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Want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Start by washing your ...
Want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Start by washing your …

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health workers transporting patients on stretchers to ambulances in life Care Center of Kirkland on February 29, 2020.

The United States has reported 150 deaths from the coronavirus as from March 18 tally case the state is in, the patients reported in all 50 states and Washington, DC. This disease has also spread to Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

The World Health Organization declared a pandemic outbreak on March 11, and two days later President Donald Trump declared a national emergency.

for County-and state-level health authorities reported the latest cases tally before United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does, Business Insider tallying local reports and updating this story on a regular basis to provide the a comprehensive picture of where the virus is spreading in the United States.

Virus from Wuhan, China, in December. It causes respiratory disease known as COVID-19.

For the latest number of global cases, deaths, and traveling information, see.

Here’s everything we know about the coronavirus in. US – in the list below, countries are ordered by their number of cases

Note: This post was last updated at 09:30 ET on Wednesday, March 18.

Washington has reported 68 deaths. The first – a man in his 50s who had chronic underlying health problems – were reported February 29th in EvergreenHealth, a hospital in Kings County, Washington. Two patients died February 26th Washington but their diagnosis is confirmed posthumously on March 10, making them the earliest known coronavirus in US casualties.

Twenty people have died in New York on March 17 California 16 deaths, including a woman 60s in Santa Clara County, a woman who was treated at Kaiser Permanente in Placer County, and a woman in her. 90s from Sacramento County

Here are the fatalities by country:

Washington: 68 New York: 20 California: 16 Florida: 8 Louisiana: 7 New Jersey: 5 Texas: 3 Georgia: 3 Oregon: 3 Virginia: 2 Indiana: 2 Colorado: 2 Nevada: 1 Kansas: 1 South Dakota: 1 Kentucky: 1 SC: 1 Illinois: 1 Michigan: 1 Maryland: 1 Connecticut: 1

unloaded passengers at the Port of Oakland. Two passengers and 19 crew members tested positive, but it remains unclear how many of these factors into the country’s total number of cases.

The healthy US passengers are in California, Texas, or Georgia. crew – including some positive – .. stay on the ship

The first case in this state is a health worker Manhattan 39 years who have

on March 10th, Governor Andrew Cuomo enacted a mile “containment area” around New Rochelle, which is believed to be the center of an outbreak of the country.

state officials announced the state of emergency on March 8.

at a press conference on March 17, Cuomo said experts and flooded the nation’s healthcare system. The only way to reduce this, he said, diligently studied the social distance.

At least 19 of the deaths Washington related to long term care facilities

Washington Governor Jay Inslee on February 29 on March 11, it prohibits the gathering of more than 250 person.

of the state’s case, the majority located in Santa Clara, followed by Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County, Los Angeles International Airport got the virus.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said the coronavirus first deaths were women over 60 underlying health problems. Santa Clara County has reported four deaths, while Sacramento and Riverside counties have confirmed two deaths each, and San Mateo and Placer counties have.

California declared a state of emergency on March 4.

In total, the number of US coronavirus cases including 46 cases among passengers who have.

Japanese authorities imposed a quarantine of 14 days on a cruise last month after a person tested positive for coronavirus, but at least 700 people injured by COVID-19.

More than 300 Americans who were on board were flown back to the United States. On the flight evacuation, 14 people who had tested positive for virus isolation fly in the box, while others who had been on the ship sat in a separate area. More than 30 others got ill.

Three refugees from Wuhan also tested positive for coronavirus.

Gov. Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver announced the first New Jersey COVID 19th death on March 10 he was resident of Bergen County 60s.

“Our prayers with the family during this difficult time,” Murphy and Oliver said in a

Murphy case of coronavirus first state -. A man in his 30s who was treated at Hackensack University Medical Center in Bergen County -. on 4 March

The first patient was a man in his 60s in Manatee County.

Governor John Bel Edwards announced the first positive cases of alleged state on March 9, residents of Jefferson Parish.

The first case, a man in his 20s who lives in Boston, recently returned from Wuhan. Massachusetts confirmed February 1.

Governor Charlie Baker on March 10 after the number of cases jumped COVID 19th 42-92.

A daycare teacher in Cobb County, on March 9.

“Many of these cases have no connection to the trip and the capacity of the remnants of our health system at the forefront of my mind,” said Governor Brian Kemp March 14. He also announced a public health emergency, according to local TV station ,.

Jared Polis of Colorado Governor on 10 March urged the federal government to improve the country’s ability to test for COVID-19.

“We are acting quickly and decisively because the sooner we can respond, the sooner we can protect the most vulnerable,” Polis said, according to a.

Ford Bend County is now considered the center of the country coronavirus outbreak. This is where the first case was confirmed and where the five killed as soon as it is reported.

Earlier, a refugee from Wuhan who have been quarantined in isolation at a medical facility in San Antonio was released from isolation hour later re-admitted later after one of the tests they are “”

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg ‘unacceptable’

Texas on March 16 :. a man from the Matagorda County who are in their 90s.

Chicago first case, a woman’s 60s, travel to Wuhan in December to treat the elderly father. He returned to Chicago on January 13, and infected her husband.

The third and fourth cases – a husband and wife in their 70s – were reported on March 2

Chicago man in his 60s it was the first patient in an area with no history of travel to a where the outbreak or contact with other patients COVID 19th.

at least 30 cases in Montgomery County, outside Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania hospitals are rationing the use of protective equipment, including N95 respirator, eye mask and gown, fear that a surge in cases of coronavirus can drain reserves, according to.

The first death of the Pennsylvania Department of Health on March 18 – adults from Northamptom County. people were hospitalized.

The first case was a patient with a history of Wisconsin trip in Beijing. Patients tested positive on February 5 and was released from isolation on 28 February.

The majority of the state’s case is in Milwaukee County and officials have reported the possibility of the spread of the community, reported.

The first case in this state is a 44-year man who had traveled out of the country. He was diagnosed in Williamson County, part of the metropolitan area of ​​Nashville.

The county schools temporarily closed for disinfection.

Two of the country patients recently were on a cruise in Egypt, while the third was at the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC.

Governor Larry Hogan on March 5.

Michigan announced positive coronavirus first two cases on March 10.

Michigan included a woman from Oakland County who recently traveled internationally and a man from Wayne County who was recently in the country.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer in response.

health officials reported the first case on March 6. The patient, a Ramsey County resident, February 25 after developing symptoms on a cruise.

Virginia Department of Health the case of countries including Arlington resident in his 60s, a resident of Fairfax 80s, and marine life in Asntico marine corps base. The cases are not believed to be related.

The first patient was an adult in Washington County were positive virus at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Westside.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency on March 8.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services who attended.

Officials declared a state of emergency on March 9.

Two health employees working in Connecticut but lived in New York also tested positive. Both patients – Danbury Hospital employees and a physician at Bridgeport Hospital – calculated total New York.

Governor Ned Lamont Connecticut Monday banned civil servants from state business trip.

Connecticut reported the first death on March 18 – a man in his 80s who is a resident of an assisted living facility in Ridgefield.

The first patient was a man Davis County 60s on March 6, officials said it was likely to become infected while on the cruise ship Grand Princess. (His voyage precedes most recent cruise that ended in Oakland.)

Governor Gary Herbert on March 6.

The first patient has recently traveled to Washington state and Texas.

The other, a man in his 30s, recently traveled to Santa Clara, California.

On March 17, operated by Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts International has been closed temporarily in order to protect employees and visitors of the coronavirus.

South Carolina reported coronavirus first death on March 18 elderly patients and residents of Lexington Medical Center Extended Care Facility skilled care.

Governor Kay Ivey issued on March 13, and K-12 schools must close for two and a half weeks.

The first positive case reported allegations Maine on March 12.

patient is a reserve Navy 50s who had just returned from a trip to Italy and the self-isolation at home, said.

The diagnosis of children prompted the closure of a local elementary school, Hickory Elementary School in Avon, until early April.

On March 6, Governor Eric Holcomb states to ensure that Indiana receives federal funds.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency on March 14 and asked the school district to close for at least a week.

Reeves promised to work on the governor’s mansion for 14 days after traveling to Spain, according to.

The two patients – a man in his 40s and – recently traveled to Italy, France and Spain,

A woman 60- an has. COVID direct contact with 19 patients in New York were also infected.

As the case of jumping from one to six, the governor Asa Hutchinson said Thursday that the government had ordered the public schools in four districts to close temporarily, according to.

Five of the patients were isolated in their homes.

The first confirmed case of the country’s population of Tulsa who recently traveled to Italy, officials said on March 6.

man, in his 50s, was isolated at home with his family, per.

A pastor at Christ Church in Georgetown became the first in the nation’s capital to test positive for coronavirus. Officials urged hundreds of churches to self quarantine to help control the spread of the virus COVID-19.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said that the patient, a man in his 50s whose symptoms began in late February, did not have a history of international travel.

He was not hospitalized DC until March 5.

Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency on Wednesday.

Governor Kim Reynolds declared a state of emergency on March 10.

He also said that some three dozen residents of Iowa has been linked to the cruise ship hit coronavirus extraordinary events. These people have been asked to self-quarantine, according to.

“The reality is COVID-19 is now here, and we can expect the number of tests and the number of positive cases will continue to increase in the days to come,” said Reynolds.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declare a public health emergency on March 11, saying, “This is a very highly contagious virus,” reported.

said the country’s total includes four positive cases of alleged.

the country’s first confirmed patient has recently traveled to the US from Wuhan. Health officials say it belongs to the people of Arizona State, but do not live in university housing.

The female health workers in their 40s passed the virus to two family members.

Five cases were confirmed in Harrison County. Two patients also reported in Fayette County the other in Jefferson County.

“Folks, we’ll have more,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear on March 9. “That does not mean we are not ready, we are, and it does not mean that people should not worry too much.” < p>

The first patient was an employee at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Patients recently to Italy and told to isolate after testing positive for the virus. But on Friday, the patients attended a private event at Dartmouth business school.

The event has, NBC reported. Those who come in close contact with the patient is asked to stay at home for two weeks.

The state coronavirus cases including 16-year high school student with an existing medical condition, according to. They were reportedly in serious condition.

From the state’s case, 19 is located in Douglas County, officials said.

Four positive cases coronavirus was confirmed on March 12 at the University of Delaware, reported.

Governor John Carney also declared a state of emergency and directed state National Guard “to take precautions and responsiveness to assist with the response Delaware,” his office said in a statement.

The first case in this state is a woman Johnson under 50.

On March 12, Kansas reported 19 deaths related COVID first.

the patient is a man’s 70s, who had been in long-term care facilities, with underlying health conditions, and receive heart treatment, the governor said Laura Kelly, according to CBS affiliate ,.

Both patients Missouri picked coronavirus during a recent trip, it was reported.

Governor Mike Parson confirms second case, on Thursday, said that the patients were in their 20s and recently in Austria. Presenting mild symptoms, they are quarantined at home and is expected to make a full recovery, said KMOV.

News from the second case Parson asked to cancel the event in Missouri in an effort to prevent the virus from affecting more people.

Missouri first death on March 18 deaths occurred in Boone County and said the case related travel.

Vermont lawmakers on March 12 passed a bill telehealth, according to. The goal is to help people who live in rural areas to connect with physicians from their homes.

An elderly resident of Showboat Retirement Center, in Lander, Wyoming, is this country’s first coronavirus patients, officials said on March 13.

The next patient Seven all been linked with him, the Wyoming Department of Health announced on March 16, according to.

Governor David Ige announced on March 6 that the population of Hawaii on board have been tested positive.

On March 8, the state health department says an elderly man from a positive Oahu as well. He was just back from the state of Washington.

Governor Kristi Noem said five of the cases “”

The first death occurred in South Dakota Pennington County. The patient was a man in his 60s preexisting health conditions. The exact cause of death has not been confirmed by officials.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock announces state of emergency on Thursday.

Idaho Governor Brad Little declared a state of emergency on 13 March.

The first case in this state is a man Ward County in the 60s, according to.

The case was reported in the Fairbanks North Star and capital Anchorage.

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez announced the curfew – from 21:00 to 05:00 – through the end of March

Starting on March 15 only supermarket, pharmacy, banks and gas stations are allowed to remain open .. All other business was temporarily closed in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, reported.

Two coron Guamavirus patients there from Manila, Philippines, reported.

On March 13, Governor Albert Bryan declared a state of emergency in the region as part of efforts to reduce the coronavirus’ spread, according to.

Governor Jim Justice confirmed cases in the country on March 18, said patients who were located in the Eastern Panhandle.

“the last days and the last week has been difficult. None of us ever passing through the pandemic, “he said, reported.

They are all already in the US military bases, and many have been released.

coronavirus family is a large group of viruses that usually affects the respiratory tract. Coronaviruses can cause illnesses such as the common cold, pneumonia, and SARS. A finding that about 80% of cases of coronavirus in China has been mild.

The CDC recommends that all travelers frequent hand washing with soap and water and scrub for at least 20 seconds. They should refrain from touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Aylin Woodward, Lauren Frias, Sarah Al-Arshani, and Morgan McFall-Johnsen contributed reporting to this story.

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