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New coronavirus
New coronavirus ‘not spreading’ in the US, CDC says – ABC News

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All times below are in Eastern time.

All of the above data is provided by Johns Hopkins University.

The day after deleting ads for medical face mask, linked to the coronavirus, much to the anger of US lawmakers.

Senator. Mark Warner, D-Va., And Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph J. Simons Tuesday, criticized Google to continue to serve ads next to stories about COVID-19 at various sites. Federal health officials have the people to refrain from buying masks so that they can be provided for those who need them, such as health care workers respond to the crisis. -Megan Graham, Jennifer Elias

is studying whether it could be and other medical equipment to help combat the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the nation.

CEO talked to say about the car Trump administration’s decision to pause production, the company said in a statement.

“He also showed GM is working to help find a solution to the nation during this difficult period and have offered to help, and we have learned how we can potentially support the production of medical equipment such as ventilators,” according to the statement. -Phil LeBeau, Noah Higgins-Dunn

Trapped rationing of toilet paper because you do not panic coronavirus during the past few days? Do not worry, according to experts of the supply chain.

“All the grocery store will have a pallet of toilet paper sitting in the hall, and nobody will buy it, because you need to buy toilet paper when you have a year sitting in your garage?” Daniel Stanton, a supply chain expert and author of “Supply Chain Management for Dummies,” said -Jade Scipioni

is the last major department store chains in America to lay out plans for the store this week to the curb the spread of coronavirus new.

It was a while since last Friday to try to encourage consumers and workers, to the residence.

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of stores across the country Macy is still open for business, including units. Tuesday, plans to close about 750 stores operating nationwide, shipping around 130,000 employees, including those working for Bloomingdale and bluemercury, home. -Lauren Thomas

Five Democratic senators associated with Google’s efforts to assist the White House.

group of senators, Bob Menendez and Cory Booker of New Jersey, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Kamala Harris of California, a signed letter addressed to the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai and Vice President Mike Pence.

In a letter to Pichai, the senators said they “appreciate the efforts of the Administration to take advantage of Google technology to disseminate up-to-date information about COVID-19” but fear not assessed all the implications of such a system. -Lauren Feiner

Futures contracts tied on Thursday at the start of extended trading.

fell 100 points shortly after the opening of the extended trading, implying a flat open in early Thursday trading.

and also pointed to a little profit, despite trade futures contracts can change rapidly overnight. -Thomas Franck

The mayor of New York said he was pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo to approve a nearly 1,900 cases of coronavirus spike in the five boroughs.

De Blasio, speaking to local NY1 television station, said he was “very good conversation” with Cuomo about an hour ago.

Earlier in the day, Cuomo said he would not agree to “shelter-in-place” in order to New York City after de Blasio told residents to prepare for one. “That will not happen, shelter in place, to New York City,” Cuomo said in The Daily podcast by The New York Times. “For each city or county to take emergency measures, countries must approve it. And I’m not going to agree to shelter in place.” -Dawn Kopecki, Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

co-founder Bill Gates urged the public to remain calm in the face of a pandemic coronavirus.

In the Reddit discussion forum, Gates was asked about how long “it” will take place.

“If a country does a good job with the testing and ‘close’ then within 6-10 weeks they have seen very few cases and may re-open up,” he said. -Jordan Novet

Business-jet maker Aviation US employees, as fastthe spread of coronavirus hurt the airline industry and other sectors.

Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft maker said the workers will leave at staggered schedule from March 23 to May 29. The company declined to say how much it is furloughing but a spokesman said it applies to “most” workers the US, which numbers 12,000. -Leslie Josephs

The New York Stock Exchange said trading floor and move fully to electronic trading for coronavirus pandemic.

All-electronic trading will commence on March 23, the exchange said. They will be closed is the NYSE and NYSE floor trading equity options trading with the floor in New York and NYSE Arca Options trading floor in San Francisco.

closing it partly as a result of the positive coronavirus test someone who works in the NYSE, CNBC’s Bob Pisani learning. This week began testing the exchange of medical newcomer to the Big Board. -Yun Li

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks with EU Internal Market and Services Commissioner Thierry Breton by phone to discuss a coronavirus pandemic forces more daily activities to move online.

Breton described the conversation in a tweet, suggested user “definition #SwitchToStandard when HD is not necessary.” -Lauren Feiner

recovered some losses, ending the trading session down 1,300 points. The index had dropped as much as 2,051 points, or 9.6%, on the previous day. The ended the session down 5.2% and down 4.7%. -Sara Salinas

United States suspended all immigrant and non-immigrant visa services routine in most countries around the world because of an outbreak of coronavirus, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said.

A spokesman would not say who or how many countries are choppy service. He said the US mission abroad will continue to provide emergency visa services “as resources permit,” and that the services to US citizens will still be available.

Missions will resume regular visa services as soon as possible, the spokesman said, without giving a date. -Reuters

The Senate has broaden leave and unemployment benefits in response to the pandemic coronavirus, part of a surprising response is expected in the coming weeks in order to avoid economic disaster.

The bill provides an increase in unemployment insurance, make sure that the businesses that have fewer than 500 employees offer two weeks of sick leave for their workers, and included increased funding for food aid programs and ensure free testing for coronavirus. -Jacob Pramuk

will and reducing staff at remaining open. JPMorgan, the largest US bank by assets, was the first of the United States announced the closure area megabanks branch for coronavirus.

“We are planning to temporarily close about 20% of our branches,” Banks told employees. “This will help us protect our employees because we provide an important service to our customers and the communities we serve.”

New York-based bank has 256 981 employees and 4976 branches. -Hugh Children

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company will roll out that will appear at the top of each user’s news feed. The center has been built in collaboration with health partners, said Zuckerberg. It will roll out to users in the US and Europe for the next 24 hours and globally for the next days.

“broad consensus is that the greatest role that we can help play is to encourage people to take seriously the command of social distancing,” said Zuckerberg. “The goal here is to put authoritative information from organizations such as GDC and WHO in front of all the people who use our services.”

The company also announced that it would make the Workplace, enterprise communications software, available free of charge to government and emergency service organizations for the next 12 months. -Salvador Rodriguez

The US Census Bureau to suspend all field operations 2020 census for two weeks from Wednesday until April 1, Steven Dillingham, director of the bureau, said in a statement

“starting today, in support of the guidelines on what we can do to help slow the spread of coronavirus, 2020 Census field operations will be suspended for two weeks until April 1 2020, “Dillingham said. -Reuters

The Big Three Detroit automakers plan to. said it plans to close factories in the US, Canada and Mexico after Thursday night and through March 30 said itshut all North American plants at least until March 30 and will evaluate the situation every week after that. Fiat Chrysler, were not immediately respond to requests for comment, also plans to shut down US factories, according to people familiar with the matter.

The closure will affect 25 final-assembly plant between three cars and 150,000 union workers, according to the UAW and each car. General Motors has 11 factories, most of the Big Three, followed by Ford eight factories and six. -Phil LeBeau, Noah Higgins-Dunn

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, citing “a near complete deletion of income” for a pandemic.

“Never could I understand a time where the only way forward would lay off so that they can receive unemployment, while it fights the company to see another day when we can return to the level of staff filled us, “Danny Meyer CEO said in a statement.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that between. -Amelia Lucas

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) because in the midst of an outbreak, according to the organization. ASRM health professionals are advised to delay the in vitro fertilization procedure, intrauterine insemination and elective procedures. The group also recommends that physicians rely on telehealth rather than in-person interaction. -Hannah Miller

The largest US mall owner ,, announced it will close all the malls and outlet centers in the country, effective 19:00 until March 29. “The health and safety of our shoppers, retailers and employees is very important, “says CEO David Simon in a statement. Simon was the first US mall owner to take a broad-sweeping efforts such as retailers altogether have thousands temporarily closed locations in recent days. -Lauren Thomas

The World Health Organization official warned against calling “China virus” as did US President, saying that it could.

“Viruses know no boundaries and they do not care about your ethnicity, skin color you are or how much money you have in the bank. So it’s really important we are careful in the language we use should not be lead to the individual profiles associated with the virus, “Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergency program, said at a press conference.

Earlier Wednesday ,, “was not racist at all.”

“Because it comes from China,” Trump told reporters. “That is why.”

“I want to be accurate.” -Dawn Kopecki, Dan Mangan

said it plans to, on the basis of year-to-year, after the March revenue fell by almost $ 2 billion short of the same month last year as the 19th COVID destroy demand.

This carrier also halting capital expenditures, including for new aircraft, and parking “at least” half of the fleet.

April revenue decline could be worse, Delta warned. The reduced flying will take place “until demand begins to recover,” said CEO Ed Bastian employees. -Leslie Josephs

Kenneth Frazier, chairman and CEO of US pharmaceutical giant, is to the benefit of society.

“Now, we have the power as citizens to …. slow the spread of this virus,” said Frazier CNBC, emphasizing best practices of hand washing and social distancing as something everyone should do.

“That’s what we can do in the next week, month, etc., to make sure we really do not have the kind of situation that we see in Italy,” he said on “.” -He Stankiewicz

Major Hotel Chain to temporarily shut down the nature and as tourists stay at home during an outbreak of coronavirus.

hospitality research company STR Global said that the week of March 8 to 14, hotel occupancy fell 24.4% to 53% year-on-year. Meanwhile, revenue per available room, a key industry metric, fell 32.5% to $ 63.74. -Harriet Baskas

The World Health Organization says parents should prepare their children to guard against COVID-19 after a new study showed that.

A new study shows that the number of children in China have developed a severe and critical illness, including one death, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s head emerging diseases and zoonoses Unit, told reporters during a press conference. “What we need to prepare for the possibility that children may also experience severe disease.”

The new study, published online in the journal Pediatrics, looked at 2143 cases of children with confirmed or suspected COVID -19 were reported to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention between January 16th and February 8th More than 90% of cases are asymptomatic, mild, or moderate cases. However, nearly 6% of cases of children severely or critically, compared with 18.5% for adults. -Berkeley Lovelace

In the midst of crisis ,.

The doctors have told the federal government that they can have FaceTime or Skype calls with seniors enrolled in Medicare. The hospital set up chatbots, chess symptoms and almost overnight telemedicine tool for triage patients healthy so can stay at home. Some providers have shifted almost entirely to virtual Consult, and hospitals offer training sessions for those who are not yet using telemedicine in their practice.

For many of them, including UC San Francisco cardiologist Ethan Weiss, the experience has been a pleasant surprise.

Telemedicine is “waaaaaaaaay better than I thought,” he told CNBC. -Christina Farr

COVID 19th pandemic has paralyzed Italy and bounced way around the world. But amid the fear and pain, a state-wide quarantine Italy has had at least one consequence encouraging.

The fish are visible in the water and swans swimming in the canal as well. -Cat Clifford

Large retailers across the US, including Macy’s, Apple and Nike, in response to a pandemic coronavirus.

decision, while smart for customers, employees and the wider community, no doubt will burden the already stressed industry. One analyst estimates that could mount to more than 15,000. -Lauren Thomas

Stocks tumbled -. As the market remains very volatile with the government’s response to the outbreak is still ongoing

fell 8.9% after the market as a “circuit breaker” tripped up before 01:00 ET. Down 2,000 points, or more than 9%. Slid 7.9%. -Fred Imbert, Yun Li

The British government said the pandemic

Speaking at a daily press briefing the government about the outbreak of coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said :. “Look at where we are now, we think now that we have to apply further pressure on the curve upward by closing schools.”

“So I can announce today … that after school closed their gates on Friday afternoon, they will remain closed for most students until further notice. ” -Sam Meredith, Holly Ellyatt

urged President Donald Trump to contain rapidly spreading coronavirus, calling it the only option to save the economy.

“What scaring the American people and US companies today is the gradual roll-out,” Ackman said on CNBC “.” “We need to shut it down now … this is the only answer.”

“Americans will end as we know it. I’m sorry to say so, unless we take this option,” he said. -Yun Li

To prevent millions of Americans from running out of money in the middle of the coronavirus, the government has announced plans to.

When the Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin make an announcement about a cash infusion on Tuesday, supporters of a universal basic income to feel validated. Now, the group calling for the policy, if only in the song while, is expanding rapidly. Already some programs where the federal government sent a routine check for everyone, regardless of income or their job. -Annie Nova

‘s North America Valerie Workman HR leaders sent an email to employees, promising they will not be’ docked ‘points in a performance review if they choose to stay at home, and explain why the Fremont plant and other facilities and walking in the middle of the 19th COVID pandemic in and outside California.

email said Tesla has received conflicting guidance from the various levels of government in the midst of a pandemic.

, California, factory car though “shelter in place” command starts in Alameda County (and other counties in the San Francisco Bay area) to the curb. -Lora Kolodny

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that President Donald Trump sends a floating hospital to help the country manage.

“Now, in New York specifically, the degree of the curve indicates that in 45 days we could have up to input from people who are in need of 110,000 beds compares with our current abilities 53,000 beds, 37,000 units of ICU , ventilator, which compares to a current capacity of 3,000 ventilator. that’s our main problem, “Cuomo said at a press conference in Albany.

The number ofcoronavirus-infected people in the state of New York nearly doubled to more than 2,300, Cuomo said. Of those cases, nearly 23% were hospitalized. -Amanda Macias, Noah Higgins-Dunn, Will Feuer

CNBC Jim Cramer asking the federal government to follow up and provide assistance as coronavirus continues to upend the American economy.

“This is not a defense for me. It calls for 2 million workers in the supply chain,” said Cramer on “”

on Tuesday said it was looking to help the aerospace industry because of fighting with declining demand due to coronavirus. The President said the same day that he will support Boeing, which is also the US top defense contractors. -He Stankiewicz

as a coronavirus pandemic continues to sap demand for crude oil and because of growing concerns about global recession fears led the long-term demand destruction.

18%, or $ 4.83 to $ 22.12 per barrel, the lowest level in more than 18 years. WTI is on pace for the third day of the worst on record.

International benchmark shed 11.6%, or $ 3.33, to trade at $ 25.40, the lowest level since 2003. -Pippa Stevens

stimulus package proposed by the government for combating the economic impact of a pandemic coronavirus would include, according to a document obtained by NBC.

The White House hopes to send the first round of checks on April 6, and the second on May 18 will be basing payment on income level and family size, according to the document.

Beyond the direct payments, the government is seeking to set aside $ 50 billion for the ailing airline industry, as well as $ 150 billion for “other distressed sectors.” It was not immediately clear where the industry will be discussed, but the tourism and hotel industries are among those who also have asked the government for help. -Lauren Hirsch

as the market remains very volatile with the government’s response to coronavirus fallout still ongoing. A violent reversal in Treasury yields in response to a potential $ 1 trillion stimulus package to help investors create confusion.

fell 1,547 points, or more than 7%. Fell 6.4% and 5.3% slide. -Yun Li, Fred Imbert

The first wave of bad economic news that is directly related coronavirus crisis is likely to come from the jobs market, and that can be delivered sooner rather than later.

Almost all the economic data now cover the period before COVID-19 spreads began to zero in on the US Some of these reports have hinted at a slowdown heading into the worst period of the virus, but the extent of the damage has been difficult to measure.

will change during the next week or so when. -Jeff Cox

Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin told CNBC.

While the Treasury is to give taxpayers a reprieve of 90 days to pay the amount owed from last year, you still need to get your 2019 income tax return submitted by April 15, Mnuchin said in a phone call with CNBC. -Darla Mercado

From the closure of the border to compulsory quarantine, governments around the world take drastic measures to try to contain the pandemic coronavirus.

Past outbreaks provides a blueprint for governments navigation challenge, which has spread to more than 200,000 people worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University

:. clear communication of the federal government is key. -Elizabeth Schulze

seller was expecting the worst after that will prioritize the delivery of household staples, medical supplies and other product-related coronavirus above everything else.

In addition to household staples and medical supplies, Amazon said the seller was prioritizing categories such as baby products, health and household, beauty and personal care, grocery, industrial and scientific and pet supplies.

decision Amazon will help cater to buyers who need to buy toilet paper, paper towels disinfectant and items associated with the coronavirus other, but threatened to place third-party sellers who do not offer their products in major binding for at least a few weeks forward. Many small retailers rely on Amazon to sell their products online, and hit to sales has led some to. -Annie Palmer

The National Restaurant Association is the industry such as declining sales forecast of $ 225 billion over the next three months.

In a letter to the President, Speaker of the House and Senate leaders Mayor, the lobby group asked for A $ 145 billion in recovery funds from the Treasury Department to the restaurant and food-service industries. Other proposals include federally supported business interruption insurance, tax measures and disaster unemployment insurance. -Amelia Lucas

New York governor says he will not agree, a day after Mayor Bill de Blasio said the residents to prepare one.

“It will not happen – shelter in place, to New York City,” Cuomo said in The Daily podcast by The New York Times. “For each city or county to take emergency measures, the state must approve it and I will not agree. ‘Shelter in place.’ ‘-Is Feuer

The Minister of Finance told CNBC – a figure he reportedly warned Republican senators about in private briefings -. if they follow the plan of government coronavirus Trump

“I’ve seen that amount in the press,” Mnuchin CNBC Jim Cramer in a television interview. “I’m not in any way say I think we would have had it.” -He Breuninger

The International Council of Shopping Centers, which represents American mall and shopping center owners like and, having. Request comes as the closure of retail stores and restaurants increased.

“This closure puts a strain can be addressed to our members, and we believe the federal government action is needed,” said ICSC chief executive Tom McGee. -Lauren Thomas

as the market remains very volatile with the government’s response to coronavirus fallout still ongoing. A violent reversal in Treasury yields in response to a potential $ 1 trillion stimulus package unnerved investors.

fell 1,400 points, or more than 6.5%. Fell 6.1% and slid almost 5%. -Yun Li, Fred Imbert

Honda North America and BMW are closing plants across the US and Europe this week due to an anticipated decrease in demand for cars associated with global outbreaks. Honda said it will close four factories based in the US for six days starting Monday due to an anticipated decrease in market demand.

Approximately 27,600 Honda associates in North America will be affected by this temporary suspension of production, but the company said it will continue to pay in full for all the associations. In Europe, BMW announced that it has started to shutter dealerships and plants, which will close at the end of this week. Disruption of the plant is scheduled to run until mid-April, the company said. Higgins -Noah-Dunn

The new coronavirus, says analyst

“We assume that the virus will infect about 50% of the world population ;. 20% of cases will be severe, and 1-3 % will result in death, “an analyst with the Economist Intelligence Unit said in a note.

As a result of the pandemic, the EIU predicts global growth will stand at just 1% for 2020 – down from the outlook of 2.3% before the outbreak began. It would mark the lowest level in global gross domestic product growth since the global financial crisis, analysts noted. -Chloe Taylor

The new coronavirus can survive for several hours in air particles and, according to a federally funded study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UCLA and Princeton University examined how long COVID-19 remain in the air as well as on copper, cardboard, plastic and stainless steel, and later compared with SARS, coronavirus that emerged in late 2002 and killed nearly 800 people.

They found that COVID-19 was detected in aerosol up to three hours to four hours on copper, and up to 24 hours on cardboard. This new coronavirus can survive up to three days on plastic and stainless steel, the scientists concluded, adding the amount of virus remaining on the surface that decreases over time. -Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

In Italy, a good Samaritan could face legal action to supply hospitals with special valves required for the equipment that makes the patient coronavirus living, breathing.

Cristian Fracassi using a 3D printer to make the valve after the original producer can not give them because of excessive demand. Fracassi should design the valves themselves after producers refused to give a 3D file, and he eventually donated more than 100 valves to the hospital, each costing him about $ 1 to make.

regular price list of the valve is about $ 11,000, and the manufacturers have threatened to sue Fracassi forpatent infringement, leaving her afraid to share 3D files with other hospitals who need valve. -Hannah Miller

The euro zone, where 19 countries share the same currency, has struggled to grow since the debt crisis of 2011 nation

At the time, very ndebted., Such as Spain , Portugal and Greece, can not get financing from the financial markets and requesting external assistance to support their economies

their financial difficulties. Analysts warn it is ill-equipped to deal with financial shocks and may not survive. Nearly a decade later, the same debate back on the table, with the eurozone struggling to come together to combat the crisis coronavirus. -Silvia Amaro

The White House and Congress are scrambling to massive stimulus package to help the US economy increasingly damaged by coronavirus pandemic.

There have been expectations on Capitol Hill that Congress can pass the deal this week, as President Donald Trump trying to measure with more than $ 1 trillion in spending.

But the Senate has not passed a controlled -GOP second relief bill already passed by the Democratic- led House, creating uncertainty about the stimulus. -Lauren Hirsch

Florida Republican told CNBC he wants to help small businesses and employees.

“We’re trying to figure out the most effective ways to get cash into the hands of small businesses so that they can maintain salaries at least a period of six weeks,” he said.

Rubio Senate sponsored legislation to match Trump calls for $ 50 billion in loans from the Small Business Administration. Matthew J. Belvedere

The Russian media have been deployed to fight the West worsened the impact of coronavirus, generating panic and sow distrust, according to the EU document seen by Reuters.

The Kremlin has denied the allegations, saying they were unfounded and lacks common sense.

EU document said the Russian campaign, encouraging false news online in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French, using contradictory, confusing and report dangerous to make it harder for the EU to communicate its response to the pandemic , -Reuters

An artificial movie shows a man in his backyard to use buckets of water to explain the strategy of the British government to deal with the coronavirus has gone viral. Robert Isaacs, a podiatrist, posted a video of herself filling plastic bottles to help explain how the UK National Health Service could be overwhelmed if coronavirus cases at the peak of the country.

he filled a large bucket with water, which is said to represent the UK population. He then gradually pour it into a plastic bottle, which represents NHS.

“There are some people talking about the government’s strategy COVID and wonder why we did not shut everything down now. Italy has done it, someone else has to do it. Why do not we do it? Well, it is counter-intuitive , so some sort of unwrapping feasible, but it would not make sense, “he said.

-Lucy Handley

The Trump administration from Congress to cover “unexpected” costs incurred by government agencies responding to the crisis a new coronavirus.

The request is separate from the existing demand for funds that could total more than $ 1 trillion as officials at every level of government work contains coronavirus.

Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought said in a letter to the Senate that the extra money would be used “to address ongoing preparedness and response efforts.” -He Breuninger

President Donald Trump says the United States to traffic that is not important for coronavirus pandemic.

“We will, by mutual consent, while closing our northern border with Canada to non-essential traffic,” Trump wrote in a tweet.

step Trump came a day after the European Union agreed to cover the external borders to noncitizens, and two days after the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced similar restrictions in their borders. -And Manganese

Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman called on the president to close the state border and offer America

“When you send everyone home for spring break and near the border, the infection rate will be decreased, the stock market will soar, and the clouds will lift, “Ackman wrote.

Investors warned that any further delay to the shutdown will continue to have a disaster costs for human life and the pressed Trump to “please send everyone home.” -Thomas Franck

China’s health authorities have claimed the drugs used in Japan to treat the new strain of influenza for those infected with the coronavirus ,.

Zhang Xinmin, director of the China National Center for Biotechnology Development, said the drug favipiravir has yielded positive results during clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen. Reports on Tuesday said 340 patients have taken part in clinical trials.

“He has a high level of security and clearly effective in the treatment,” said Zhang reporters. -Sam Meredith

Scotland will close schools on Friday and people do not consider them to be opened again until the end of the summer, said Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Wales also said the school could close on Friday. -Reuters

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, big advertising industry awards festival and conference held in France every summer, because the coronavirus, the organizers announced.

The festival is now scheduled for October 26 to 30 the conference organizers said earlier that passes, the sponsorship arrangement, and reservations will be rolled over and remain valid. -Megan Graham

Stocks fell as the government’s response to the fall of coronavirus is still ongoing.

Wall Street has been on a roller-coaster ride of unprecedented amid turmoil coronavirus, with the S & P 500 swung 4% or more in both directions for seven consecutive sessions. This tops the previous record of six days of November 1929, according to LPL Financial. The S & P 500 is 25% from a record high through Tuesday’s close. -Fred Imbert, Yun Li

The former Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen recommends that the central bank continues to try to prop up the economy against coronavirus threat, even suggest that it is.

essay Financial Times, two said the Fed should seek more authority that will provide power to buy corporate bonds over Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities are already plans to buy. -Jeff Cox

As countries around the world grapple with COVID-19, front-line medical workers to help contain the pandemic. China and Spain have used drones to monitor people during the campaign lockdown, while South Korea has deployed them to help disinfect the area in Daegu, a hotspot epidemic.

Antwork, a group of Japanese companies unmanned aircraft maker Terra Drone industrial, medical and material samples fly quarantine in China Xinchang in February during the peak of the epidemic.

Earlier this month, a field hospital managed by the robot in Hongshan Sports Center opened in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic began. Dubbed Hospital Intelligent Field, the facility is a project involving the Hospital of Wuhan Wuchang, China Mobile, and CloudMinds, maker of robotics systems cloud-based in China and the Smart Hospital, USA Field trial is intended to eliminate health care worker fatigue and even as an epidemic in China slowed in last week. -Team Hornyak

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma said government measures to expand telemedicine Trump is very important for all senior Americans, even those who have health problems that are not related to coronavirus. “They do not need to drive. They do not have to sit in the waiting room,” he said on CNBC For seniors who experience symptoms COVID-19, it also allows them to communicate with their doctors without the risk of spreading it to others. “This is a game changer,” he said. -He Stankiewicz

Mayo Clinic CEO Gianrico Farrugia said the US could have enough ventilators to treat 19 patients COVID critical if America takes social distance is quite serious. “There is a significant supply of the ventilator. They may not always be in the right place,” he said on CNBC Although it is impossible to predict how much the US will need, Farrugia said “less case we have in the United States, fewer ventilator we will need and if we can space from time to time then I think we will have quite a ventilator. ” -He Stankiewicz

COVID 19 cases as a new coronavirus continues to spread outside of China, the original epicenter of the outbreak.

The total number of cases now stands at 201 436 by 7:30 am ET, according to data compiled by John Hopkins. It counted 8008 deaths and 82 071-Will recover cases. Feuer

French prEmium alcohol company Pernod Ricard, whose products include Absolut Vodka, offers services to meet the worldwide demand for hand sanitizers. In the US, the company will convert its manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas to make a gel. It is taking similar measures in Spain, Ireland, and Sweden and plans to do so in England. In France, premium liquor maker donated 70,000 liters of alcohol for Labratoire Cooper, a major supplier of hand sanitizer. -Lauren Hirsch

premarket trading as the market remains very volatile with the government’s response to coronavirus fallout still ongoing. A violent reversal in Treasury yields in response to a potential stimulus package of $ 1 trillion to help investors create confusion.

Around 06:42 ET, futures indicated a loss of more than 1,000 points at the opening. -Fred Imbert, Yun Li

that the unemployment rate in the country could hit 20% if they fail to act on the proposed rescue package coronavirus, a person familiar with the closed-door meeting said.

Mnuchin met with senators to persuade them to pass the $ 1 trillion stimulus package that will send the money to the US within two weeks, and low fences and other companies. A Treasury official said Mnuchin not give an estimate but trying to illustrate the potential risks of inaction. -Reuters

Swedish home retailer Ikea is to temporarily close shop in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the US and Canada. Store in Denmark was closed temporarily, Reuters reported. – Holly Ellyatt

Iran of coronavirus death toll rose to 1,135 with 147 new deaths in the past 24 hours, a health ministry official told state television, Reuters reported. The number of people infected throughout the country has reached 17 361.

“Unfortunately there were 1,192 cases of people infected in the last 24 hours. … Please follow the guidelines and stay at home,” Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi said. -Holly Ellyatt

Toyota said it will halt output at more vehicle factory in Europe. , The Japanese automaker says it has stopped operations at the factory in the United Kingdom and Poland from Wednesday, and the people at the site of the Republic which will be discontinued on Thursday. Operations at the French site has been suspended. Operations at the site of Turkey will be suspended from Saturday, but the US crop has not been affected so far, the company said. -Holly Ellyatt

Coldplay’s Chris Martin, French superstar John Legend and Christine and the Queens lyricist and replace the planned performances. String virtual show comes as the entertainment industry suffers huge success of coronavirus outbreak increases. -Karen Gilchrist

has agreed to cover the EU’s external border for 30 days. , The new rules will apply to the 26 members of the EU, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Ireland has not yet decided whether to impose restrictions. -Silvia Amaro

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CDC confirms 5 new cases of coronavirus, 2nd case of person-to ...
CDC confirms 5 new cases of coronavirus, 2nd case of person-to …

Here are the coronavirus symptoms to watch out for amid outbreak ...
Here are the coronavirus symptoms to watch out for amid outbreak …

U.S. Coronavirus Map: Cases Now Reported in All 50 States - The ...
U.S. Coronavirus Map: Cases Now Reported in All 50 States – The …

Top US doctor says coronavirus now
Top US doctor says coronavirus now ‘likely pandemic’

Fifth US case of coronavirus confirmed as China warns people can ...
Fifth US case of coronavirus confirmed as China warns people can …

Opinion | Taking Precautions as Coronavirus Cases, and Fears, Grow ...
Opinion | Taking Precautions as Coronavirus Cases, and Fears, Grow …

Quarantine Station Contact List, Map, and Fact Sheets | Quarantine ...
Quarantine Station Contact List, Map, and Fact Sheets | Quarantine …

2nd US coronavirus patient confirmed as 1st cases reported in ...
2nd US coronavirus patient confirmed as 1st cases reported in …

Coronavirus update: US records first human-to-human transmission ...
Coronavirus update: US records first human-to-human transmission …

US using 15 military bases as coronavirus quarantine locations ...
US using 15 military bases as coronavirus quarantine locations …

Wealthy Americans are paying for in-home coronavirus tests ...
Wealthy Americans are paying for in-home coronavirus tests …

Algeria Reports Nine New Coronavirus Cases: Health Ministry - The ...
Algeria Reports Nine New Coronavirus Cases: Health Ministry – The …

Coronavirus cases in US should not cause mass panic, experts warn ...
Coronavirus cases in US should not cause mass panic, experts warn …

Situation Summary | CDC
Situation Summary | CDC

Dr. Richard Wallace Discusses Novel Coronavirus | The University ...
Dr. Richard Wallace Discusses Novel Coronavirus | The University …

January 28 coronavirus news - CNN
January 28 coronavirus news – CNN

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today - The New York Times
Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today – The New York Times

Coronavirus map: Tracking cases in the U.S. and around the world ...
Coronavirus map: Tracking cases in the U.S. and around the world …

US spy agencies monitoring coronavirus spread with focus on India
US spy agencies monitoring coronavirus spread with focus on India

Mish Shedlock Blog | Global Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% Overnight ...
Mish Shedlock Blog | Global Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% Overnight …

Interactive map shows worldwide spread of coronavirus | UW News
Interactive map shows worldwide spread of coronavirus | UW News

China coronavirus: Confirmed cases and where they are
China coronavirus: Confirmed cases and where they are

Seventh American diagnosed with coronavirus as US declares public ...
Seventh American diagnosed with coronavirus as US declares public …

Dane County coronavirus case is first in Wisconsin, 12th in U.S.
Dane County coronavirus case is first in Wisconsin, 12th in U.S.

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