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Coronavirus, il VIDEO dove Fontana annuncia l
Coronavirus, il VIDEO dove Fontana annuncia l’auto-isolamento: una …

On the eve of President of the Republic signed dl “Italian Care ‘, published in a special edition of the Official Journal, area during the night (s), to meet the emergency. The numbers of contagion in Italy continues to rise: in all, since the epidemic began 35 713 people have contracted the virus-2 SARS-CoV, and the victim was 2,978, 475 more than the previous day (). Estimated government to ban outdoor sports (). on the international front, a recent report issued by wHO to speak more than 200 000 cases and eight thousand deaths worldwide (). here the news of the local edition: | | | | | | | | | here by the editorial staff of Corriere Economia.

Hours 5:22 – dramatic session at the Stock Exchange in Seoul, the Stock Exchange of Hong bad KongLa Seoul sank on fears of a pandemic coronavirus: Kospi fell 9.22% to 1444.52 points. Negotiations were discontinued at the end of the morning due to excessive downward, already more than 7%. In scarlet also Hojg Kong: -4%.

04:34 – The Tokyo Stock Exchange passes red, evil ShanghaiDopo initial sprint, Japan’s Nikkei stock becomes negative. Men Shanghai Stock Exchange (-3% after the first stage of negotiations).

Hours 4:32 – the United States, the first case of infection in Florida Congressional Republican congressman Mario Díaz-Balart announced that tests positive for coronavirus. ‘The first member of Congress to be positive. Tests carried out after the deputy has been developed in the last few days the symptoms of virus, high fever and headache. Diaz-Balart is now quarantined.

02:30 – In China, no new internal transmission For the first time since the spread of the coronavirus, China has not reported any cases of infection ‘domestic’. They were, however, 34 positive cases came from the outside, the biggest daily gain in two weeks. This was announced by the National Health Commission. Positive cases came from abroad, according to the Commission, they have thus reached 189. The data still indicate that the pandemic under control in Wuhan, where the virus has made an appearance in December, and in Hubei province. In the last 24 hours we have recorded 8 deaths – all in Hubei – bringing the death toll to 3245. In China there has been a total of 81,000 cases of infection, but only 7263 still hurts coronavirus.

Hours 01:44 – Tokyo Stock Exchange opened higher, even in the first reaction petrolioPositive ECB market announcement. Tokyo Stock Exchange opened with the Nikkei up 2.45%, while crude oil futures have surged 17.4% to $ 29.34 per barrel.

Hours 01:07 – Argentina: Italy does not respect the quarantine expelled An Italian citizen was arrested in Buenos Aires for violating quarantine protocols required for people from countries considered at risk of transmission of coronavirus. The man, a resident of Piombino, has arrived in Argentina on March 14 with flights Alitalia. He broke the quarantine on several occasions during the last three days. And ‘it has allowed the eviction process immediately. The news was released by the Nova.

Hours 00:55 – Conte from Frankfurt breakthrough “Europe takes a shot! Strong, sound, according to the health emergency we face and the gravity of the economic shock that ensues. Well ECB,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the ECB announcement on quantitative easing new ..

Hours 23:58 – ECB launches Qe 750 billion for emergency pandemic, with the purchase of securities of public and private sector. This was announced by the ECB after an emergency board held a conference call. The program will continue throughout 2020.

At 23:51 – Brazil, plus the President of the Senate Davi Alcolumbre same Alcolumbre announced on Twitter. After the first negative test result is positive in the second buffer. “I’m fine, I have no serious symptoms and are in isolation,” he said.

Hours 23:34 – Qantas suspended all international flights Australian airline suspended all international flights by the end of March. A risk layoff 20,000 employees in t aotal 30,000.

Hours 23:10 – Emilia-Romagna, bicycles stop and walk near New Emilia-Romagna in places of potential aggregate. In an order issued in the evening, this area has a closing parks and public gardens, the steps already taken by the mayor. In addition, the use of bicycles and walking movements are only allowed to work for health reasons or needs such as food purchases. And for physical activity such as walking or output with a pet, “we are obliged to keep around the house.”

Hours 22:40 – Gori “Lombardia stop hospital in Bergamo fair ‘with a post on Facebook the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, made it known that the Lombardy Region said no to the field hospital were supposed to be built at Bergamo Exhibition.” A cold shower, ” Gori wrote, after the “green light only arrived yesterday.” the Director of Civil Protection of the Lombardy Region, said, “the request to suspend the installation of structures” that will continue when you make available the necessary medical staff. “But how? “He asked Gori.

Hours 22:25 – Fca suspended production in North America Fca delaying production in North America because of the coronavirus. Even General Motors and Ford, two other US automakers, has decided to stop production of North America.

Hours 22:02 – Positive Nicholas Caputo, De Luca Former presidential adviser Democrat MEP Nicholas Caputo, now adviser to the president of Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, have tested positive. This was announced by the same Caputo on Facebook, adding that his condition is good.

21:35 pm – Capitol positive Employee: An employee of the Accounting office closed Roma Capitale is positive. Although he was absent from work than 6 Mar because of health reasons, it immediately shut down the office where it is used and the room next door to proceed to disinfection.

21:24 pm – positive people trapped in Dublin Italian group of Italian boys who have attended courses for Ryanair cabin crew locked in Dublin after 15 out of 17 of them tested positive. Now they are in solitary confinement in a facility made available by the Irish authorities, in quarantine until March 26.

Hours 21:21 – Wall Street sinks: Dow Jones sells 6.28% to 19,903.64 points, the Nasdaq declined at 4.70% at 6989.84 points and the S & P 500 fell 4.86% to 2406.17 points. Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange has announced that from Monday to temporarily close the “floor” and bargaining will all be electronic, as a precaution against the virus.

Hours 20:52 – dall’ItaliaOltre 500,000 tests taken in the US on a US Air Force plane left from Aviano. The report Pentagon leaders. The plane, carrying half a million kits – told reporters Gen. David Goldfein, number one of the US Air Force, mentioned among others by Fox News – landed Monday in Memphis, Tennessee. The test, he said, will now be distributed to various parts of the United States.

20:40 pm – Gori mayor who greeted the coffin, “Thank you” “In the tragic moments of cooperation and closeness commendable”. Thus ended the letter in which the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori to thank the mayor of the town of Acqui Terme, Brescia, Cervignano del Friuli, Domodossola, Modena, Parma, Piacenza and Rimini, Serravalle Scrivia, Trecate and Varese were agreed for the meantime, given the critical situation Bergamo we started a fundraiser to help families affected by the emergency ().

Hours 20:18 – Football Federation: “Cut ‘wages are not taboo”‘ Cut off any player is not taboo ‘: make it clear the president of the Football Association, Gabriele Gravina remind the world of football called “the attitude of a great responsibility to provide the content container called solidarity “. The emergency coronavirus economic weight in the case of very large football. stop forcing could cost solely league figure of around 700 million euros – including TV rights and business – and clubs are studying how to stem the losses.

Hours 20:10 – Soldiers carry the coffin of Bergamo outside the region, from Bergamo cemetery in forncrematorium in other areas where there is a city that has been available to receive them.

Hours 19:50 – ISS: “Pads? In tests at Pavia 60-70% false negative” President Silvio Brusaferro Higher Institute of Health warned of false negatives that may arise from the swabs. “In a study in Pavia is 60-70% higher than the result: negative-positive people to test, at least in certain cases. This is an example of the fact that the test can be used when you have data that the majority of positive tests positive and negative majority is negative. “

Hours 19:23 – From Codogno in Palermo, condemned the police patrol stopped to Palermo in the Viale Strasbourg, fifty-year return on March 9 from Codogno. He was supposed to be in isolation confidence. This was announced by the city police.

Hours 19:20 – Wall Street Buk, Dj-10,19%, Nasdaq -8.30%. The Dow Jones lost 10.19% to 19088.90 points, Nasdaq cedes 8.30% to 6726.09 points while the S & P 500 leaves on the ground that 9.19% to 2296.42 points.

Hours 19:14 – ISS: the Center-South growth was not fast “In the central and southern regions is growing but not fast, but it must not create a false illusion because if all we behave in a certain way and avoid contact strict isolation and keep the rules,” then you can slow down the epidemic curve. He says Silvio Brusaferro, President of the Institute of Health, at a press conference at the Civil Defense on emergency coronavirus.

Hours 19:12 – On May 3, could Series A Paralyzed by the coronavirus, the Italian football to think about how to share, among many scenarios and uncertainties. “I think the league will resume on May 3, at least that’s what we expected. We will evaluate later if the doors open or close, depending on the situation,” said sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora.

Hours 18:58 – WHO Trump: “The virus has no borders” World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized the use of expressions such as “China virus” to refer to the pandemic Covid-19 today, often used by the president of the United States, Donald Trump. “We made it clear from the beginning that this virus has no limits, no matter what color we are or how much money we have in the bank, and it is important to be careful with the language,” he warns executive director for public health emergencies, Mike Ryan ,

Hours 18:34 – ISS: “0.8% of the dead do not have me die with the coronavirus disease have on average 80 years, mainly men, women are only 30%, the difference in age between the deceased and were hospitalized almost 15 years. The peak is between 70 and 79 years and above 80-89 years. “So the president of ISS, Silvio Brusaferro. “Another element that is often common-related diseases cause fatal – he added -. Such as stroke, diabetes, cancer, hypertension. Only 0.8% of the dead is to have several diseases. Among young people, their deaths were in under 50, we find people who are already suffering from certain diseases. ”

Hours 18:25 – Gallera: “In Milan 318 cases, present responsibility” In the city of Milan subway. He said the board Lombard Welfare, Giulio Gallera, speaking emergency coronavirus. “This is something that should bring all Milanese for greater accountability. Mounds of Milan is now full citizens who go cycling and walking, will not do it.” In the city of Milan has been exceeded for the infection of thousands of Coronavirus, reported a note from the Lombardy region is 1,091, increase of 127 new positive from yesterday.

17:52 pm – Trump: “President in war ‘time White House news conference on emergency against the coronavirus, Donald Trump has been likened to the President” in time of war “.” We are fighting an invisible enemy and we will win, “he said , after raising the possibility of switching to wartime law with Korea as the Defense Production Act.

Hours 17:50 – Georgina Rodriguez: “Far but always united” “In the difficult times we must have faith and look on the bright side of things. It’s a good time to reflect and appreciate what we have. The importance of small things and being with family. “She wrote on Instagram Georgina Rodriguez, a partner of the sample JuventCristiano Ronaldo us, which is the last week in Madeira, Portugal. “Health is the most important thing, we fine – he added -. Courage to all those who fight the virus, we send our best wishes for healing. Far but always together.”

17:45 – Gualtieri: the € 600 for the self-employed are only for the month of March I 600 EUR for self-employed “is not a one-off,” “is for March, then there will be intervention in April, commensurate with the individual situation”. He said the economy minister, Roberto Gualtieri, La Vita live Rai Uno. The idea, he explained, is to “riparametrarlo loss’ or income. Now, the need to act quickly, this is not possible, he said.

Hours 17.41- WHO: “Africa must wake up” “Our best advice is for Africa to prepare for the worst”. He said the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in his briefing on Covid-19. “Continental I had to get up, we have seen what has happened in other countries and continents,” he said, calling on all African countries to immediately cancel mass gatherings.

17:40 pm – In Brescia 450 deaths, 22 oggiContinuano to increase the positive coronavirus in the province of Brescia. 15% of the total deaths is a resident Bresciano. To date, 3486 cases of infection were dead and there was 450 of which 22 only in today’s day. capital remains the most affected with 607 cases and 78 deaths as the country’s most positive is always orzinuovi with 148 cases and 28 deaths.

17:32 pm – Carrefour reduces the time (and rewards employees) Carrefour Italia announced that it has decided to reduce the opening hours of all hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores directly, from 8:30 to 19 during the week, and to limit ‘open Week 8 : 30-15: 00 from March 19 until March 29. “In this way – we read the record – we will continue to ensure both the ability to access our store in the time slots that meet the needs of citizens, and the need to protect the needs of the rest of the employees involved in a tremendous effort, which will be paid in the coming days, business awards in recognition of their valuable contribution. ”

Hours 17.29- suspicious injuries at the hospital, news Cardarelli smentisceLa of “sick imagination 249 doctors Cardarelli hospital in Naples, the largest of the South,” has no basis in the documents duly verified “by the administrative department of the hospital. This hospital company together to give notice after complaints from the governor De Luca. “figures, certified and verifiable, report that the staff of 739 276 doctors involved in the Department of Emergency Urgency DEA. Of the 739 physicians committed to fight emergencies associated with coronavirus and all other diseases, physicians are absent because of illness 33 – said the companies – 17 of them worked in the Department of Emergency Urgency DEA and 16 others were assigned to other departments welfare. It should also be noted that of the 33 doctor when sick, 4 years of suffering from serious illnesses and four have been confirmed positive Covid. “” In order to protect the image of the hospital company, employees (medical or otherwise) that with dedication and courage are in the backup job strategic direction to take action against anyone on unverified information dissemination of accurate and does not correspond to the truth “concluded directions Cardarelli.

17:20 pm -. Trump suspend all sfrattiIl US president, Donald Trump, has ordered a halt to all evictions and foreclosures on home loans, in the framework of specific measures for emergency coronavirus

17:15 -. Expert A Malpensa and medical materials from China “The plane carrying Chinese experts and party medical materials from China are both” just landed at Malpensa airport “This was announced by the Chinese embassy in Rome Tweet with hashtag # regular` ForzaCinaeItalia ‘. Embassy also spread image plane coming from China Eastern Airlines.

17:04 am – Spain, died 37 years without pathological agent An agent of the Spanish Guardia Civil, 37 years old and without a pre-existing condition, died after contracting the neggs coronavirus. Before contracting the disease, lent his service normalmente.Ore 16:51 – Spain shut his hotel: “Tourists go”, Spanish authorities ordered the closure of all hotels in the country by next Tuesday, a 24 Mar is part of the emergency coronavirus, inviting tourists to leave the country , He writes the British edition of Metro. It is also considering converting some of the hotels in the hospital while. 16:46 pm – Cuomo: “We are at war, came aboard the hospital” a hospital ship with 1,000 beds in the port of New York in order to meet the expectations coronavirus emergency. “This is war,” said the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who quote – translate – Italy said, “when your health there is everything” .hours 16:39 – First Victim in Cuba is Italian Prime infected died of the coronavirus in Cuba are citizens Italian state 61 years. It is one of the tourists Italian admitted to the Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri” Havana on March 10. The condition of the man, already suffering from bronchial asthma problems have worsened on the night of 15 marzo.Ore 16:34 – Bolsonaro: “Many died in Italy because so much time …” “Italy is a country town … full of parents, in every building at least there are some, such as Copacabana, which is why there are so many dead …. “so the Brazilian president Bolsonaro, speaking with journalists urged him on the spread of coronavirus and countermeasures implemented by governo.Ore 16.31 – Albania, impose curfew imposed a “curfew” in Albania coronavirus. Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama today announced that circulation will be allowed only for two periods in the morning from 06:00 until 10:00 and in the afternoon 16: 00-18: 00 hours. In addition, tomorrow will be forbidden to walk in groups or with someone else on the side. A fine of 80 euros will be imposed on those who violate the ban. In Albania, there have been 59 cases of coronavirus. Two victims, one day, a man 66 years old with pre-existing conditions. I’m 30, not the person hospitalized, three of them in intensive care. 16:24 pm – The identikit ISS: among the women who died less than metàTra late to Covid-19 women less than half of men (601 and 1402) and their age is higher than men (83.7 and 79.5). There were 17 deaths under the age of 50 years, 5 of which are less than 40 years old and all were male, between 31 and 39 years old with serious underlying disease. Findings Report of Higher Institute of Health (ISS) on the characteristics of positive patients who died in Covid-19, according to data updated to March 17th. 16:20 – Casellati “room to work without force” “Finding ourselves in an emergency situation such as Coronavirus we need to continue the legislative work without forcing, or rather the limitation of the prerogative of parliament and take credit for government measures that the protection of the health and safety of doing all citizens . “He said the Senate president Elisabetta Alberti Casellati.Ore 16:15 – Ministry of Internal Affairs:” Otre 1.5 million checks in a week “More than a million and a half controls prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and executed in a week by police on the steps the coronavirus detention. Specifically, 1,025,655 people and 527 014 retail outlets controlled from 11 to 17 March. Instead of almost 46 thousand (45 994) of complaints: 43 595 for violating the travel ban and 926 for false statements. 16:04 pm – Inquiry about 249 employees at Cardarelli disease “is something very serious to the point that: I sent a written question to the President of Campania De Luca know the number of hospital medical staff members in Campania off disease and what actions they intend to take against fake certificates. “So, in a statement, the Regional Council of Campania Francesco Emilio Borrelli.Ore 16 – Summit in Palazzo Chigi Premier Calculate emergency Relying minister held a meeting with head of delegation of Pd Dario Franceschini, head of delegation Iv Teresa Bellanova Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri and East holderis Luigi Di Maio. In a video link Marattin Louis Iv Congress and Maria Cecilia Leu War, the deputy minister for MEF Antonio Misiana. Also present was the Secretary Fraccaro. 15:50 – Sound-day lockdown lockdown London also came to London, according to rumors, forehead emergency coronavirus. anticipated sources close to the Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan, who according to the British government to Johnson’s announcement is expected to arrive at the weekend. According to rumors, the British capital, where the infection rate is more advanced than in other regions in the country, will be subject to such measures italiano.Ore 15:46 – Tonight the message to the people of King Felipe VI King of Spain Felipe VI will address the nation in a televised address focused the crisis generated by the coronavirus. This speech is expected tonight at 21, El Pais writes, given that in the afternoon the king will preside over meetings of pandemic management that includes Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Committee and the Secretary of Defense, Health, Interior and economico.Ore Development 15:42 – jumped out of the case in England, 676 in the case giornoImpennata new coronavirus infection in the UK: a new, positive in the last 24 hours was 676, bringing the total to 2,626. This increase of 34%. The number of deaths has not been disclosed. Meanwhile, epidemiologists who did change his mind quarantined Johnson.Ore 15:38 – Hong Kong, electronic bracelets for those who come from abroad electronic bracelet used in Hong Kong to monitor travelers returning from abroad and placed in preventive quarantine for avoid the risk of transmission. The device, said local authorities are meant for people who are placed in solitary confinement for 14 days at home. Hours 15:32 – Salvini: “2020 is the year taxes white” “white fiscal year 2020 is because we are facing a dramatic exceptional year, the state can not knock on the door to ask what activity is not there. It should be a lot of courage.” So the leaders League, Matteo Salvini, live Facebook. At 15:24 – Ryanair: “Stop for nearly all flights from March 24” The Ryanair – Irish carrier said in a statement issued on Twitter will suspend most of its flights on March 24, “except for a very small amount to keep vital connectivity, in particular between the UK and Ireland. “Hours 15:19 – Room, communication skip count in the European Union Canceled Room in the Hall of communications Prime Minister next European Council scheduled for March 25. communications are skipped, explained,” after the cancellation of the European Council of 26 to 27 March . ” Confirmed, however, when the question with the government on matters relating to emergency coronavirus (also scheduled for March 25th ed) .hours 15:17 – the United Nations, at risk 25 million jobs in the world they About 25 million jobs may be lost in the world because pandemic. This is the alarm launched by the ILO, the UN agency on the job: “The workers can lose up to 3.4 trillion dollars,” .hours 15:16 – Spallanzani: the first patient was transferred to the “Hospital Covid 3” “Now is the operating Covid House 3 Casal Palocco ill with the first 12 places are available. at 18, start the first transfer. Operative also talked about the Celio Military Hospital. “this highlights INMI Spallanzani in Rome in the bulletin today Lazio.Ore Local Health Board Member 15:08 – German double bed in the intensive care Germany double bed intensive care are equipped with a special breathing to help with the coronavirus. Currently the German health care system has about 28,000 beds in rianimazione.Ore 15:04 – Rome, on a good baby 5 months of positive conditions only five months Son positive for coronavirus and treated at Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome “in good condition» . this was announced by the Ministry of Health, explained that it is more to Jesus’ Son “provides an additional 6 seats intensive care Covid-19 and an additional 10 seats of infectious diseases» .hours 14:55 – Saudi Arabia asked the G20 ‘virtual’ Saudi Arabia he asked for G20 held a “virtual” incredible coronavirus. Riad, which currently has the presidency of the G20, is in communication ‘with PAESI G20 to hold an extraordinary summit next week to promote a coordinated response to the pandemic Covid-19 and the economic consequences ».hours 14.50 – Merkel will not announce new measures on the TV did not announce new measures are tight against the population in his speech to the nation, Chancellor Angela Merkel but will inform residents of Germany with how things are developing in the emergency government coronavirus and how “everyone must participate at this time to slow the spread of the virus.” This was announced by the deputy government spokesman Ulrike Demmer.Ore 14:46 – Trump, to stop non-essential traffic with Canada “will close temporarily by mutual agreement our northern border with Canada for non-essential traffic, trade will not be affected “The announcement on Twitter Donald Trump, adding that follow-dettagli.Ore 14:45 – Wales-Scotland near the school on Friday the government of regions Scotland and Wales have announced the closure of all schools in the two regions at the end of this week because of coronavirus, and as an extension of the Easter holiday. So far national governments Boris Johnson instead decided the same all over the UK. Hours 14:41 – Removed OlandaL’Eurovision 2020 Eurovision song contest is expected in 2020, is expected to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, 12-17 of May, has been canceled. 14:40 pm – At the closure of the border between Canada and the United States will soon be closing the border between Canada and the United States for all non-essential travel. This is what many refer to the Canadian media before the announcement expected today Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Hours 14:38 – Gravina, cut involvement in the cast? It’s not a taboo “Cut the player ?. I think we need to get everyone around the table. The crisis and emergency apply to everyone and even the world we must have the ability to be combined. We are called to the attitude of great responsibility” is how the president of the Association Football, Gabriele Gravina, Radio 24. Hours 14:36 ​​- Pope Francis calls the bishop of Bergamo “this morning he called me on the phone Papa Francesco, was very dear Holy Father expresses fatherly closeness, for me, for the priests, the sick and those who care for them and our entire community, “..” He wants to ask for details about the living situation of Bergamo, in a very informative. it was impressed by the death and suffering for many of detachment that families are forced to live in such a painful “.hours 14 : 35 – Tiffany closed all stores in the US and Canada “immediately, while close all Tiffany stores in the United States and Canada as well as in many lok Another ation globally to protect our team, customers and society. “This was announced by Tiffany jewelry is famous, via a post on Instagram, announced the closure of all stores as a result of the consequences of a pandemic to coronavirus. Hours 14:31 – First Friday of operational field hospital will operate on Friday, the first field hospitals were set in Italy during emergency Coronavirus. It is one under construction in the parking lot of Cremona, one of the most important areas for transmission. When the structure fully operational, consisting of 15 tents, will have 60 beds, of which 8 were in intensive care and 60 professionals including doctors from the first and second levels and sanitari.Ore 14:28 – Brazil child to say they lack sufficient number of tests has admitted the Brazilian Ministry of Health at a press conference the lack of tests to confirm coronavirus. to meet demand, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation has awarded 5,500 tests and promising an extra 40,000 in April, and l ainnya 30 000 already provided earlier this month. Hours 14:19 – The Brescia doctor: do not talk about the hero dress, which is funded by the NHS “The general job we have is the National Health Service. And the only lesson that I have seen come out of these dark days of emergency is that this system refurbished, modernized, reorganized with adequate funding in recent decades has been lacking. “So Ottavio Di Stefano, president of the Order of Doctors of Brescia, one of the provinces most affected by the Lombard Covid-19, Adnkronos. “He felt at this time that the Brescia dress diventati hero. Well they prefer, after the storm passed, it became only players heard of the great national pact “.hours 14:16 – Spadafora:” The possibility of a total ban on open activities ” general attractiveness is to stay at home. If the appeal is not heard we have to. This was stated to TG1 Sports Minister, Vincenzo Spadafora. “When we leave this opportunity is because the scientific medical community told us to leave the opportunity for many people to run, even for other diseases.” He added: “I believe that the Serie A will resume playback May 3. Then we will evaluate whether the door is open or closed will depend on the situation” .hours 14:15 – Facebook, “bugs” have blocked Epidemic news Due to a ‘bug’ in filter automated spam, yesterday prevented Facebook users to share on social news media on certain issues, including the coronavirus. The problem was reported by users on Twitter, it was confirmed by the company, which is explained to have it fixed. 14:10 pm – Sterling slump to $ 1,182: Minimum 1985La sinking pound and saw its lowest in 30 years on the cross with the dollar, in a market that does not believe in the response of the British government on the impact of the coronavirus. The British currency lost 1.9% to $ 1,182, its lowest level since 1985 and against the euro fell to 92.4 pence.Ore 14.07 – Started construction field hospital CremonaSta take shape in Cremona field hospital donated by the American organization non- profit “Samaritan Purse”. Structure – already five white curtains – will have sixty beds, eight intensive care is installed. The materials, donated by a non-profit organization of the evangelical church has come from the United States last night with a flight landing at the airport Catullo. Hours 14:05 – More than 44,000 complaints, 1 million checks in 7 days more than 44,000 complaints and one million people checked in a week as part of the investigation that followed the publication of the new standard anti coronavirus. According to data provided by the Ministry of Interior, from March 11 to 17, the police are involved in the control of 42 933 people have been sued for failure to comply with DPCM and 1095 for making false statements to the officer. Hours 14:02 – US: “Miur retreat teaching steps” “The union claimed that the records containing” Prime operational guidelines for distance teaching “immediately withdrawn because it contains ways of organizing work that is the subject of the employment relationship”. It was written by CGIL, CISL, UIL, and Gilda Snals schools to the Ministry of Education. ‘Coping with an emergency situation is not possible to cut the working relationship and take the tone is not democratic,’ comments. Hours 13.58 – Fontana, will soon be unable to help sick “Unfortunately, the infection rate is not reduced, continues to be high. Soon we will not be in a position to give an answer to those who are sick”: Lombardy president Attilio Fontana left from here to ask everyone to “. Home stay” “friends, I do not say it in a polite way, but in a bit of ‘you have to change the tone because if you do not understand it well you have to be a little’ more aggressive even let you all know. We do not ask for sacrifice as well, but to save lives. Every home output is a risk for you and for others. “Hours 13:50 – At least 80 thousand people of Europe locked dall’UeIl data, which aggregates those from the 27 member states, issued by a spokesman for the European Commission ()

At 13:28 – Di Maio: open 800 thousand masks to the foreign minister also announced the arrival of 68 ItalyThe respirator from the US

13:17 pm – England, Johnson promised assistance to all major workers have promised to provide “additional measures” to protect British workers “any” forced to stay home from coronavirus, and confirms that the Tory government plans to allocate “whatever “for workers and the health care system.

13:16 pm – Gori, the victim’s account is higher than the official toll Coronavirus in Bergamo more than covered by official statistics, according to the mayor Giorgio Gori, who today made a visit in which Ana is prepare the hospital to be caMPO for emergency aid Coronavirus. Indeed, there are those “who can not be brought to the hospital,” he told TG3 and are not made buffer and therefore fall computo.Ore 13:14 – He works in a military field hospital in Lombardy Two military field hospitals, one Piacenza and one cream. It is hypothesized that the government is working to find a new bed to help coronavirus pain in the areas most affected. Piacenza hospital should be ready within 72 hours and already you are transferring material in the area, for what cream is still pending investigation ordered by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini. Del plan was also discussed this morning in committee Civil Protection operations.

13:08 hours -. Stop all evictions until 30 giugnoLo provide for rules Italy Care Decisions (s)

Hours 13:07 – Lombard patient died on the flight moved to Puglia (Michelangelo Borrillo) expected this morning in hospital Bari Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, will be transferred to the General Hospital ICU Bari after a request to be able to transport 50 patients Lombardy Region in hospitals outside area. But one of the two patients did not have it made, had a heart attack and died in the flight of Air Force C130 landing on a runway at 5:15 Karol Woytjila Bari: a vain attempt to revive the facts by health professionals on the runway ( ).

Hours 13:04 – Corruption in procurement cleaning: Those are the two arrests involving them to make a deal with the emergency Coronavirus: with this charge Financial police have arrested an employee of the City of Nichelino (Turin), and an employee of a cleaning company. Continue to corruption. Among the episodes that investigate detainee figure sanitation and disinfection of city building activities in connection with the ‘health emergency. 8 thousand euro were seized in two mouthfuls, 5 and 3 thousand euro for the procedure for awarding the contract for cleaning services.

Hours 00:50 – The death in Europe exceeded those in Asia In Europe casualties and 3421 to 3384 in Asia, according to an AFP count ().

12:38 – In Bologna, a swab is done by car A tampon every five minutes, twelve pads per hour: this time it is guaranteed by the new way of doing the test experienced in Bologna since late last week. This is, explains AUSL Bologna, buffer “drive-thru”, has been successfully tested in South Korea and Australia, which will be replicated today in San Lazzaro, in the headquarters of the Department of Public Health: will run on 50 people who will be identified by means of the plate. Among them, a lot of close contacts of positive cases, as well as health care workers and those in isolation has the potential to recover at home. “Activity – said health authorities – not a substitute for plain bearings made in house people in isolation of home care provider and community hygiene. Until now bearing 284 made in house.”

12:37 hours -. In Rome one million 100 thousand masks and kits donated by Jack Mail burden, which comes from the Foundation and the Foundation Alibaba Jack Ma, announced by the Chinese Embassy in Italy

12:34 – UNESCO :. Half of the students in the world without scuolaA for emergencies caused by epidemics ()

Hours 00:21 – English, cancel GlastonburyIl festival Glastonbury festival, one of the most anticipated music events in the UK, has been canceled. This was reported by the BBC. This year performances by pop stars like Taylor Swift announced, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Kendrick Lamar. Just six days ago, organizer Emily Eavis said he was confident that the event will be confirmed, but after the invitation of the government to avoid mass gatherings and with measures of social distance, the cancellation was in the air.

12:20 – In Naples, the doctor gives the patient, Ricciardi: “Coward” “As usual in dramatic situations arise individual heroism and cowardice, fortunately much more first”. So tweet Walter Ricciardi, a consultant for emergency coronavirus Health Ministry, said the news of 249 health care workers (including many doctors) fromCardarelli hospital in Naples sick. “They hide behind a false medical certificate, leave coworkers,” denounced by Cyrus Mauro, director of the Emergency Department of the Hospital Cardarelli, on Facebook ().

Hours 00:13 – Japan entry ban for those arriving dall’ItaliaLo announced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, adding that the measure also applies to people arriving Iceland, Switzerland and some parts of Spain. 14-day quarantine, however, for those from 38 other countries, they are in Europe as well as Iran and Egypt ().

12:12 hours -Schnabel: airport solidarity the European Union, not just the ECB said Isabel Schnabel, ECB Executive Board member German: “Monetary policy alone can not resolve this crisis, we need a strong policy response to more budget, ideally at the European level. < ‘p>
At 11 – The BTP – Bund spread above the threshold of 320 points basePrima break through 300, then rose to 322 with the level of 10-year Italian bonds by almost 3%, to 2.98%, reaching a high level of February 2019 ().

10:40 – Secretary of the Federation Off doctor of general medicine (Fimmg) of LodiMarcello Natali, 57, was a GP in Codogno: positive for coronavirus, hospitalized in intensive care at Milan for severe bilateral pneumonia.

Hours 10:17 – GIMBE Foundation: 2629 health workers contagiatiRappresentano 8.3% of the total cases of: processing, updated on March 17 based on the data provided by the Institute of Health.

Hours 10:01 – WHO: Worldwide, nearly 180 thousand cases to the World Health Organization recorded 179 112 confirmed cases of Covid19 today, of which 11 526 in the last 24 hours, with 7,426 deaths (475 new). In Europe, 64 189 Total confirmed cases (8507 in the last 24h) with 3,108 deaths (new 428) ().

Hours 9:48 – Naples withdraw from the council coleraFranco Faella infectious disease specialist is one of the most experienced in Italy, 74 years ago, in 2015 he retired as director of the infectious diseases department of the Hospital Cotugno in Naples, where he worked since 1970, but ASL of Naples called him, asking him to provide expertise for the preparation of the department dedicated to covid 19 Loreto Mare hospital Naples ().

9:45 – The Veneto respirator census animaliPer whether at least one part can be used for humans and overcome the difficulties in the supply of new machines. Marco Melosi, President of the Italian National Veterinary Medical Association, responded by inviting the heads of the veterinary clinic to provide respirator.

09:41 – Misiana: defending the company’s strategic reasoning by the French Government in the defense strategic assets “can not even get in touch with the Italian government.” This is underlined by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Antonio Misiana, speaking at 24 AM. “We will, – he answered questions on the defense of Companies Italy located – the government already has the tools, such as gold’s strength. We’re looking at the chair of the board and MEF how to strengthen the means and defend strategic companies.” He added that the crisis requires a rethinking of policies industry and supply chain, limiting the outsourcing phenomenon.

Hours 9:26 – De Micheli: I do not exclude measures from April 4 ‘I do not exclude “: said transport minister Paola De Micheli at the Agora on RAI-3 when asked whether the government plans to extend the measures beyond the 3 of April.” We will judge based on the number – he said – is the assessment that we will do in the next few days, but did not rule it “(delay the opening of schools is already spoken).

09:16 – Spanish flag projected onto the facade of City Hall Tel Aviv Tel Aviv City Hall at night illuminated with the colors of the Spanish flag as a sign of solidarity with the outbreak of coronavirus with the city of Barcelona, ​​where the capital of Israel with twins. Sunday night to play is Italian tricolor. 09:12 – Antitrust suspend sales of antiviral drug marketing deferred antiviraleL’Antitrust sold to more than 600 euros andMove embezzlement sales site. This was announced by the Authority. Medicine “generic Kaletra,” which contains the active ingredient has an antiviral for the treatment of HIV infection, billed as’ ‘a single drug against Coronavirus’ and’ ‘only drugs to fight’ ‘although, at is, as stated by world health authorities, not no effective treatment to combat the virus. “Hours 9:10 – Gallera, or bent or strict action” under the sun or curve or may be required to assess the intake of step a little ‘tight’. He said Giulio Gallera Lombard Welfare Council on 7 Gold spoke about trends coronavirus infection. “I hope that the sacrifice of many and will Lombard conscious attitude may be enough,” he added. Hours 9:01 – Rays, services ‘close’ to the arrival of the train people RomaTroppe come to Rome by train at the two main airports of the capital, the station Termini and Tiburtina station, without that inspections are carried out adequate: it turned the mayor of Rome Virginia Rays want to ask for the arrival of ‘strict’ by adopting measures already in place at the airport, such as measuring a fever. Currently checks are made on arrival limited self-control required by the Government in terms of spostamenti.Ore 8:26 – Rome, payment deferred strip bluLo tomorrow presents the sequence, which will be signed today already in the last few days it has been open to regional limited traffic.

Hours 07:38 – IMF refuse assistance from the International Monetary Fund Venezuela has rejected the request of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro of five billion dollars to help out. “Unfortunately, the Fund is not in a position to examine this request” because “there is no clarity” on recognition at the international level of the Venezuelan government, the IMF said in a statement.

07:26 – closed for a month casino Nevada Las VegasLo ordered governors Steve Sisolak :. The bar also closed, restaurants, and non-essential services statewide ()

06:14 – Posted dl “Italian Care”: the rule applies to subitoIl measure was signed last night by President of the Republic and published in a special edition of the Official Journal, which is dated yesterday despite being released in the evening. And ‘consists of 127 articles that confirm the anticipated facility a few days ago (s).

Another new case from 5.40 to 93 hours in Korea Sub upside on 84 on Monday and 74 on Sunday, but always below the 100 mark for the fourth consecutive day. According to the updated bulletin on Tuesday night the number of infections has increased to 8413. Deaths by 84, of which 71% consists of people with more than 70 years ().

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