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China coronavirus: Confirmed cases and where they are
China coronavirus: Confirmed cases and where they are

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As quarantine lockdowns coronavirus and forced many from the United States and Europe to squat and face labor disruptions pay, policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic take new steps dramatic to try to convince households and investors worried.

The European Central Bank announced an emergency $ 820 billion bond purchase program as the President Trump and congressional leaders, including special assistance to small businesses and low. Trump also signed into law a bill to for many Americans. The measures come as some employers cut staff, amid predictions of a pandemic could plunge the US economy into the most severe recession since the Great Depression.

The virus continues to spread globally, with Italy reported a record 475 deaths in one day. But new figures from China on Thursday may offer a glimmer of hope. The country reported no new cases of locally transmitted the previous day for the first time since a deadly outbreak began late last year

Here are some of the significant developments:

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LONDON ⁠- The London Underground took further steps on Thursday to prevent people from using the subway service in the middle of a deadly outbreak of coronavirus.

Forty stations across the capital have been closed and the buses will also be reduced.

“extremely important that public transport in London is only used for travel is really important. Do not travel for other reasons, “Heidi Alexander, deputy mayor for transportation, tweeted.

On Wednesday, one of Twitter users share photos crowded platform as commuters stand near each other as they wait for the train.

“Social distancing? This morning trip on the Victoria line. Maybe some clearer guidance from the government will help, “the tweet read.

Social estrangement? This morning trip on the Victoria line. Maybe some clearer guidance from the government will help

While many companies have asked employees to work from home, people are still going about their daily lives as usual in the capital. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been studied for the treatment of plague, with critics saying his advice is not clear enough.

On Wednesday, Johnson announced that schools, colleges and nurseries across the UK will close on Friday – a move critics say should have happened long ago. So far, the country has 2,644 confirmed cases of the virus and 71 deaths

MOSCOW -. Russia reported coronavirus first death on Thursday, a woman of 79 years who died in the isolation ward in Moscow Infectious diseases Hospital No. 2.

There is no information available on whether he or members of his family have traveled new- this new. The woman became ill last week, on Friday.

Russia has conducted 133,000 tests for the coronavirus, the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Thursday and more than 22,000 people currently under observation for possible disease indications. Since January, nearly 63,000 people have been placed under observation.

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Russia had produced 700,000 test kits and have an adequate number of ventilators.

Russian authorities have reported 147 cases of the virus. The staff in the Kremlin has been tested as part of measures to protect President Vladimir Putin.

Mexico reported the first death from the new coronavirus late Wednesday, disturbing sign for health professionals who worry that the country has not done. almost enough to contain the plague

victim, a man 41 years with diabetes, hospitalized for over a week – although not before he attended a large-scale concert by a rock band Sweden earlier this month, a letter newspaper El Universal.

However, case reports do not hold more than 10,000 people from jamming to Guns and Roses over the weekend in a multiday music festival Mexico City mayor repeatedly refused to close.

As the nearby countries impose strict travel restrictions and major shutdowns, the public in Mexico that containment measures can cause a relatively few large-scale outbreak in the street.

As Trump said Wednesday he would nonessential travel across the US-Mexico border and blo ck migrants from crossing illegally, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has closed school but refused to limit or shut down a business trip.

Earlier this week, Mexican officials with the president of El Salvador, who claimed the best traveling there from Mexico carrying a dozen passengers who have a positive allegedly covid-19, a disease caused by a virus.

López Obrador himself has ignored the advice of social distance, too. He spent the weekend in a routine habit of walking through a crowd of supporters in the countryside, at one point kissed the baby on the cheek.

Two days later, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, deputy health minister of Mexico, the president had to contract the virus because it will “spontaneously recovered” and become immune.

“presidential power is moral. This is not a power of contagion, “said López-Gatell

DUBAI -. United Arab Emirates announced thatcurrently abroad will not be allowed to return for at least two weeks starting Thursday, adding that the period could be extended.

Emirati also have and all of the countries qualifying has been suspended. Visa has been issued also been suspended, along with a new work permit for drivers and domestic workers until further notice.

While some countries have closed their borders to non-citizens, the latest Australia and New Zealand, a move by the UAE is striking since more than 85 percent of the population are citizens of non-citizens -. many of them born in the UAE and has lived there most of their lives

“development comes as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of those affected by the decision, which is subject to extension depending on the policy of the health status taken since the outbreak of coronavirus new, “said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Expats abroad are urged to relate to their nearest UAE embassy to see about returning. UAE Ministry of Education closed schools early and moved back in the spring, prompting some families to go abroad in mid-March.

Attorney General Hamad Al Shamsi also announced Wednesday that all arrivals into the country must undergo 14 days of home quarantine

While the UAE is the first country in the Middle East to report cases of the virus -. Chinese tourists from Wuhan, a city where the outbreak emerged late last year – slower growth, with only 113 cases and extensive testing throughout the country.

outside Iran, where there are more than 17,000 cases, has 1,227 cases, with Saudi Arabia reported 67 new cases Wednesday, bringing the total to 238.

JERUSALEM – Israel’s Heath Ministry Wednesday night sent out the first batch of 400 text messages to people who are identified by their cell phone data as it comes into contact, consciously or unconsciously, with people infected with the coronavirus

People with confirmed cases of vir which we also sent a message informing them that their mobile data is being used to warn others who may have been exposed to them.

tracking emergency measures, which are used by the police and the Israel Security Agency to catch criminals and terrorists, who controversially approved the early hours of Tuesday morning in a telephone voting by the government.

The Department of Health published an example of a text message, informing the recipient that they both tested positive for the virus or come in close contact with someone who did, and orders them to self-quarantine. Individuals identified as having been in close proximity with someone diagnosed with this virus will also be informed via text today that the contact occurred.

“According to the epidemiological investigation, you are in the [== / == / ==] next patient Corona,” read the text that is sent out. “You have to immediately go into isolation until [== / == / ==] to protect your family and community.”

The opposition leaders have been trying to revive the Israeli parliament after a year of political limbo, protested the move saying the government acted without supervision at the time of crisis.

civil rights groups filed against the measure saying it violates human rights and demanding the process be stopped.

Speaking on a local radio station Thursday, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan dismissed concerns that the authorities will use the information for anything other than to warn people who may be infected.

TOKYO – Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido said Thursday it will lift the state of emergency for coronavirus at midnight, after bringing the infection under control and follows criticism that the economic costs of further shutdown would outweigh the benefits .

“There is no surge of infected patients that caused the collapse of the medical environment,” said Hokkaido Governor Naomichi Suzuki press conference, according to Kyodo news. “We can now battle [virus], as we have strengthened testing capabilities and capacity of beds in the hospital.”

relatively sparsely populated island of Hokkaido has 154 of the 923 confirmed cases of Japan from the coronavirus, the highest of any prefecture. Governor declared a state of emergency from February 28, asking the school to close and asked residents to remain indoors for a while.

But there are complaints about the economic cost of the measures, including in restaurants, according to a survey by the federation of small and medium-sized companies.

“Not only has the number of tourists decreased but local customers as well,” one of the companies complained in a report, according to Kyodo. “Maybe there are companies that go bankrupt.”

Suzuki said the government’s goal to move to “a new stage,” in which he continues to contain the virus while aiming for a recovery in social and economic activities, according to the Hokkaido Shimbun newspaper. He said people should still avoid mass gatherings.

The leader in Australia and New Zealand said they would close their borders to almost all foreigners, as the two countries try to contain an outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent economic collapse.

sweeping measures, the effect on Friday night, marking yet another example of how the global pandemic has prompted almost unprecedented on an international tour.

command does not apply to citizens or residents of both countries and their families, but will save some of the entry of foreign visa holders. Australia and New Zealand already require travelers coming from abroad to quarantine themselves for two weeks.

But Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison were mostly covid-19 cases were imported from abroad, more extreme measures are needed to prevent the virus out.

on Thursday, the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut interest rates to a record low of 0.25%, a move intended to counter what will be the country’s first recession in nearly three decades. Australian stock index new four-year low on Thursday.

The central bank will buy government bonds for the first-ever program of quantitative easing, and Morrison said he is working to roll out a second economic aid package. A stimulus plan he announced last week spending initiatives and payments to low-income individuals and small businesses.

Announcing measures similar in New Zealand, Prime Minister’s Jacinda Ardern said the potential risk of outbreaks justify the “extraordinary” measures.

“at no time in the history of New Zealand has a power like this has been used, “he said. “But we have to make decisions in the best interest of the health of the people who live here.”

HONG KONG – A man was filmed licking his fingers and touched the handle on the subway Hong Kong publicly apologized on Thursday, after recording a widely circulated online and stand out in the local media.

“I make light of the situation covid-19 in a video parody that is intended only for a handful of friends,” Joel Werner ,, wrote in a post on Facebook. “But now I realize that I should not do it. A global pandemic is no laughing matter. “

A video of a man licking and then wiped her fingers on the handle of the MTR has caused outrage in Hong Kong.

Werner said that she used hand sanitizer immediately before and after licking his fingers, and also said he applied the gel to the rail he touched. A second clip shows appeared to show him wipe the liquid in his hand and the handle.

He also said he called the police and the subway to Hong Kong officials “to explain the video and personally apologize for the distress caused.”

Fear has mounted in Hong Kong in recent days over a growing number of cases imported from abroad. Hong Kong has, recorded fewer than 200 cases since the outbreak began.

The new coronavirus keep infecting hundreds of people with day to day and growing layoffs, forcing health workers and government officials in the United StatesState to brace for the worst.

The doctor about daily life, hospitals lack the money to book a ventilator, and national authorities are turning to, the mass closure and ban large gatherings when they tried to “flatten the curve. “

But it raises the question of whether it might be enough. Study, reported being examined by a coronavirus task force of the White House, which is just trying to slow the spread of the virus can sicken remain flooded bed and lead to the top of the one million deaths USA.

on Wednesday night, more than 8,700 cases have been reported throughout the United States, including more than 130 deaths. Two members of Congress, Reps. Ben McAdams (D-Utah) and Mario Diaz-Balart ( R-Fla.) on Wednesday said they had tested positive.

New York in particular since Tuesday, through Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D) due to the increase for expanded testing, the country now has more cases confirmed of all but 10 countries in the world.

Also on Wednesday, White House officials announced steps to tighten the land borders the United States. the authorities will soon send migrants crossing the border south illegal back to Mexico, they said, while

Epidemic and dramatic impact on the economy seemed to be the president of Donald Trump, with more than half of Americans said that he had underestimated the virus too much, according to a new one.

Throughout Wednesday, Trump ramped up its efforts to change the image of coronavirus as the “virus of China,” brushing aside concerns that are not scientific and could lead to racial attacks.

‘This is not a racist at all , ‘he said on Wednesday. “it comes from China, that’s why.”

The European Central Bank announced emergency measures to try to deflect the economic downturn massive caused by a coronavirus, including emergency bond-buying program of US $ 820 billion grinds business to stop in all of Europe.

“time outstanding require extraordinary measures,” said Christine Lagarde, president of the bank. “there are no limits to our commitment to the euro. We are determined to use the full potential of our tools, in our mandate.”

the bank said measures to try to prevent the economic turmoil will continue to plague.

the global policy makers have improved their response to the economic turmoil triggered by the pandemic. the business closed in a swath of Europe and household fear an extended slump, the purpose of the bond purchase program to reduce the cost of borrowing and calm volatile markets.

Government Trump and congressional leaders scrambled p there Wednesday to assemble a massive stimulus package aimed at preventing the US economy from falling into the worst collapse since the Great Depression, because of concerns about a pandemic brought a lot of American life jammed.

government rescue plan for the proposed $ 1 trillion, which is the basis for fast-moving negotiations on Capitol Hill, including sending two big checks for many Americans and devote $ 300 billion toward helping small businesses mass layoffs avoid. Priority is placed on also includes $ 50 billion to help save the airline industry and $ 150 billion to prop up the other sectors, which could include a hotel.

The White House examination of this proposal by Republican Senate leaders before engaging more fully with the Democrats, so the package is certain to grow in the coming days. Democrats, meanwhile, are targeting their own priorities, mostly aimed at shoring up the safety net and public health infrastructure, and send the money directly to the American taxpayer, while avoiding the bailout of the company. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) The Federal Reserve proposed Wednesday has sent $ 2,000 for every American adults and $ 1,000 for every American child until the end of the crisis.

Meanwhile, President Trump has signed into law a bill to make sure for many Americans as part of a wider stimulus proposed.

government stimulus packages could appear unprecedented in size and speed, stunting the $ 800 billion stimulus law passed during the Obama administration and the $ 700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program valid during the Bush administration. All told, between some of the advanced legislative package on Capitol Hill and other actions the government has taken, the White House push economic plan that “more than $ 2 trillion and counting” to try and catch this coronavirus ecoWrecking ball nomic, said a senior government official. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to disclose details of the plan.

Iran has been hit hard by a new coronavirus, and things may get much worse. On Tuesday, a state television reporter who is also a doctor could be in the “millions” as worshipers broke into two Shiite shrines were closed by the plague.

That’s not idle speculation. The death toll in Iran of past infection covid 19th 1000 on Wednesday after a rise of the greatest days in the number of deaths due to the outbreak of Iran began. this week that researchers at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran created a computer simulator to analyze the scenario.

In its current state, the researchers say, the infection will not peak until the end of May. The mortality rate can be as high as 3.5 million.

That number may seem enough to stop anyone in their tracks. But this week, the United States, that would expand sanctions against Iran, and the Iranian government entities that assisted in the trade in petrochemicals and other limited activities. It’s a strategy that worries allies and enemies alike.

The Guardian that the UK personal pressing the United States to ease sanctions against Iran in the wake of the crisis, while China in the United States to repeal its Iran sanctions.

But the United States, which imposes sanctions on Iran’s back after President Trump unilaterally withdraw from nuclear treaty with Iran and other countries in 2018, has been refused; Tuesday, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo called on Iran to release US citizens detained in the country “as a humanitarian gesture, given the risks posed” by the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple on Wednesday announced two new computers and new iPad, test how well it can produce, ship and sell products during the outbreak.

As companies throughout the United States, the consumer electronics giant has been disrupted by a virus. Its Cupertino, Calif., Headquarters is located in the middle, moving developer of online conferences, and closed hundreds of retail stores outside “greater China” until at least Mar. 27,

But Apple is trying to take advantage of their size, strength and cash reserves to continue to ship and sell products during the outbreak. Some new devices announced on Wednesday will be available to ship as early as next week.

Manufacturing experts say the new product is likely less severe impact than the products scheduled for release later this year. That’s because the early stages of designing and manufacturing products may take months before the outbreak of coronavirus.

Apple declined to comment.

As the President Trump cast the nation fighting against war, one high-ranking Republican senator seems to understate the gravity of a pandemic, said the number of Americans who will die will be 3.4 percent of the population at most ,

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government, called covid-19 “evil disease” devastating for those who contract it.

“Get coronavirus no death penalty except maybe no more than 3.4 percent of our population. , , probably much less, “Johnson said in an interview with the newspaper of his home-country, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published Wednesday. “We do not shut our economy for tens of thousands of people died on the highway.”

If 3.4 percent of the US population was killed, it means millions of lives and will be 10 times the US deaths in every war that the United States has fought.

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