schedule. When the rest of the Washington window to a snowstorm, the court ruled.

It held an oral argument in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy has closed the rest of official Washington. But a court statement noted that “the delay argument session in the light of public health issues never happened before.”

In addition to the recess 1918, the court “also abbreviated argument calendar in August 1793 and August 1798 in response to an outbreak of yellow fever.”

Text messages circulated rumors Sunday night from n compulsoryational quarantine absolutely false, the White House said.

Messages, apparently intended to stoke fear in the midst of a pandemic, recognized for delivering news from government officials that President Trump would have booked a two-week national quarantine. “Stock up on whatever you need to ensure you have a two-week supply of everything,” said one text message

White House National Security Council tweeted on Sunday night. “Rumors of a text message from a national #quarantine false. No national lockdown. @CDCgov has been and will continue to post the latest. “

” There are ongoing efforts for the dissemination of disinformation and cause undue panic, “said a senior government official said on Monday. “There is no national quarantine for the United States. It is imperative we remain vigilant in ensuring our information is derived from sources verified. “

Researchers Misinformation in recent days began to detect text and reference social media with alleged plans to impose a new, government restrictions dramatic the ability of people to move, shop and socialize. Among the most concern extensive claims that shortly Trump would call the Stafford Act, legislation in 1988 disaster relief, to impose a mandatory quarantine across the nation

Some of these references -. Misleading and not based in fact, according to officials – have also begun to appear on Twitter and other social media platforms, but usually as an image that has been difficult to track using research tools that are designed to read and interpret written language

“as social media. Companies focus on keywords such as ‘covid’ and ‘coronavirus,’ there are pockets of conspiracy theories that flows that could potentially have an impact offline, “said Joan Donovan, director of Technology and Social Change Research Project at the Harvard Shorenstein Center.

group of leading health experts encourage Americans to obey four simple words to change the trajectory of the new coronavirus outbreak in the country: Stay home, save lives.

16 doctors, epidemiologists and public health experts explain how to stay at home is most important action to take to blunt the spread of the virus, which has been confirmed in more than 3,700 cases and has led to 66 reported deaths.

the signatories, who include former US surgeon general Vivek H. Murthy and former Senate majority leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), Offers simple advice that is aligned with many of the current message centers for Disease Control and Prevention , but also a call to action that is not yet widely applicable insulation: temporarily suspending air travel and commercial train, sign up for the National Guard to prepare the stadium and more space to serve as a residence quarantine, and set up fever clinics for triage.

letter which has been published on a site that stands alone, offering advice to state and local leaders, health care workers and family, demonstrating best practices for the former group and an alternative to typ ical in those activities for the second ,

“If you are going to spread anything, deployment assistance, compassion and humor,” the group wrote. “Above all, do not panic. Remember: .. Like all outbreaks, this too will eventually end up “

The MPs across America turn off the lights in bars and restaurants to stop the spread of the new coronavirus

that his country, along with Connecticut and New Jersey, taking regional action to prevent the spread of the virus. Start 8:00 Monday night, cinema and casino will close in all three countries, and restaurants and bars can only provide food or allow customers to carry out their orders. grocery store will remain open.

“Our main goal is to slow the spread so that the waves do not crash our health system. Social distance is the best way to do it, “Cuomo tweeted Monday.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (D), urging tribal casinos in the state to follow the state’s goal to show a decline of more than 50 people.

“This should not be a discussion of law or jurisdiction. It should be a discussion between tribal and state government partners in furtherance of public health. We will continue [to] discuss with CT our tribe, “he said.

Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer (D) ordered all bars and restaurants to close a dine-in seating by 3:00 Monday, 9 & 10 News. The restaurant will only be able to deliver and process orders and allow takeouts.

“At the federal level, we are behind as a country. At the country level, we take this very seriously and strive to do everything we can to reduce the impact of this virus, “he told reporters via Skype, according to Sinclair Broadcast Group reporter Michigan.

Governors across the country that issued the same drastic command along with an emergency to limit the spread of the virus. At least seven states have suspended the activities of a casino, according to.

Alabama Department of Public Health, said Monday it recommend to the meeting of 50 people or more and urged senior citizens or people with chronic health problems to avoid air, rail or bus trip and a meeting of more than 10 people who are not family close. They also said that restaurants and other businesses do not allow more than 50 percent of normal capacity.

The mayor also crack down on the activities of their constituents.

On Sunday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced that he would sign an executive order Monday that will restrict the restaurant for takeout and delivery service and require all nightclubs, theaters, houses a small theater and the concert ended. orders will be effective Tuesday at 9 a.m.

“The virus can spread quickly through close interaction New York had in restaurants, bars and places where we were sitting close together. We must break the cycle, “he said.

Mayor of the Big Apple recognizes that the closure would take a big bite of the culture of the city, but said the metropolis are under unprecedented threat that requires “war mentality.”

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh (D) ordered the city’s bars, nightclubs and restaurants to operate at half their capacity, prevent lines from forming outside agencies and close 11:00

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) closes all bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and a fitness center on Monday. Garcetti said shutting it not an easy decision, but one that is necessary, in.

“We will do everything we can to help businesses and workers affected so far,” he said.

CAIRO – at least 60 cases of coronavirus in 15 countries have been associated with some Nile cruises in Egypt, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in updating the latest health at the spread of cases of coronavirus new in America Union.

The number of cases related to the Nile cruise ship is much bigger and broader than previously known in the United States. The cases were “linked to several cruises the Nile in Egypt,” said the CDC, which indicates that more and more people, both foreign and Egyptian, have been exposed to the virus and has taken him to various parts of the world.

“proximity passengers and crew of the small and boat trips on the river can result in a higher number of COVID-19 infections,” the CDC said in its update, released late Sunday night.

Egyptian authorities, so far, has been placed in quarantine just a Nile Cruise ship – MS Asara – Luxor. Even on the ship, the government cut short period of quarantine for at least 82 foreigners, including at least 26 Americans, and sent them back to their home country on a commercial flight.

There are now more than 110 cases of strangers reportedly testing positive for coronavirus after visiting tourist sites in Egypt, including citizens of France, Greece and Canada. On Sunday, Egypt announced 16 news cases, bringing the total to 126, the health ministry said.

On Monday, the government announced a ban on all international flights in and out from March 19 to 1 April After weeks of hesitation, the government has taken steps to combat the virus, school closures and universities for two weeks and to temporarily ban large wedding celebrations and funerals in mosques and halls

MOSCOW -. Russia announced a 50 percent surge in cases of coronavirus that was confirmed in the last 24 hours, up 63-93.

But asked whether the state plans to delay its 22 April national vote on a package of constitutional amendments, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that “there is no objective reason for it.”

One of the proposed amendment would allow President Vladimir Putin to run for re-election twice once his current term expires in 2024.

“There is no onelternative date for the noise being considered for now, “Peskov said, adding that the president’s decision in the coming days will be set on 22 April, in the rock.

Russia preventive measures have been mild compared with European neighbors. Not all sporting events have been canceled, though no limit is present; The football match St Petersburg over the weekend, fans chanted, Moscow school remains open, but attendance is optional.

The Russian Orthodox Church visited the relics of John the Baptist in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. A volunteer wipes down the temple after every kiss.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said Monday that up to 100,000 coronavirus test systems manufactured in Russia every day, according to the Interfax news agency.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Russian word which does not present symptoms will be allowed to test themselves.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the United States is in the “inflection critical point” when it comes to an outbreak of coronavirus, with tracking numbers closely to where Italy was two weeks ago < p>. “We have a choice to make as a nation: Do we want to go in the direction of South Korea and really be aggressive and decreasing mortality, or we want to go in the direction of Italy?” Adams said

Italy experienced one of the worst epidemics in the world, with nearly 25,000 cases of forced health officials to Already, more than 1,800 people were killed. Everyday life in this country have stalled with schools, businesses and shops were closed because people were ordered to stay inside and away from one another.

As Fox host Steve Doocy mentioned recommendation the CDC to stop any gathering of more than 50 people – a move that affects the marriage, sports, concerts and other events – Adams said such a step is necessary if the United States wants to avoid the results of Italy

“When you look at the projections. , There is every chance that we could be Italian, “said Adams. “But there is every expectation that we are going to South Korea if people really listen, if the actual range of social, if people take action basic public health that we have all been talking about as a doctor during this time, such as washing hands, like as covering coughs, and clean the surface “

BEIJING -. grocery stores filled with shoppers and produce. Around the corner, a line forms outside a kiosk selling soft white steamed buns.

gray, brick-lined alleys of this old imperial capital, deserted a few weeks ago, the solid again with newly licensed drivers struggled. they parked the new, outsized Audi

I know :. Beijing is slowly, one again, back to normal

Six weeks earlier, I have witnessed China shut itself as the first novel epidemic exploded in Wuhan, and then spilled all over the country and beyond. For my work, I travel all over China, down the empty streets, through an empty airport, in an empty train cars. I see the whole of China’s economic engine, from a noodle shop for comprehensive curbside technology campus, clang stopped because the government pulled out all stops to contain the spread of the virus

To help social-mapping efforts nationwide. – and, I suspect, eating government growing appetite for personal data – I begrudgingly give my cell phone number for government workers in every train station, examined through a smartphone application to enter the office building and mentioned my passport number just to eat at the restaurant rare which remains open.

in mid-February, further tightened the crackdown.

Checkpoints set up in the layout of the network at each intersection in the center of Beijing. environmentally sealed housing after 10:00 pm As all the tourists who come from out of town after a short visit, I was placed in quarantine at home for 14 days.

I appeared in the last few days, exactly at the time when life returned to the streets while many western China seems to spiral of panic and chaos. For me and others innumerable, the scales tilted: drastic measures Are China a model for the whole world

Read more here:

Thousands of schools across the United States empty Monday morning as classes in 33 states plus several districts of the city were closed, or preparing to do so, in the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus. From the state of Washington to Pennsylvania, the closure affects or has affected approximately 32.5 million public school students int least 64,000 schools, according to

On Sunday alone, Arizona, Minnesota, Montana, Connecticut and North Dakota announced the closure of schools, while Wyoming and Iowa strongly recommended that districts do the same thing. While New York did not order the closure of the entire state, public schools of New York City – the largest district in the country – will be closed on Monday, despite the resistance by Mayor Bill de Blasio (D)

Many of the schools. plans to remain closed through the spring, which landed around the mid-to-late April in most districts. But some state officials had warned the family to the planned closure of longer: Both Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) and the Commissioner of Education of Texas Mike Morath on Sunday warned that students may miss the rest of the school year, a move that will affect more than 7 million students worldwide only two countries.

Monday morning, de Blasio said that the close in New York City could last longer. “I would love nothing more than to reopen on April 20, right after our spring break,” the mayor said on MSNBC. “But I fear that this crisis will begin to crescendo until April, May before it ever gets better. Classic ‘it will get much worse before it gets better.’ I think the atmosphere is difficult to reopen the school in “

As many schools were closed to increase the isolation and social distancing efforts -. Which health officials say is essential for “” and contain the virus to a level that will not overwhelm the health care system that is fragile United States – education and local government officials should also consider how to students feed rely on free and subsidized food and how families help in where parents do not have the ability to work from home. In some schools, such as New York City, families will be able to take a “grab and go” food

Closing widely among US students :. Millions of Americans lack access to the Web, the digital divide will complicate the efforts of educators to continue the instruction during the crisis coronavirus.

Laura Meckler and Tony Romm contributed to this report.

and a packed bar and restaurant photos taken over the weekend flooded the Internet, even though public health experts urged the social distance. Shortly thereafter, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, two of the most-followed person on social media, asking everyone to stay indoors as much as possible.

“It is time to cancel the plan, in fact completely isolate as much as you can, and do not assume that because you do not feel the pain that you can not pass anything to the elderly or vulnerable to this,” 128 million followers on her Instagram account.

Grande, her 72 million followers in an old thread, flat notes, “such as hip hop yoga classes you can [expletive] wait I promise,” and adding the same to him 177 million Instagram followers.

More, including Kumail Nanjiani, Hilary Duff and Emily Ratajkowski, post the same message.

“The best / healthiest thing we can do is self-quarantine,” wrote Lady Gaga.

Arnold Schwarzenegger encourages everyone to “stay at home as much as possible. Listening to experts, ignoring the stupid people. “

With the US case of coronavirus pushed past 3,500, health officials warned that people should increase the isolation and social distance measures if No hope of avoiding a surge in infections that will overwhelm the health care system.

But the application

Although Sunday’s final recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control that the Americans stop the gathering of more than 50 people over the next eight weeks, plan a spring break on the island of popular South Padre Texas seems to be advancing.

on Monday morning, the site PadreU Spring Break Vacation gave no indication it was canceling the set party to start later and stretch until March 25, South Padre is a vacation destination main spring last year

for Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (R) to cancel the event in South Padre, although it is unclear whether he plans to act.

Police in New Orleans past the liquor soaked stretch of Bourbon Street on Saturday to break up revelers after the governor of Louisiana at a public meeting of more than 250 people.

Bars and restaurants in at least four states and the District of Columbia were ordered closed Sunday, including in Illinois, where Governor JB Pritzker (D) was noticeably upset that thousands mostly young people took to downtown Chicago to celebrate St Patrick’s Day over the weekend in defiance of calls to practice social distance.

In Miami Beach, Florida., Another spring hot spots, Mayor Dan Gelber, Thursday at major events scheduled to take place next month. Gelber said the decision was difficult given the dependence of tourism city

But in the midst of an outbreak, he makes a clear message :. “Spring break is over”

HONG KONG -. More people have now died of the coronavirus outside the Chinese novel than on the inside, a worrying sign of how quickly the disease spread from where it first appeared

According to, about 3,200 people died in China from the virus and about 3,300 die out, many hot spots in Italy, South Korea, Germany, the United States and elsewhere.

Over the weekend, Italy recorded 368 deaths in one day, the highest death toll since the crisis began. The death toll mounted even as countries implement drastic measures to quarantine people to try to control the outbreak. In Spain, the death toll jumped from 196 Saturday to 309 on Monday with a total case load of 9191.

case Likewise, there are now more confirmed outside of China, which registered more than 80,000 cases, rather than inside, with some 90,000 cases were identified in other places around the world.

In France, where the death toll soared over the weekend, Jérôme Salomon, health officials over country, that he was concerned that so many people do not follow instructions to stay at home on Sunday, which means French ” did not succeed in controlling the outbreak of the epidemic. ”

The number of deaths in France has also increased dramatically over the weekend, and more than 5,000 people infected.

“We see that the number of cases doubling every three days,” said Salomon.

Katie Mettler contributed to this report.

BERLIN – After reports over the weekend that the US is trying to secure the rights to any vaccines coronavirus developed by the German pharmaceutical company, German politicians offered a strong rebuke on Monday ,

the country’s foreign minister, Heiko Maas, told the group Funke newspaper that “we can not allow others to secure exclusive rights to the results of [German company] research” on vaccines or drugs.

Home Minister Horst Seehofer, when asked to confirm reports that the government Trump trying to secure exclusive rights to a vaccine made by biopharmaceutical companies Germany CureVac, he had “heard from some other members of the government that happens. ” He added that the government will discuss the issue during a routine emergency meeting on Monday.

Eric Mamer, spokesman for the European Commission, said on Monday that the Commission President Ursula von der Leyen would have a phone call with executives of CureVac.

“clear that a phone call that took place this afternoon related to ensure that these companies can continue to operate and carry out research in Europe,” Mamer told reporters. The call will follow the video-conference session of the Group of Seven are intended to coordinate efforts to study the world’s most powerful economies in covid the 19th plague, said Mamer.

In a statement, CureVac said “denied newspaper about bidding for the acquisition of companies or technologies.”

German Welt am Sonntag reported Sunday that the government Trump wants to secure the research and development of rights and moving to the United States. The vaccine will be developed “just for the United States,” the newspaper said.

Top White House aides are not aware of any communication by or offer from President Trump to CureVac, according to a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the issue with the name. The official cautioned, however, that Trump often have a private conversation that his staff are not aware of, and therefore can not definitively rule out official that any such discussion has taken place.

Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany and the acting director of national intelligence, tweeted that the Welt am Sonntag report was “not true.”

Read more here ,.

Rick Noack and Quentin Aries contributions.

Iran reportedly the largest one-day jump in coronavirus infection on Monday as another senior figure in the clerical state hierarchy die after contracting covid-19, according to Iranian news outlets.

Iran’s health ministry said the number of new infections has increased by 1,053, bringing the total to 14 991. The number of deaths rose 129-853, state television reported.

One of the latest victims of the virus is Bathaie Golpayenagi Ayatollah Hashem, a member of the Board of Experts, who died on Monday after being infected with the coronavirus, Iranian news outlets reported.

coronavirus has reached into the highest levels of the Iranian government, infecting ministers, parliamentarians, the Revolutionary Guards and the two vice presidents.

President Hassan Rouhani called the latest figures “promising” and said they hinted Iran could pass the disease peak. But in a statement made after a meeting with top members of the team coronavirus country, he urged residents to continue to stay indoors.

It seems that the government may face difficulties attract residents to comply with the measures taken to try to halt the spread of the disease. On Sunday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Iran that instructions issued in connection with the coronavirus “mandatory.”

The team leader coronavirus in Tehran, Dr. Alireza Zali, complained on Monday that the city’s residents ignored orders to shut down businesses and residences, citing traffic congestion in the streets of Tehran. “

When the new coronavirus arrived in the United States, brought with it a wave of panic buying, Matt Colvin see business opportunities.

The 36-year veteran of the Air Force has made six career -Pictures in Tennessee to sell shoes and other trendy stuff on Amazon, and buyers rushed to stores to get their hands on a hand sanitizer < p> So, she decided to buy a few bottles of antibacterial gel -. 17,700 to be right -. and selling online

Over the weekend, however, Colvin and his scheme is the subject, the collective anger of the Internet and the investigation by state authorities Tennessee. Now, he told the newspaper he plans to donate his supplies of alcohol-based disinfectants.

“It was never my intention to maintain the necessary medical supplies from the hands of those who need them,” he tearfully Times on Sunday. “That’s not who I am as a person.”

On March 1, after the death of coronavirus first US reported, Colvin and his brother Noah sweep stores in Tennessee and Kentucky, driving 1,300 miles to the shelves clear of hand sanitizer. He immediately sold 300 bottles in the Amazon, some as much as $ 70 a pop.

But the next day, Amazon attractive listing sales Colvin and thousands of other items similar, leaving him with a large warehouse sanitizer hand. (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has The Washington Post.)

When the Times came calling, Colvin he could serve as a voice for online sellers frustrating not to be able to sell their products, victims of the crackdown from tech giant. Instead, he became the target of death threats, face someone who try to profit from a pandemic state authorities, opened an investigation into price-gouging.

and on Sunday, volunteers from local churches emptied sanitizer from his home and locker pe nyimpanan, plan to pass to the first Respo nders in Tennessee and Kentucky

MOSCOW -. Georgia has banned all foreigners entering the country, a spokesman for the prime minister said at a briefing Monday. The ban will begin on Wednesday.

“Our citizens who are abroad will be able to return to their homeland with the help of the existing flight,” said Irakli Chikovani, adding the ban will last at least two weeks.

Georgia has reported 33 cases of coronavirus. Chikovani said the state will close all mountain resorts and advised residents over the age of 70 self-isolate.

This step will destroy the tourism industry of small corrugated Eastern European countries in the last 20 years to go from just 100,000 tourists a year to 6.5 million. Tourism in 2018 accounted for 7.5 percent of the country.

“It was also decided to recommend to all cafes, restaurants and bars to limit their activities” only for delivery than those who eat, Chikovani said.

by the Dutch government sports booking club, cafes, schools and restaurants to close until at least April 6 to control an outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of people ventured to stockpile one thing :. marijuana

despite official advertisingrepresentatives for the guard outside the social good distance from home, the photos appear on social media of people joined long lines to stock up on marijuana before Sunday 06:00 closing the coffee shops along with a bar, sauna and other businesses.

People are standing in line to buy weed, just before the Netherlands went on lockdown.

gov Netherlands has announced all the cafes, clubs, restaurants, schools and fitness center to close until April 6 on tonight, so here’s a queue ppl trying to buy enough weed to last til then

Dutch gained a large degree of fame among those who enjoy marijuana to permissive policies toward drug dating back decades. Long before it starts to become law elsewhere, cannabis products are readily available in coffee shops, which became a sort of tourist attraction in their own right.

Video recording with Twitter to show a queue of people snaking around the streets outside some of these famous coffee shops in Amsterdam because they made a last minute effort to inventory purchases while they still can.

while some social media find the scene in a hurry to cannabis somewhat comforting, the other describing the move as extreme and dangerous: “All the coffee shops in the Netherlands shut down within 30 minutes until April 6. The following is an outline for the to purchase weed, spread the virus as far as possible in the final minutes. Great job everyone, “tweeted podcast host Netherlands Remko Rinkema.

So far, the Netherlands has logged more than 1,000 cases of the virus and at least 20 deaths. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is expected to address the nation on Monday

SINGAPORE – At the headquarters of their extensive Asia last month, Facebook executives considered the latest order of the authorities of Singapore. To a page that confirms the city-state government about its response to contain an outbreak of coronavirus.

Legal analysis gave a selection of the company, Facebook concluded. If it does not correspond, the company will be found guilty of an offense and fined up to $ 14,400 per day under the law.

In a day Facebook has blocked local access to the page, Kali America Reviews. But in an unusually strong statement of social media giant was “very concerned” about the “precedent this sets to strangle freedom of expression in Singapore.”

The government is struggling to compete with the coronavirus disinformation flood the Internet -, false reports, and the conspiracy theories that the virus was the prosecutor General of New York is responsible for radio host Alex Jones to peddle fake drugs that can change the blue skin, and the UK is to disseminate accurate information <. p> Others are switching to a new weapon: the law criminalizes false news ..

Read about how Singapore holds the new legislation to misinformation pandemic

In the midst of new border restrictions and collapse The global travel, major airlines in the United States, Australia and Europe say they will continue to cut flights, jobs and salaries to cope with economic losses unprecedented.

among the latest to announce steep cuts in aviation capacity is United Airlines, which made $ 1.5 billion less revenue this month from the same period last year, Reuters reported. The airline will reduce capacity by half in April and May and cut salaries for corporate officers.

“The crisis is moving very fast,” a top executive of the airline, Oscar Muñoz and Scott Kirby, said in a memo to employees on Sunday, according to news agency, warning employees that the plane could remain empty for the summer.

it’s not the only one to announce such drastic cuts this weekend. On Saturday, American Airlines plans to cut three-quarters of international flights through early May, most of the park jumbo jets are mainly used for their trip.

That means America, the largest airline in the country, will put a stop to almost all long-haul flights to Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania. In addition to two flights a day to London, it will be through Tokyo operates only three flights to Asia every week.

In the country, too, will reduce flight capacity by 20 percent to 30 percent for April and May, according to Reuters.

Trump and other government officials have committed to working with Congress to support the aviation industry as it continues to grapple with the crisis spiral, though a little action seems to have been taken to date.

in the last few days, Australian carrier Qantas, Scandinavian airline SAS, Europe’s easyJet and British Airways all announced plans to land a significant part of their air fleet. Willie Walsh, the owner of British Airways, stopped to ask for government support but said he would push back the retirement of six months while the company grapples with the pandemic

BERLIN. – the southern German state Bavaria has announced a state of emergency began Monday and lasted for at least 14 days.

Bar, a library, a pool room, a movie theater, and select public and other spaces will close the event. the state will limit not important shopping and nursing home visits.

Bavaria has already closed schools and kindergartens, and they will remain closed during the emergency period. Great events will continue to be prohibited. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and banks will remain open.

“The situation is very serious, and it changes every day, unfortunately not for the better,” said the major countries, Markus Söder, in a press conference on Monday morning.

emergencies would make the command structure in the country to ensure rapid coordination between local officials to respond to the crisis, he said. To overcome the financial difficulties, the state will provide up to 10 billion euros ($ 11.16 billion) in additional funding for business support, places of cultural, medical and other institutions.

Some 886 people have tested positive for covid-19 in Bavaria, with four people die from this disease

HONG KONG -. After dramatically slash more than three-quarters of the flight, the airline Cathay Pacific Hong Kong is to add them back and use a larger aircraft to US cities and London, as thousands of tourists who seek refuge abroad rush back to town ,

This marks a stunning reversal from just seven weeks ago, when Hong Kong was threatened with travel restrictions because of its proximity to the Chinese mainland and early confirmation of coronavirus spread in the community here.

Many expatriates rushed back to the States and Europe, while enrolling their children in schools and programs there.

But now, with the domestic spread the virus under control, authorities in Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere in the region impose mandatory quarantine tourists coming from Europe and the United States, where cases continue increased.

Cathay Pacific has daily flight back to Hong Kong from Boston and New York. Other flights from London also has been restored. Larger flights will be used to Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

“As a carrier home Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific understands that many students of Hong Kong and people in North America and London are eager to return home as soon as possible and in time for the Easter break,” the airline said in a statement.

Hong Kong officials have asked all citizens to avoid non-essential travel menghindari’semua outside Hong Kong. “The government announced Sunday that visitors arriving from the United States, Britain, Ireland and Egypt will be forced to stay at home for 14 days, at midnight on March 19.

Tourists who come from the European Schengen area will have a similar action began March 17 experts have called for more stringent measures, even asking officials to consider quarantine measures for all comers to the city < p> NEW DELHI -. Rice officials in the Indian coastal state of Kerala is to make sure this school sent home, after the closure causes concern for children depend on the lunch provided by the government.

Kerala, a major tourist destination for its beautiful backwaters, the school announced it will close on March 10 to prevent the spread of the virus. Jeevan Babu K., director of public education in Kerala, said that the government has instructed schools to either give rice or have parents to take it for the rest of the month.

Nearly 2.6 million students in the country are provided with lunch at government schools.

The same concerns over students miss school lunch has appeared in the United States, as schools face near the long-term closure that affects millions of children.

Nearly a dozen US states have closed schools, with Ohio said the closure could last for weeks, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) That would allow the Department of Agriculture to provide relief to the schools so that they can keep the students are exposed to a meal.

In addition to providing food into people’s homes, progressive left-wing government of Kerala has been praised for steps including and for the fight against the plague.

Tom Hanks, quarantined in Australia after testing positive for coronavirus, from isolation on Sunday, this time urging people to take care of each other.

“Thanks for Helpers. Lets take care of ourselves and each other, “the actor wrote, signing off with a hallmark khasnya’Hanx. ‘star also shared a photo of a plate of Vegemite – spread of salty loved by Australia -. toast, and a toy kangaroo holding an Australian flag

Thanks for Helpers. Let us take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx

In a social media posting last week, the actor announced that he and his wife Rita Wilson had contracted the virus while in Australia. their diagnosis triggered an outpouring of love for couples, with thousands of offering some of their good wishes.

The latest update of this star, although short, become a talking point in the popularity of Twitter as much debated Vegemite and others tweeted to let Hanks know the product spread “too hard.”

“Okay you need to scrape about 60% of the Vegemite off, otherwise it will be nasty and hurt a friend of your mouth,” tweeted one person, while others have a simple question: “one day at a “time”? What vegemite “

in the previous update of the star said the couple took things

Hanks is one of several celebrities who have tested positive for coronavirus. On Sunday it was revealed that former James Bond actress Olga Kurylenko, who starred in the movie “Quantum of Solace,” has tested positive for the disease. In Instagram post Kurylenko says “fever and fatigue” that he is the main symptom and urged others to “take care and take this time seriously.”

Last week, the first NBA player found to have contracted the virus donated $ 500,000 to relief efforts. Rudy GOBERT took to Instagram to thank people for the support, before adding: “I hope my story serves as a warning and cause everyone to take this seriously.”

MOSCOW – Russia closed its border with close ally Belarus on Monday as “a proactive step,” Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced, leaving only two of the 14 crossings internationally without restrictions due to concerns over coronavirus outbreak in the country is intensifying.

only Finland and Azerbaijan continue to have an open border with Russia. With the exception of residents returned home, Russia’s closure of the border with Georgia came into force on Monday. Russia also completely suspended or significantly reduce all passenger rail services to Ukraine, Latvia, China, Mongolia and other countries.

The first Russia closed its 2,600-mile border with China on Jan. 30.

Rospotrebnadzor, the country’s state health watchdog, said there were 63 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Russia until Sunday. The Russian business magazine RBC reported Sunday that the first public transmission of the disease has occurred in Russia, but this information can then be removed from this Rospotrebnadzor statement.

Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education recommended that institutions of higher education-switch for distance learning, and the mayor of Moscow has made school attendance is optional in the state capital, where most infections.

European markets fell on Monday as the government implemented some measures more stringent to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in all local and regional economy basically stalled.

The US Federal Reserve made an emergency interest rate cut on Sunday, but the move did little to calm investor nerves, with US stock futures dropped nearly 5 percent, pointing to a rocky start to the week on Wall Street.

The new data from China on Monday showed the country’s industrial output d ropped to its lowest level in 30 years – far worse than what was originally expected analysts -. raising fears that the global economic impact of the outbreak will cause long term damage

London’s FTSE 100 fell more than 6 percent in early trading, while the benchmark index of Australia had the worst day on record, falling nearly 10 percent

MANILA -. a large crowd commuters stranded or late for work on the first Monday of the month-long quarantine society that will restrict the movement in the Philippine capital, checkpoints were set up to monitor the temperature motorists traffic backed up in the morning, sparking chaoticscene

Critics of President Rodrigo Duterte pointed inefficient traffic Monday -. and the sheer volume of people crowded together -. potentially counterproductive to slow the spread of the virus

Jedd Ugay, an economist transportation in AltMobility, an advocacy group rights commuter, said that though the government wants to avoid overcrowding to prevent the spread of coronavirus, clustered now happening in the very checkpoints meant to screen help for the disease.

Jose Letada finds himself trapped in the chaos commuters on Monday while trying to reach home he agreed to clean up the extra cash after learning he will miss this month’s salary for a scaled-down operations at the mall where usually works.

Monday, after challenging the outline for public transport, he ended up running more than 45 minutes to its destination.

His friend, Rey Enriquez, take the local bus where the driver seat spaced apart. Driver charged an extra 15 cents to make up for lost revenue.

Metro Manila is home to 12 million, but the population balloons during the day, when workers commute into the city. Even before the outbreak, the city has long been known as one of the world’s most dense.

Ugay suggested that the government should create its own vehicle available to transport people to and from work, even if the demand for transportation is likely to slow when businesses cut costs and many people start working from home.

“Even with a limited number of these trips, public transport is still not able to accommodate them,” he said.

DUBAI – Saudi Arabia announced Monday sweeping measures new to combat the spread of coronavirus new, including closing all the shopping centers, closing government offices and banned the meeting in the park or the beach <. p> this announcement came as a country rich of measures Persian Gulf enacted and announced a program economic stimulus to overcome the pandemic worldwide. Kuwait closed early all restaurants and commercial establishments. United Arab Emirates, however, travel hub and a major tourist destination, has made some ice tablishments open for now

Bahrain today on Monday reported its first -, the first among Gulf Arab states – 65 years of national women with chronic health problems who have returned from Iran months earlier. island kingdom has mengkonfi nical 214 cases.

In Saudi Arabia, where 118 cases of the virus have been reported, the government and public sector workers have been told to stay at home for 16 days in the future unless they are working in the “health, safety, and military sectors, security center electronic and distance education system. “

All the markets and malls have been closed except pharmacies and food stores, including supermarkets and hypermarkets,” as long as it is committed to sterilize shopping carts in them after each use their clients, “said statement from the interior ministry.

The shop that is not part of a commercial complex on the street can remain open and serve food restaurant is only possible as a takeaway. All expatriates who come to the country to work (non-residents have been banned) should quarantine themselves for 14 days. All court sessions, except those considered urgent, has also been postponed until further notice.

In neighboring UAE, movie theaters, amusement parks and tourist attractions have been ordered closed, but for now the mall is still accessible. Dubai Mall Aquarium and skating rink is closed, such as the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Most of the residential complex has also been closed to stem the spread of the virus, creating further challenges to parents because of all the children in the home following the closure of schools 10 days ago.

on Sunday night, the UAE reported the 12 new cases, bringing the total to 98. The country is the first country in the Middle East traveler reported cases of coronavirus in China, but has since spread was minimal

this is a perfect depiction of surreal shades in Rome. One of the city’s main shopping street, usually clogged with thousands of people, not just a few people out on the street on Sunday. One of those was the Pope Francis.

A photo released by the Vatican showed the pope, surrounded in the distance by five men in suits or dark jacket, walking down the sidewalk to Piazza Venezia in the background. Only a solitary biker coming the other way.

Although almost all the pope has turned into a private affair in recent weeks, as a way to guard against the coronavirus, Francis on Sunday left the Vatican and visited two of the most famous Roman church.

The second stop is at the church of San Marcello on the Corso, who holds a cross made through Rome in 1522 to protect the city from the plague. The Vatican said that Francis prayed for the end of the pandemic, to healing the sick, and for doctors and health workers on the front lines.

The Peace Corps has said it will suspend its operations globally, which underlines the drastic, worldwide reach of the new coronavirus and the crippling effect on international travel.

on its website Sunday, the federal agency said it would evacuate more than 7,000 volunteers from around 60 placements in developing countries around the world.

“As covid-19 continues to spread and become international travel more and more challenging by the day,” wrote the director Jody K. Olsen, “we are acting now to preserve your well-being and to prevent a situation where volunteers are not can leave their host country. “

it is not clear whether the Peace Corps has been undergoing a temporary halt on a wide scale as it was created in 1961. since last week, the agency evacuated all volunteers in C hina and Mongolia for a pandemic ,

Australia appeared to follow a Monday morning, the media that the government is bringing back overseas volunteers as part of similar programs amid the virus.

state officials and the mayor began to impose the emergency measures severe to date over the weekend, pushing the United States into a state of quarantine as spreads coronavirus new, faster and bring everyday life jammed nationwide.

at least four states and many cities were forced to effectively restaurants, bars and other businesses to close their doors. extensive school closures and restrictions on large gatherings are also set to take effect.

In Washington, Federal Reserve interest rate it will go down to zero, part of sweeping emergency measures to make borrowing costs as low as possible and protect the economy as it hurtles towards recession.

Monday morning, at least 67 people were killed and more than 3,700 people have tested positive for the virus, after a dramatic jump over the weekend. Just 24 hours, the number of cases jumped by almost a third, said Vice President Mike Pence.

However, in the White House, President Trump and other government officials offered a mix of messages about the pandemic.

“We’re doing great. It’s all going to pass, “he said, pushing American untuk’bersantai’dan stop flocked to the supermarket to load up on groceries and other supplies.

But this weekend remains characterized by, as workers struggled to implement “enhanced playback of entry” for tourists coming from Europe. Terminal that is packed to the brim, the flight was delayed for hours and passengers were stuck on the line as long as they receive questions about their health and instructions to self-quarantine.

the hospital, meanwhile, medical professionals as they seek to expand bed capacity and setting up tents triage in preparation for a surge expected in patients coronavirus.

pandemic players shadow of weight during a presidential debate Democrats, too, where the former candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) -. in front of an audience that is empty, as the state delay the election pendah Uluan them on virus

Monday, Google will be launched dedicated to the fight against the pandemic and the White Hous e says it will publish new guidelines for Americans on how to best practices of social distance

TOKYO -. Some elementary and junior high school in Japan back in class on Monday, about two weeks after the closure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Kyodo News reported.

infection of coronavirus has been increasing steadily in Japan over the past two months, but no explosive growth in cases or deaths seen in some other countries, and life seems to be back to normal in Tokyo on Sunday, with shopping streets , the park and the restaurant was busy on a sunny winter’s.

February 27, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ask the school close to the end of spring in early April, but the final decision is left up to the local education board.

with children is much less exposed to the virusthan adults, and their parents are mostly still working and commuting as usual, the decision to close schools has been controversial.

Shimane Prefecture, which has not seen any confirmed cases of the virus, choose not to close the school of all. Now, the education board cities of Toyama, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu and Naha and Okinawa Prefecture, has decided to reopen the schools. That still leaves the majority of approximately 38,000 Japanese school closed.

Kyodo reported that Aoi Elementary school in Shizuoka has decided to table a separate student and classroom window open for ventilation. Children also submit a written report on their body temperature and state of health during periods when school is off. On Friday, parliament passed a law granting the government authority to declare a state of emergency, which would allow for forced schools to close, but Abe said there was no need to take such a step at this stage.

Japan reported 31 new cases and two deaths coronavirus on Sunday, to bring a total of 804 cases and 24 deaths, including at least 712 people who contracted the virus on board and seven died.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has been declared the worst affected areas of the country as a “disaster zone special,” his office announced, paving the way for the government to potentially pay for the recovery and the tax must not hold back on the people who live there ,

More than 8,000 people in South Korea have been tested positive for the virus, although the number of cases recorded drops daily for the past week, raising hopes there may be a peak outbreak subsided. South Korea has gone to extreme measures to try, even publishing movement of infected people in the days before they were diagnosed with the virus but when they may have been transmitted.

that the new designation marks the first time in the history of South Korea were widely expressed as special disaster zones due to infectious diseases.

The declaration includes North Gyeongsang Province and Daegu city in the southeast.

Part of Australia has declared a state of emergency that would give health authorities broad new powers to try to control the spread of coronavirus, as the number of cases in the country rose to around 300 and the number of dead increased to five.

Australian Capital Territory, the state of Victoria, and Western Australia have all implemented emergency measures, which would allow officials to enforce quarantine as they see fit, Reuters reported.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also announced quarantine int ernational must for any tourists arriving in the country.

“These forces have not been used before,” Daniel Andrews, a top official in the state of Victoria ,. “This, I hope to provide a clear sense of the unprecedented nature of this public health emergency, this a very significant challenge.”

Australia has also banned all non-essential meetings involving more than 500 people, let alone the harsh restrictions of other countries prohibit the crowd even much smaller.

Worried Australia has flooded the country supermarket to stock up on supplies amid fears of shortages. Woolworths, the largest grocery store chains in the country, will open its doors for a special hour to allow senior citizens and disabled people to shop alone.

With thousands of deaths have been recorded in the middle of the raging pandemic, it is. This disease clearly worse for the elderly and people with preexisting health problems

But scientists are considering whether the factors are more subtle disease can also intensify or increase the likelihood of early infection -. including smoking and air pollution

“Given what we know now, it is very possible that people who are exposed to air pollution more and who smoke tobacco products would fare worse if infected with covid than those who breathe the air clean, and who do not smoke, “said Aaron Bernstein, interim director of the Climate Center for Health and global Environment at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, refers to a disease caused by a coronavirus.

The Justice Department announced late Sunday it would suspend the trial plots immigration amid rising concerns over the spread of coronavirus.

department said that effective Monday, will suspend all master calendar hearings for those not yet arrested are scheduled through10 April Master calendar hearings in immigration court is similar to arraignments in federal court, and mostly centered on scheduling and other matters. Merits hearings and hearings for those already in custody are not affected.

The National Association of Immigration Judges, the union representing immigration judge across the country, had last week called for a delay of the master hearing calendar for those who are not already in custody, said the process was “typically carry 50 or more respondents to each courtroom, “many of them travel internationally or have relationships with people who do.

“This is exactly the kind of situation the White House, the CDC and public health authorities more to encourage us to avoid, and we believe that you will agree that it is untenable and irresponsible in light of the current spread of covid 19-infections across the country, “union president wrote.

The Justice Department said at the time that the trial will proceed as scheduled. Before the department reversed course Sunday, the union has called the department to cover all immigration court for two to four weeks.

China’s industrial output fell 13.5 percent in January and February, the most dramatic contraction in 30 years, data released Monday showed.

retail sales fell by more than 20 percent as businesses close their doors and residents of quarantined themselves to avoid contracting the virus. Factories are closed and travel bans implemented a large-scale, production grinding to a near-halt in the plot’s second largest economy in the world. The unemployment rate also increased to 6.5 percent during the first two months of this year, marking a new record for China ,.

terrible numbers Monday showed that the effect of the virus on the Chinese economy is even worse than many analysts had predicted and could offer a preview of what’s scary is yet to come in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, as a shutter and central-business urban centers began essentially closed, with residents getting ready to hunker down for a few weeks.

Even as parts of China, including the epicenter of the outbreak in Hubei province, gradually reopen for business, the data shows there will be damage to the economy long term of the virus, especially since much of the rest of the world is just beginning to grapple with the pandemic , In China, the government also introduced new restrictions on tourists coming to try to prevent the virus from continuing to spread back into the country from elsewhere

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