que es el hantavirus como se contagia

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  • Feb 22, 2020

The Hantavirus is a serious acute viral disease caused by the Hanta virus. Initially very similar to dengue fever, which are those that produce coagulation disorders (such as dengue fever). In Europe and Asia this virus causes hemorrhagic fever and kidney disease. In contrast, American strains are more susceptible to lung disease.

Guests of this virus is a rodent. The Gundlach is one of them, but there are some species that differ depending on the region. mice do not suffer from the virus, only transmitted through fecal material or urine dries, fly and breathe

The main mode of transmission is.

early symptoms are similar to flu and include:

The most typical symptom is shortness of breath, similar to pneumonia. The hantavirus especially in America produced respiratory failure, which can lead to death. Is a cardiopulmonary syndrome

is the same as for other respiratory diseases.

Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor. Infection, detected early, it can take the steps necessary support for the patient. There is no cure yet. Depending on the evolution of the case and as it has been exposed.

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