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  • Feb 15, 2019

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Searching “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” in Google or YouTube, and you might see some unusual results.

In Google, you are greeted with a bright red “SOS” banner, followed by an update of the major news sources like the New York Times and a list of pages of information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. On YouTube, the results page has a link to the CDC website at the top and “Top News” heading down the video from leading news sources. Links to websites CDC also appear YouTube videos directly under certain.

What you see, basically, is a state of emergency for the search results, which Google demotes regular algorithm supports good old human inspection -fashioned. Although Google says it also build more protection into the ranking algorithm, promoting hand-picked information is a simple but obvious way to reduce the spread of false news during the crisis.

In Google Search, the results you’re seeing now is a part of an initiative called, which depict Google as an attempt to “make-emergency information more accessible during the crisis caused by natural or human.”

Google began to extinguish the mark in 2017 in response to floods, earthquakes and other emergencies, and it launched one of COVID-19. The company says this is the first time he had used the SOS Alarm feature for public health emergencies.

Google’s search results coronavirus avoid many potential trouble spots.

As a comparison, “display” and “” that Google’s regular search generated automatically sometimes with unpleasant results. After shooting Las Vegas in 2017, where a gunman killed 58 people and injured another 413, the search results Google is, who managed to get into the conspiracy theory “top story” modules for a particular search. A year later, Google-related false church gunman in the shooting of Texas to Antifa by.

In the past, Google also said emphatically that former President Barack Obama, has a Republican of California, and incorrectly claimed that some of the former president.

Please note that Google’s search results coronavirus avoid many potential trouble spots. No results from Twitter, cuts no features, and there is no link to a YouTube video. With websites during pandemic coronavirus, promoting raise their hands above information pieces or link selected algorithm is a powerful way to reduce exposure to misinformation.

The conspiracy theory has become a bigger problem for YouTube, which has a recommendation algorithm spread of misinformation about emergency situations in the past. One video shows the gunman Las Vegas is a government agency in 2017, and video conspiracy claims that the survivors of Parkland High School shooting in 2018 was the actor was at one point.

YouTube since reduce its chances of serving up the conspiracy theory. With coronavirus in particular, has a source that has not been certified that they meet YouTube advertiser-friendly guidelines, thereby reducing the incentive to send cryptic content.

But in the same way that Google has changed its typical search results have also shown “Top News” from source is only checked for any search related to coronavirus. The search also included a link to the CDC website at the top of the results. Google said that YouTube Top News results only come from publishers who have submitted their YouTube channel to Google News and adhere to Google News’.

While these efforts alone will not remove incorrect information from a platform technology company, at least they sent a message: Get information from official sources and the first prominent. It might even be a useful lesson as a platform technology to find ways to deal with.

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