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Here are the coronavirus symptoms to watch out for amid outbreak ...
Here are the coronavirus symptoms to watch out for amid outbreak …

LIVE UPDATES :. How higher education react to the new coronavirus pandemic

Case Western, Mansfield Drop SAT

Mar 18, 5:08 Case Western Reserve University and Mansfield University of Pennsylvania both dropped the requirement for applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores, citing COVID 19th pandemic.

Case Western announces that the policy will affect their looking to implement in the fall of 2021, or after. The university said that accelerating change.

Richard Bischoff, vice president of the university for registration management, said, “We prefer students focus as possible on academic subjects them rather than worrying about the SAT or ACT, testing has always been one of the factors in our evaluation of applications, and we are confident that we will continue to make quality decisions entry for those students who are either unable to test or who choose not to submit test scores. “

Mansfield said that the policy will soon be effective, for autumn 2020 applicants

-. Scott Jaschik

U of Washington Professor dies of COVID-19

March 18 16:30 a Washington University professor has died from infection COVID- 19, which is caused by a new coronavirus.

Stephen Schwartz is a professor of pathology. the university confirmed the news in. (Note :. this item has been updated to correct the identity of Dr. Schwartz)

“H e has left lasting impressions in our department, our university and the wider scientific community and will be greatly missed,” said a tweet

-. Madeline St. Amour

High Ed Outlook Now Negative

March 18 02:00 Financial prospects for higher education is now negative, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

The industry previously seen stable.

“For fiscal year 2021, the university faced unprecedented uncertainty registration, the risk for multiple streams of income and material erosion potential on their balance sheets,” said the report from Moody’s.

About 30 percent of college already has a weak operating performance, so that they will have a more difficult time adapting to disturbances caused by coronavirus and a new recession.

Many universities have responded by moving coronavirus online and send students home, which will soon impact revenue streams, according to Moody’s.

there is a great variety among the institutions on how they would be able to weather this storm. However, more than 30 percent of public universities that run operating deficits, and over 15 percent have fewer than 90 days of cash on hand, which puts them in a certain risk.

It is very likely higher education could face disruptions in the enrollment, state funds, endowment income and research grants. However, if the economy back to normal after an outbreak is contained and enrollment remained stable in the autumn, this prediction could be reversed.

If the interruption of coronavirus continue to fall, possibly some colleges will declare a fiscal urgency, according to Moody’s. This mechanism is rarely used allows universities face severe financial difficulties quickly charge a fixed address, such as mastery

– Madeline St. Amour

18 March 1 .: 40 pm Senate Democrats are proposing that the next coronavirus stimulus plan not only defer federal student loan payments but pay down the outstanding amount, officials confirmed today.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor on Monday, “Our proposal would let you put off your mortgage loan for six months. There is no penalty, fee or have an impact on your credit. We will do the same thing for a student loan. “

However, according to a PowerPoint presentation about the proposal given to the Democratic senator, plans akan’Batal Monthly Payment Students and federal government Having Pay. ‘

Schumer’s office said Tuesday that, “our proposal would work in concert with the presidential directive to waive interest student loans. So we will apply the payment directly to the principal. “

Whether it will be included as part of the final part is unknown. Senate Republicans worked with President Trump on the proposal Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell illustrates Monday as one of the Republican Party will be able to agree. He will then engage with Democrats to get a deal that can pass the Senate.

The proposal comes as lawmakers work on a coronavirus package even bigger than $ 100 billion apassed by the House and is expected to be approved by the Senate. Republicans have so far not talking about doing more for the borrower than Trump’s announcement Friday that it will temporarily federal student loan interest.

Politico Michael Stratford Tuesday morning that Trump proposed next round of aid, including $ 40 million to pay interest exempt. Trump also called for $ 100 million in grants to schools and colleges to respond coronavirus, including disinfecting the building and provide counseling and distance education

-. Kery Murakami

New Guidance for accreditors

March 18 11:30 accrediting agencies can now perform virtual visits and extending the term of accreditation in the light of the new coronavirus, according to the US Department of Education.

agent is not required to carry out the virtual visit, but they have temporary authority to do so. They must follow up with in-person visits the site, which should not be full peer-review visit the site, within a reasonable amount of time to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Virtual site visits should be using interactive formats such as telephone and video conference meetings, rather than e-mail, the guidance said.

accreditation agencies can adopt or modify policies virtual visit without public comment period if they want to go this route.

for institutions in the process of renewing their accreditation and having a site visit is scheduled during this time, the agency may extend the period of accreditation for a reasonable period. Accreditors also can provide a good-cause extension for institutions on probation but was unable to hold a site visit because of disruption caused by a coronavirus.

Department guidance also reminds institutions that they can institute accreditation retroactively canceled in the case of sites for final approval, so that students can graduate from an accredited institution.

Agents should record and publish their decision to use temporary flexibility, as well as keep a record of what colleges use these extensions and waivers

-. Madeline St. Amour

Virtual training for Accreditation Site Visits

March 18 10:00 Western Governors University offers training webinars on how to host and manage virtual visits accreditation evaluation in the light of the guidelines for the new coronavirus.

nonprofit, online lectures hosted by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities School, a regional accrediting organization, st arting this week, according to a news release.

The Commission plans to make a virtual visit to follow the recommendation of social distance from local, state and federal.

The evaluation visit is used to assess whether an accredited institution continues to meet the standards required for accreditation. Virtual evaluation site visits are rare

training webinar will focus on the basics of the internet meeting, consideration of internet meetings, consideration for site visits and troubleshooting internet meeting

– .. Madeline St. Amour

Mar 18, 9:37 am The University of Washington Virology Laboratory and Stanford University is one of the nation’s leading organizations in COVID-19 testing capacity, according to the American Enterprise Institute. UW lab capable of testing up to 2,000 patients per day, AEI said, while Stanford can process 1,000. Also among US leaders in developing and processing tests were Yale University, University of California medical centers, Washington University in St. Louis ,, and NorthShore University HealthSystem in Illinois, which has a teaching affiliation with the University of Chicago.

scientists at UW, for example, began to develop their test shortly after reading in December about the spread of coronavirus in China, the Seattle Times.

after the test COVID-19 from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to fail in the nation’s initial response to the outbreak, the Association of American Medical Colleges that academic medical centers quickly tried to fill the void. The association said the university laboratory in the first few weeks of frustration with the federal approval process that stops the spread of the test. But the development and use of tests now seem to scaling up.

Stanford Clinical Virology Laboratory that it uses in-house Diagnovisionstic tests on hundreds of patient samples every day from all over the Bay Area and beyond, with plans to process more than 1,000 tests per day. The university is able to return the test results within 24 hours. And it has created in Palo Alto.

Stanford has donated laboratory equipment and reassigned staff to help carry out the testing. And universities produce some components of the test are in short supply, including primers and probes used to amplify the genetic material of the virus in patient samples. Virology lab will also provide support for a new clinical trial to test the efficacy of remdesivir antiviral drugs in treating people with the virus.

“Very few other places in the country is able to provide this scale COVID-19 testing at this time,” Dr. Benjamin Pinsky, medical director of the laboratory and professor of pathology and infectious diseases at the Stanford School of Medicine, said in a statement. “Fortunately, we have the foresight in January to imagine that the ability to provide testing for COVID-19 will be important, and we are working hard to make it happen.”

– Paul Fain

March 17 04:23 American Library Association Executive Board is recommending the academic, public and school libraries consider closing to the public in light of the outbreak of coronavirus new.

“In order to protect the workers of the library and the public from exposure to COVID-19 at this time unprecedented, we strongly encourage academic, community, and leaders of school libraries and their carers and government agencies evaluate closing the library for general and only reopen when guidance from public health officials showed the risk of COVID-19 has subsided significantly, “he said.

Closing the library is usually a local decision. But the board urged administrators, local boards and the government to close the library. It also threw its support behind the leave and health care coverage for the staff while the library is closed.

The question of whether to close libraries is difficult for many people, because the librarian “prides itself for being there during a critical period for our society,” the statement said. But it also noted that the library “is by design can not practice social distance to the levels recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health authorities.”

Keeping libraries open could do more harm than good, according to the ALA Executive Board. But the board also noted how the different libraries provide services even after the closure, such as by providing online classes for students, offering online access to resources and work with various officials to determine what services are needed

. – Rick Seltzer

Mar 17, 4:15 Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition called on the Federal Communications Commission to speed up broadband services affordable for Americans are not related in the light of the new coronavirus.

In response to a public health crisis, colleges and schools were shut and moved online courses, which may cause problems for some seven million students who do not have access to broadband Internet at home, according to a letter from the coalition ,

coalition recommends that take the FCC several steps, including:

“The FCC can take some steps now to promote hotspots loan program and allow schools, libraries and telehealth providers to increase the capacity of their broadband and sharing capacity with the surrounding communities, “said John Windhausen Jr., executive director of the coalition, said in a statement. “We can not leave people on the wrong side of an educational disparities and inequalities in health, especially with the Centers for Disease Control recommends the closure of the school for at least 8 weeks. The SHLB Coalition urged the FCC to harness the power of community anchor institutions to protect our nation’s access to health and education during this difficult time “

-. Madeline St. Amour

Mar 17, 02:10 New York defer payment of student loan debt for coronavirus.

Democratic state governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the Attorney General, Letitia James, announced in a press release that the country’s debt-payment referred to New York will be frozen for the next 30 days.

state will not collect any medical or student loan debt, as well as other forms of debt, during that time. Approximately 165,000 cases according to the criteria for the freeze, incLuding patients with medical debt owed to government hospitals, they are owed student debt State University of New York campuses and an individual or a business owner who owes the debt associated with things like property damage.

The policy also delay the accrual of interest and collection costs of medical debt and student incredible country.

After a 30-day period expires, the attorney general’s office will reassess the situation, according to the release.

“as the financial impact of the crises that arise are growing, we are doing everything we can to support the thousands of New Yorkers who suffer as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic,” said Cuomo a statement. “The new move is to suspend the collection of debts to the state would help reduce the financial impact of the outbreak on individuals, families, communities and businesses in New York as we continue to do everything we can to slow the spread of the virus.”

– Madeline St. Amour

March 17 02:00 commencement ceremony for the college of Virginia canceled.

Glenn DuBois, chancellor of the college system 23 people, who enroll nearly 230,000 students, announced the decision on Tuesday, citing the guidance of the latest from the Center for Disease Control and Disease prevention are asking people to avoid public gatherings of 50 people or more over the next eight weeks.

college will honor the achievements of students at a later time in a safe manner, DuBois said in a public system.

– Madeline St. Amour

March 17 02:00 University of the People, a nonprofit online, offering accredited courses for each university to use as students move to online-only education as a new coronavirus spread.

All 115 university courses will be open to all colleges, according to a news release. People’s University faculty members will teach the course, where students can take credit in their own universities. The course will cover topics in general education, business administration, computer science, health sciences and education.

“The university faced a major challenge in having to shut down the campus and started online, all without sacrificing the quality of education. However, online education is not just to improvise with the Internet; it is the actual practice that requires technology and expertise, “Shai Reshef, the university president, said in the release. “Since we have been online for more than 10 years, we are in a unique position to offer our programs to all interested agencies.”

– Madeline St. Amour

Senate Democrats to again Propose Six-Month delay on Student Loan Payments

Mar 17, 12:33 As the Senate considers $ 104 billion stimulus package coronavirus approved by the House, lawmakers are working on another stimulus package. And the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate Democrats will propose letting borrowers of student loans defer payment for six months.

Speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday morning, Schumer said the proposal overall will be at least $ 750 billion.

“proposal we will let you put off your mortgage loan for six months, “he said.” there is no penalty, fee or have an impact on your credit. We will do the same for student loans. “

Kyle Southern, policy director of the higher education and advocacy for the advocacy group millennium-focused Young Invincibles, also called for a delay of six months. In a statement he said,” young people today is the most indebted in the history , are more likely to live paycheck to paycheck, and are more likely to work in low-wage per hour or work that is being affected by the closure area. Each dollar amount for young people struggling to keep yourself healthy, safe and secure financially … By suspending the payment required, the President can put hundreds of dollars per month in the pockets of young people, helping to ease the financial burden is very large because they navigate this crisis. “

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a floor speech that Republicans will work with Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin on tambahan.’Kita aid needs to provide more direct assistance to workers and American families,” said McConnell.

CNN Mnuchin will present Republican senators during Tuesday afternoon with further details of the $ 850 billion package President Trump is.

Schumer on March 11 has called for six months patience federal payment mortgages insured or guaranteed student loans and federal

-. Kery Murakami

Falwell, Liberty Tire Bow State of Emergency

March 17, 11:10 Liberty University move most class housing to a digital format, just a few days after Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the university , that the class will continue on campus.

reversal came after officials in Virginia, where Liberty is located, apply the emergency ban on public gatherings of 100 people or more, according to a.

“We originally believed it was safest to return our students to follow their spring rather than have them come back to follow the opportunities greater exposure than leaving them in various parts of the country for a long time,” said Falwell in a statement. “But the recent decision to limit the governor of a particular meeting has left us no practical choice because we have so many classes of over 100 students.”

The changes will take effect when the spring ends on 23 March.

Students can still go back to school after spring break and taking online classes in their hostel. Some classes, such as aviation and breastfeeding, will remain in the

-. Madeline St. Amour

Senate Passes Bill to Protect GI Bill Benefits

March 17, 9:40 on Monday, the US Senate passed the Veterans Affairs Department will provide the flexibility to not reduce the benefits of the GI Bill for veterans students who attend college or university shut down or go online only during a pandemic coronavirus. Senate rushed through emergency legislation late last night ,. But its fate in the House remains unclear.

This step is aimed to maintain the housing allowance payments under the GI Bill in cases where the switching part-time courses of in-person to online. It will also seek to prevent interference tuition and housing benefit when academic program has been pre-approved as eligible for GI Bill benefits as in-person program, but not the online

-. Paul Fain

The guidelines of the FBI in students Disability, Web Access and prevent discrimination

Mar 17, 9:15 am The US Department of Education to ensure Internet accessibility for students with disabilities and prevent discrimination in higher education and K-12 schools overcome coronavirus pandemic.

A of the department’s Office of Civil Rights aims to remind the decision makers of their responsibilities on web accessibility for distance learning.

“online learning tools should be accessible to students with disabilities, and they should be compatible with various forms of assistive technology that students might use to help them learn,” the department said in a news release. “Webinar advising school leaders to routinely test their online activities to ensure accessibility.”

In, OCR explaining the rights of students with disabilities during school and college shutdowns and includes tips for preventing incidents of discrimination.

– Paul Fain

The National Federation of the Blind: Do not Make online accessibility afterthought

March 16 06:15 The National Federation of the Blind urged schools and colleges are not forget their legal obligation to make the learning content accessible to all students as they rush to move online courses in response to the spread of COVID-19.

In this day, Stephanie Flynt, government affairs specialist at the National Federation of the Blind, wrote that the blind students’ risk of having their educational needs ongoing swept under the carpet “because many agencies prepare to stop at -the instructions.

“Over the past two decades, we know the 21st century interactive class has dramatically evolved, but we also know the accessibility of teaching materials continue to be seen as an afterthought,” wrote Flynt. “Solutions exist, but should be a priority.”

The National Federation of the Blind has compiled a series of accessibility for educators and monitoring of the accessibility barriers through. Readers are invited to participate in a Twitter chat on the day of Friday, March 20th at 12:00 pm. EST

– Lindsay McKenzie

The leader of California Two-Year High: Response to Virus to last through June

16 March 5 :. 12:00 Eloy Oakley, California university system chancellor, said Monday that the system response to coronavirus outbreak is likely to last to June, Mikhail Zinshteyn, a California-based education reporter.

Oakley speak at the hearing. He said the two-year state colleges must “plan both from a virus peak around August or September.”

board set up to provide emergency power system Oakley for 180 days. He now has the ability to override existing local and state rules governing the college.

The system, which registers approximately 2.1 million students at 115 colleges, last week announced the move to online instruction. Oakley also said the college had to cancel, postpone or move online all of the commencement ceremony scheduled for May and June

-. Paul Fain

Northwestern High to reschedule Gathering President From Around the World

4:44 March 16 summit of university presidents around the world that have been scheduled for early June has been postponed as COVID-19 spread.

Dozens president is expected to attend the U7 + Summit at Northwestern University. The meeting was intended to help the university leaders “played a major role in addressing critical global challenges” such as climate, inequality, polarization, the transformation of technology and community involvement.

Postponing the meeting will allow leaders to focus on issues at home, according to a Northwestern. This event will be rescheduled, he said.

“We are committed to working across institutional boundaries and geography to address our greatest global challenges,” Northwestern’s president, Morton Schapiro, said in a statement. “However, health and safety and our global academic community is very important at this time, so we need a delay U7 + Summit.”

In addition to hosting an event Northwestern, Columbia University, Georgetown University and the University of California, Berkeley, who is listed as a co-sponsor. Representatives from more than 50 universities invited

-. Rick Seltzer

Begin Canceling High School Commencement Ceremony

March 16 04:18 University of Michigan on Friday became one of the first US institution to cancel the spring commencement ceremony.

Many colleges and universities say they will decide later commencement. But that may change Wednesday, as some universities have made calls to cancel the event.

, and among the institutions announced that the commencement of canceled or delayed.

Kellogg, located in Michigan, cited federal guidelines recommend against a larger collection of people.

“We are in times of unprecedented and we are taking steps unprecedented as institutions to prevent exposure to the coronavirus which is rapidly spreading in Michigan and around the world,” Adrien Bennings, president of KCC, said in a statement. “We are disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to celebrate our success with the Bruins handed them diplomas as they walked across the stage to applause from family and their friends, but we will find other ways to recognize their achievements. “

– Paul Fain

In Reversal, LA Community College District to suspend all classes

March 16 02:15 Los Angeles Community College District the suspension of all classes, both online and in-person, starting today and going through March 29th.

Board are set for the district, which enroll about 230,000 students, made the decision after the move to online class delivery after canceling classes during the first two days this week. the district has said the two-day pause will be used to train faculty members to access and teach in an online platform.

But after an emergency meeting over the weekend, the board instead opted to suspend all classes and services at the college until the end of the month.

“There is nothing more important to me and fellow board rather than the safety of our students, staff and faculty. It was a hard decision to make, but it is right that provides protection and stability during these challenging times, “Andra Hoffman, president of the council, said in a statement

-. Paul Fain

Some of the People’s University of International Applications Soaring

March 16 02:04 The non-profit online university People reported a huge surge in global applications in response to coronavirus.

“We saw a huge jump in the number of applications and interest of the area that is affected by the coronavirus, from school students who may have been shut down or that may be in quarantine themselves, “Shai Reshef, president of the People’s University, said in a statement sent by email.

“We are happy to accommodate these students affected by increased health problems,” he said.

university, which is accredited American university tuition-free, received 300 applications from students in China during the winter months from October to December 2019. The so far this term, which begins January 1st the number of applications from China have three fold

web traffic from Italy, Japan and South Korea -. all poor countries affected by the pandemic – also have doubled in recent months

-. Lindsay McKenzie

College Board, the ACT Exam

March 16 12:19 The College Board and ACT have been rescheduled upcoming exam.

SAT May 2 has been canceled. makeup exam for March 14 SAT, scheduled for March 28 has also been canceled “in response to the rapidly evolving situation around coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Students who have registered to take the SAT on one of the days will receive a refund.

At this point, the next SAT has not been canceled is June 6th.

ACT has been rescheduled 4 April exam, move it to June 13 “in response to concerns about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).” In the next few days, everyone who registered for the exam will receive information about the new date.

The College Board provides SAT on Saturday, although many test sites were closed.

– Scott Jaschik

Shares Census Bureau Counting Information about on-campus student who has Been Sent Home

March 16 12:12 The US Census Bureau is handling some operations that count college students.

College students who live on campus are calculated through a college or university as part of the census operation is important students in university-owned housing and other group quarters such as nursing homes, shelters and prisons. It can get a bit more complicated with so many schools send students home.

A little more than half of the student housing administrators have plans to respond to the census in the method that provides the Census Bureau with information about the student directory. 35 percent more were planned to allow students to respond to a questionnaire individual self.

The Census Bureau is contacting institutions that allow themselves a response to ask if they want to change their plans.

In general, a student at the college who is temporarily closed because of the outbreak is still to be calculated in the same process as before.

“As per the criteria stay the Census Bureau, in most students’ cases staying away from home at school should be counted in the school, even if they are temporarily elsewhere because COVID-19 pandemic,” said a Sunday afternoon of the Bureau Census.

In other words, even if the student’s home on the day of the official census, which was 1 April they must be calculated based on where they live and sleep most of the time. The Census Bureau says it asked the institute to contact students with a reminder about responding

-. Rick Seltzer

International Student Guide and Online Course

Mar 15, 10:21 am Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has published on how he would offer flexibility in terms of with rules that normally govern international students take more than one online course to the requirement that they maintain a full-time course of study

guidance, published Friday, three scenarios address :. where schools shut down temporarily without offering online learning instruction, where college while switching to instruction online and international students remnants in the US, and one in which the college temporarily switching to instruction online, and leaves international students state

in the first case -. where a college close – which Departm Homeland Security ent said the agency should keep records of international students who are active in the Federal System Student and Exchange Visitor Information (SEVIS) provided that students intend to continue their program of study when classes start again, just as they would for break regularly scheduled academic.

For the two other cases, where the institutions switchonline instruction, SEVP said it would temporarily free up restrictions on international students enrolled in the course online. SEVIS records the student must live in an active status if they continue online courses whether they are inside or outside the outside the US.

SEVP stressed that the measures are temporary and that guidance has changed. Universities should notify SEVP procedural changes they made in response to coronavirus within 10 days of making those changes

-. Elizabeth Redden

Option to Extend Grinnell Passed / Failed

15 March, 09:45 Grinnell college, a liberal arts college in Iowa, was given the temporary shift of the college of in-person to distance education. Students have until April 10 to switch some or all of their spring program the system to a pass / fail grade. Students can still choose to complete their course under the system of the levels of AF traditional, but Grinnell said expanded use of pass / fail level “aims to reduce the stress students during an already stressful, while still providing a path to meet program and degree requirements.” < / p>

– Elizabeth Redden

Academic Libraries Sharing Response to COVID-19

March 15, 9:10 am Many institutions are busy preparing to take their courses online -person but some academic libraries have significantly changed the way they operate in response to coronavirus, initial survey data revealed.

The survey was launched on March 11 by Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, manager surveys and research at Ithaka S + R, and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, professor and coordinator of the service information literacy and instruction at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ,

More than 200 libraries responded to the survey in the first 24 hours, reported “relatively little change” in the way they s erve users. Libraries reported the preventive measures and mitigation such as increased cleaning and cancellation of public events, but only 64 percent of libraries said they engaged in regular communication with staff to provide updates and guidance on security measures.

This survey and look for a response. Regularly updated results can be accessed

-. Lindsay McKenzie

Shares SNHU About Online Learning Resources

March 14 12:40 Southern New Hampshire University, which is one of the largest universities in the country, more than 96,000 students in online courses , to other universities as they move instruction online. Resources include guides on how to build a persona teacher, the success of student support, handle feedback and forums, and accommodate diversity, equity and inclusion in the online classroom.

“In times like these, the importance of working together to become more obvious than ever Uniting as a community to share critical resources and information is a sign of solidarity, and sign collective commitment us to the good and welfare of all people -. not only the class of our own campus, “Paul LeBlanc, president SHNU, said in a statement. “So for many colleges and universities move instruction online, SNHU want to support them in any way we can. We have compiled a list of resources and tips instructional might help, and invite colleagues our schools to reach out to us if they feel the need for they navigate the process in the coming weeks “

-. Paul Fain

Hopefully the NCAA Eligibility Rules for Athletes Customize

Mar 13, 05:50 National Collegiate Athletic Association will discuss the three divisions adjusts eligibility rules for athletes spring, which potentially would allow senior to compete for another season.

Coordinating Committee agreed relieved Division I Board of eligibility will be appropriate for all Division I athletes who participated in spring sports and said details of the rules of the adjustment will come later. Division III Administrative Committee formally awarded additional season spring sports athletes or half of eligibility, according to a report released by the NCAA.

Second Division Administrative Committee will appear athlete to be eligible for an additional season.

– Greta Anderson

Consumer Group: Trump Student Interest Waivers Not Enough

Mar 13, 5:35 consumer groups applauded the President of Trump’s announcement that he is indefinitely would free up federal loan interest during the crisis coronavirus.

But after asking Trump and Congress to put a moratorium to give borrowerssa break from making loan payments during the economic fallout of a pandemic, the group also said that steps the president did not go far enough.

“The freezing of the balance of interest will keep growing during this time and that’s important,” Persis Yu, staff attorney with the National Law Center for Consumer, said in a statement.

“However, many borrowers will experience income shocks and urgent expenses which would hamper their ability to perform their regularly scheduled payments,” said Yu. “In addition, people need confidence to know that, if they are ill or medically vulnerable or the need to care for the children, that they can stay at home and do not face the cruel consequences of defaulting on their student loans.”

Yu also called on the Ministry of Education to stop cutting salaries or take payments from Social Security benefits and tax refunds during the crisis.

“There is nothing to fall behind their student debt because of this national crisis,” said James Kvaal, president of the Institute for College Access and Success. “Forget the interest is welcome, but the key question is whether the student loan borrowers can reduce or stop their monthly payments during the crisis. Completely stop student loan payments in addition to accumulated interest disjointed, and stop the punishment student loan collections, will give a much- needed , direct assistance to people who may not be able to work and face the economic difficulties during this time of uncertainty. “

Mike Saunders, the director of military policy and consumer Veteran Success Education, said freeing the interest rate will be only slightly borrower assistance students.

“We ask the President Trump to make sure the borrower, as well as all Americans, have extra cash in their pockets until the completion of this global pandemic,” he said. “The federal government should not require States to prioritize payments to the government for ensuring the health and safety of their own families.”

A spokesman for the department said more details are coming in order Trump.

And earlier, a House Democratic aide said the moratorium on repayment of student loans is not expected to be included in the package coronavirus Congress is negotiating with the White House

-. Kery Murakami

Trump for free the Student Loan Interest

Mar 13, 04:10 At a press conference to declare a national emergency during a pandemic coronavirus, President Trump said he issued an emergency order for the borrower loan student aid. “To help students and families, I have waived interest student loans until further notice,” said Trump

-. Kery Murakami

Wife UT Austin President Tests Positive

March 13 02:30 Greg Fenves, president of the University of Texas at Austin, is being tested for COVID-19 after his wife, Carmel, to virus.

A second member of the family Fenves, who also works at the university, is considered to have COVID-19 as well, according to a letter from Fenves to the university community.

Fenves, his wife and other family members were in self-isolation. They compiled a list of people they have recently had contact with. UT Austin Health nurses will reach them in the list of affiliated with the university for screening.

Last week, Fenves and his wife to New York City to the alumni and student events. His wife began to experience mild flu-like symptoms upon their return

classes at UT Austin canceled and the campus closed today, March 13, because of a positive test

.. – – Madeline St. Amour

Change Plan for Monmouth

March 13 02:00 At least one college already has the initial response to the new coronavirus.

Monmouth College in Illinois was originally planned to resume classes on March 18, extend the spring by a few days.

in a letter sent Friday, the college said reassessed and instead will allow flexibility for students and lecturers to make their own decisions.

universities will remain closed for an additional week after spring ends and reopens on 23 Mar under what it calls “flexible plans” for the rest of the semester.

Under this plan, students can choose whether to return to campus or online studies. Live room and food services will be open this weekend as planned, and students can return to campus this weekend.

Professor will work with students who choose to study online. Faculty members can also choose to move thEIR fully online courses if they wish.

The staff also will receive flexible options for their jobs.

Monmouth will host a workshop for faculty move online course from now until March 23

“There is no perfect answer to the crisis that has happened to us,” read a statement from the college. “We believe this response confirms our twin commitment to quality education and for the welfare of the campus community -. Even when we admit that the pandemic has a way of throwing a wrench into the mission “

– Madeline St. Amour

Calls for More testing

Mar 13, 11:55 am Association of Schools and Public Health Program called Trump government to take action to manufacturing quality test kit for the novel coronavirus.

association, which represents 128 deans and directors of accredited institutions for public health, said in a news release that felt compelled to talk about the availability of test-kit.

“When the United States failed to participate in the World Health Organization collaborative effort to bring the test to the countries in the world, it makes an implicit commitment to provide the test itself,” the statement reads. “It has failed to do so, and the clinical and public health organizations alike do not have anywhere near the capacity of testing for an aggressive response to expanding COVID-19 crisis.”

Association asked the government for emergency use public health measures and funding to facilitate public-private partnerships to validate and test the manufacture of kits for hospitals and clinics. Without a reliable test is enough to diagnose and track the virus, the country will not be able to combat the threat, according to the association

-. Madeline St. Amour

Flexibility for students Foreign Affairs

Mar 13, 11:55 am Student Exchange Program visitors and announced that the non-immigrant students may temporarily use distance learning, both from within the US or elsewhere, to continue their programs in light of the new coronavirus. plague

Some members of NAFSA: Association of International Educators have been reported to the organization earlier that the Exchange Program Student Visitor and told schools and colleges for not ending the records for students who take part in online classes abroad < , / P>

After NAFSA contact the program with their concerns and recommends that it allows schools and colleges to keep records in an active status for students are turning to online courses, the program issued a statement correcting guidance.

– Madeline St. Amo ur

No Student Loan Assistance Expected at Coronavirus Pack Of Congress

March 13 11:40 am Package coronavirus worth billions of dollars are being negotiated by Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and the Minister financial Steven Mnuchin is not expected to include a temporary suspension of repayment of student loans, said a House Democratic aide. advocacy groups such as the Veterans Educational Success and The Institute for College Access and Successhad have been hoping for some temporary relief. The house Democrats, however, working on a proposal to provide assistance.

Meanwhile, Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat of the Senate committee on health and education, to propose a temporary exemption for students from paying Pell Grants or student loans if the terms they are disturbed. Under current law, the Pell Grant recipients must return part of the grant to the federal government if they withdraw from school, or in this case, if the closing of their institutions.

, co-sponsored by Sen. Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, both New York Democrats, would provide $ 1.2 billion in funding to provide emergency financial assistance to students for basic needs created by closing universities unexpected and COVID-19 related disorders, including food, housing, health and child care needs.

It also would provide $ 1.2 billion in funding to help K-12 school districts and higher education institutions plan for closure, including how to provide food to students, to support efforts to clean and purge educational facilities, and to provide training to teachers and other staff members on how to properly insure their buildings safe to return students.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administ rators clapping co-sponsor “to act quickly to find a solution to support financial aid recipients, who can now findthemselves in a dire situation in the face of this pandemic “

-. Kery Murakami

Bogus Fliers at Bates College on ‘Forced Contamination’

Mar 13, 10:50 Anonymous leaflets appeared Wednesday on the campus of Bates College. They falsely claim Bates tried to tackle outbreaks of the virus through the “contamination gather force,” because the college has decided that students and everyone else will get COVID-19, Lewiston Sun Journal.

university, located in Maine, quickly condemned the leaflets, calling on students, faculty and staff members to dispose of them.

“We all do our best to grapple with the public health situation that is very challenging, as these measures reflect ratings seriously poor and blatant disregard for the concerns and welfare of others,” the spokesman said Bates in a message to Bates community.

Friday Bates to suspend classes and moved to distance learning. college says students must leave campus today.

In a message to the campus, Clayton Spencer, President of Bates, expressed empathy for the resulting disruption felt by students, their families and faculty and staff members.

“We find ourselves in a situation that is, literally, beyond our control. I understand that the solutions we offer are certainly not perfect and place additional demands on all members of our community,” wrote Spencer. “I have heard from many students over the past week. Some have expressed their worries about staying on campus in its current state, and others have described to me how devastated they feel at the prospect of having to leave the campus and they Bates world mid-semester. Heart I go out to all of our students, because this is really a time of stress and hard but this is a situation that is unprecedented, and we had no choice but to take this action “

.. – Paul Fain < / p>

Wharton Make coronavirus Course

Mar 13, 10:30 As colleges across the country closed or moved online in response to the deployment of a new coronavirus, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has been taking lessons from plague and put them in the course

Epidemics, Natural disasters and Geopolitical :. Managing Global Business and Financial Uncertainty will be a six-week, half-credit course offered remotely as from 25 March following college exte nded the spring, according to.

The course will discuss the financial market reaction to the coronavirus, emotional contagion and how viruses affect trade war with China.

“There are significant business lessons to be learned from the global response to the outbreak of coronavirus, and Wharton is at the forefront sharing valuable insights and create a community to exchange ideas,” said Geoff Garrett, dean of the Wharton School. “This is a teachable moment for the global academic community, and of course this is just one example of how Wharton will come together to provide support during a time of anxiety and ambiguity increases.”

More than 450 students have already pre-registered for the course

-. Madeline St. Amour

U-Haul Offers Free Storage

Mar 13, 10:30 am More telling college students to pack up and head home for the semester as a new coronavirus, often leaving students with fees for move or store their belongings.

U-Haul has been moved forward 30 days of free storage offer themselves for college students in the US and Canada in response to the outbreak, according to the company. It also includes the use of portable moving and storage container company.

“We do not know how each student is affected. But we know they are affected, “John Taylor, president of U-Haul, said in the statement. “More and more universities provide instructions to leave campus and go home. Students and their parents are in need of moving and storage solutions. We have the expertise and network to help, and that’s what we’ll do. “

month free applies only to new customers with a college ID, according to the release.

U-Haul has been offering this deal prior to certain communities affected by natural disasters, but this is the first time that it will be offered nationally

-. Madeline St. Amour

Sodexo Offers Expanded Sick Pay

March 13 10:10 Sodexho, a company that operates the food and dining service on many college campuses, announced Thursday that all employees, full and part-time salary will be sick up to 21 days if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19, a disease caused by a new coronavirus, or asked to not come in due to related symptoms.

This uses sick pay will only be available after an employee has used their sick time accrued. limited and haphazard coronavirus regimen of testing in the US raises the question about how many employees with the virus will be able to test access and confirm their case. The country is far behind others in its ability to test for the virus, the fact Thursday by Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Sodexo is committed to the health and safety of employees, our clients and the communities we serve, and that includes supporting our employees where we can if they are sick because they serve our clients,” Sarosh Mistry, president of Sodexo USA , said in a statement. “Our commitment to our employees long is something that we will stand by, especially at a time like this.”

UT Austin Campus Shut Down Operations

March 13 09:20 I Citing two positive cases COVID-19 in the area of ​​Austin, University of Texas at Austin on Friday morning and classes canceled. Only essential personnel to work today, the university said.

Yesterday suspended UT Austin campus visits and all the trips sponsored by the university and issued a worldwide recall of faculty, staff and students of the university-sponsored trip.

– Paul Fain

NCAA March Madness cancel

March 12 04:30 The National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament cancel Division I men and women, together with all the winter and spring more championships scheduled for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year, the association said in a statement.

“this decision is based on COVID-19 public health threat that is growing, our ability to make sure the event does not contribute to the spread of the pandemic and impractical hosting the event at any time during the academic year is given decision ongoing entity the other, “the NCAA said

-. Greta Anderson

Issue Guidelines for FERPA FBI

4:00 March 12 the US Department of Education has issued to the institution of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, and the new coronavirus COVID-19 ,

In general, FERPA does not allow universities to provide information about the student to another person without their consent. But there are some exceptions that can allow the college to send information to others without their consent to deal with the spread of coronavirus, according to Amelia Vance, director of youth and education privacy Future Privacy Forum. Vance said a lot of guidance that has been outlined in what department released during the spread of the H1N1 virus.

The first exception allows college students to disclose personal information without their consent if the information is necessary to protect the health and safety of others. For example, if a student tests positive for coronavirus or have symptoms, universities can release a statement saying positive student, without identifying the student.

High Schools can also send an email to students who share a special class with students sick and identify them by name. While the guidance released today said the situations are usually rare, Vance said that most likely will not be the case with the coronavirus.

For those who worry about breaking the rules, which designate Vance said the department won ‘t guess the determination of a college in emergencies but most people would consider reasonable.

The second exception allows universities to identify students for the public health department. If the college stated this is an emergency, can provide information without the consent of the student. If a college said it was not an emergency, a hypothetical department can issue a subpoena to get the information, said Vance.

High officials should keep in mind that they are required to record cases when they share student information without consent, says Vance. He recommended that they keep track in real time so that they do not have to retrace their steps after calming down the situation

-. Madeline St. Amour

Rating Agency Risk Coronavirus Details

March 12 02:30 Operations and enrollment pressures could build somecolleges and universities as COVID-19 spread, according to the records out this afternoon from Fitch Ratings.

Institutions with limited liquidity, they are highly dependent on tuition revenue and those that rely more interesting endowment operating funds generally have less ability to absorb earnings volatility prior to their finances take a hit, says the note. Those with a greater operating margin and cash flow flexibility to enjoy a stronger position.

The source operating risks include campus closures or other restrictions on students, faculty and staff. They also include a dorm-occupancy level is lower and branch campuses abroad closure. Closing of just a few weeks is not expected to have a major impact on the college’s operating performance, but the pressure will build again the closed campus.

Cost looms as an important issue. Revenues from additional services such as housing, dining and parking has grown in importance for many colleges and universities. A decrease in fee income from services may affect margins if it stretches into the fall 2020 semester, the ratings agency said.

Typically, the university does not have to return the extra cost, but some colleges may choose to do so on a prorated basis for the service is no longer provided.

Fitch expects dependence on online classes to grow in the next few months, adding to the expected increase in online education in the long term. Registration for the campus shutdowns could decline at institutions without a strong online learning platform.

University with a significant international student population could be in line to reduce the registration and subsequent pressure on net tuition revenue in the coming academic year. The risk is important because research universities tend to have the largest number of international students, but they also have a stronger financial profile than other types of institutions.

The market is expected endowments decline hit but did not have an impact on bond ratings. Fitch also mentioned the possibility that the downturn could hit the state budget and in turn public funding for colleges and universities. However, the rating agency called the size of the effect is not clear at this time

– Rick Seltzer

Duke suspend all Athletic Event

12 March 2 .: 20 pm Duke University seems to be the power-conference institute first to cancel all of its athletic events. Vincent Price, President of Duke, said the university suspending all practices and games, effective immediately.

“We are taking this action to protect the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and others that are important for this activity,” said Price in. “I knew it was a big disappointment for our student-athletes and coaches, whose hard work and dedication to their sport and Duke is an inspiration to so many, but first we must look out for the health and well-being. This is definitely unprecedented moment for our university, our region and the wider world. As we take steps to deal with the spread of this virus, I am grateful for the cooperation and support of the entire community Duke. “

The decision means perennial basketball powerhouse man Duke, currently ranked No. 6 nationally in the opinion polls, will not participate in the NCAA tournament.

“We firmly support the decision made by Dr. Price is currently on suspension of the athletics competition at the Duke,” Mike Krzyzewski, men’s basketball coach, said in the statement. “The welfare of our student-athletes, and all students at Duke, is paramount, and this decision reflects that institutional priorities. Of course, I want to commend Dr. Price, who took a leadership role with colleagues and the president of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The arrived at this decision “

The University of Kansas, and was followed by a similar announcement on Thursday afternoon

-. Paul Fain

Conference Basketball Tournament Cancel

March 12 12:25 Big Ten, Southeastern Conference and Athletic American Conference will not continue with the men’s basketball conference tournament, fearing the spread of COVID 19th place.

Some of the men’s basketball game this conference has taken this week, and the conference championship for the women’s basketball Big Ten, the SEC and AAC complete.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced Wednesday will host the Division I tournament championship gamewithout a general audience, but it did not make an indication of plans to delay or cancel a tournament

-. Greta Anderson

Futaba cancel Annual Conference

12 Mar, 12:10 The annual conference for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Futaba, was due to concerns over the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

The conference is scheduled to run March 28 through April 1 in Austin, Tex. After the city declared a public health emergency and the World Health Organization declared a pandemic COVID-19, an organization sending an email canceling the event.

Those who are registered for the event should email Futaba to cancel and receive a refund. Otherwise, the payment will automatically go towards the cost of next year’s conference.

The organization plans to hold a virtual free, live streaming of lectures and other sessions from March 30 to April 10 at the conference venue.

The only other time Futaba has canceled the largest annual gathering during World War II. Some other higher education organizations have canceled the conference, including the American Council of Education, the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Association of International Studies

-. Madeline St. Amour

grown Number Two Year Colleges Move online

March 12 noon. colleges face challenges in moving online classes, especially the relative lack of resources between the two universities and their students. But a large number have begun to make the switch in the last 24 hours. Los Angeles Community College District and nine colleges, for example, yesterday it will suspend as much in the classroom as possible and move them to the online platform.

A spokesman for the university system of California, Paul Feist, said Thursday that the system of 115 colleges, which enroll 2.1 million students, can begin to move online course now and submit a request for approval after the fact. He said more than a dozen college chancellor’s office had told them to make changes. Very few choose to shut down the campus really.

“The college works very hard to protect the health and safety of students and staff while continuing with the mission of education,” said Feist. “We’re used to in California to deal with the disaster, and the college will be an important resource as we work through this.”

Another two-year institutions make similar moves including ,, in Illinois, Maryland, in Cleveland, and. The City University of New York, which includes seven community colleges, yesterday transition.

“With the transition to distance learning, CUNY will uphold its responsibilities as the largest urban public university in the country and meet our goals minimize their exposure on our campus community for the transmission of coronavirus,” Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, CUNY chancellor, said in a statement

-. Madeline St Amour and Paul Fain

Relief Fund for Affected Students Cover

Mar 11, 11:22 Student Relief Fund to match donations of new is up to $ 5,000 for grants intended for hundreds of thousands of students affected by the closure of the campus more COVID-19 concerns, which may face hunger and homelessness as a result. Believe Students, Edquity and Revival Fund to match donations. Grants will be distributed as emergency aid by Edquity and FAST Fund, which has locations in 18 cities across the United States

– Paul Fain

Guidance New for High School in New Jersey, Medical Colleges

Mar 11, 6:28 the new Jersey Office of the Secretary of higher Education recently issued to colleges and universities to make decisions related coronavirus which affect university life. guidance is intended difficulty of the material that the students might face, the direction of travel, the continuity of instruction, facilities and quarantine procedures, protocols clean up, and efforts to reduce anxiety

“These considerations include the handling of the basic necessities for those in need (such as housing and food); inform the local community – including the city and county leadership and the local business community – and decision-making involved with the re-convening of in-person instruction if an institution has decided to move his classes online, “the office Zakiya Smith Ellis, secretary higher education of New Jersey, said in a.

Association of American Medical Colleges recently released after a meeting at the White House. They cover:

“American academic medical center committed to mounting a strong response to contain and reduce COVID-19 and to provide quality care to every patient affected by this public health emergencies, including under- and uninsured, “Dr. David J. Skorton, president and CEO of the association, said in a statement. “Because of their expert faculty physicians, health care team of highly trained and cutting-edge medical technology, a major teaching hospital consistently maintained a high level of readiness to respond quickly to any major event at any time.”

– – Paul Fain

Man With the University of Delaware Positive Connections Alleged Case of First State

March 11 05:45 Delaware Division of Public Health has announced the cause of the alleged positive the first state of COVID-19, which involves “New Castle County man over age 50 are associated with the University of Delaware community.”

people affected affected other cases were confirmed in different countries, according to officials. He was not ill. He retired at home when symptoms appear.

Epidemiology is trying to identify other individuals potentially affected. Students, faculty and staff members with concerns about the risk of exposure to contact the University of Delaware call center

-. Rick Seltzer

More Education Plan Long Distance Class

March 11 05:30 Some larger universities and systems have announced plans of various scales for long-distance classes, which affect hundreds of thousands of students , University of North Carolina system, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Kentucky

Penn State very disappointing many students to return to school for a few weeks. Penn asked students to leave by Sunday.

institution The University of North Carolina system will move from in-person instruction to “alternative course delivery system, where possible and practical, no later than March 20th. “Shipping only alternative is to officially start March 23 and last indefinitely, but the system aims to return to the in-person instruction as soon as possible.

outdoor events and gatherings of 100 people or more were canceled or delayed, and university-sponsored trip to the suspend-state meeting of 100 people or more, as well as travel outside the country, unless specifically authorized.

Penn state university for instruction far from March 16 to April 3. He plans to go back to class on the Monday, Apr 6, at the earliest.

During the three weeks after the spring, Penn State graduate and law students at all campus locations were “very disheartened” to return to the on- and off-campus locations and residences. Live room and dining facilities will not be reopened for normal operation during the period, outside the facility that has been used.

Graduate students are also to participate in class long distance and do not come to campus “special for the face-to-face instruction.” Students should be on campus will work with individually.

Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania is spring break for all students except those in health-related schools or programs that have had a break or who are in clinical rotations. Penn plans for classroom teaching migrate to virtual instruction for both undergraduate and graduate classes, began March 23 and continue through the rest of the semester.

Penn asks students who are out of town for not returning to campus. Those on campus are asked to leave Sunday

The University of Kentucky will remain open but through “online or alternatively” from March 23 to April. 3 – two weeks after spring break for most students. It intends to return to normal childbirth class April 6.

Kentucky students will be able to return to the campus dormitory. research and health care activities will continue as planned. But all international trips are sponsored or endorsed by the university has been indefinitely suspended. , Every tourist who comes from Europe and Japan will be asked to “self-isolate” for 14 days before being allowed on campus

Furthermore, the University of Kentucky was very discouraging sponsored university or -domestic travel authenticated

-. Rick Seltzer

No Fans for March Madness Tournament

Mar 11, 04:51 The National Collegiate Athletic Association will move forward to the tournament and women’s basketball championship without a general audience, Mark Emmert , NCAA president, said in Wednesday.

This means only essential staff and several family members will be allowed to be in the audience of the upcoming weeks in March Madness games of the tournament, which begins March 17th preventive measures will help to protect fans from the transmission COVID-19, as “behavioral risk mitigation strategy is the best option to slow the spread of disease,” said the advisory panel in the NCAA coronavirus.

number of individual institutions, athletic conferences and the government has canceled or issued restrictions on spectators at events across the country NCAA.

“While I understand how disappointing this is for all fans of our sport, my decision was based on the current understanding of how COVID-19 advanced in the United States,” Em said mert. “This decision is in the best interest of public health, including coaches, administrators, fans and most importantly, our student-athletes. We recognized the opportunity to compete in the NCAA national championship is a lifetime experience for the students and their families “

-. Greta Anderson

Striking Grad Students Criticize UC Santa Cruz moved online

Mar 11, 4:45 striking a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has issued a statement on the university steps to suspend face-to-face classes and online instruction began in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus. university, students say, have weaponized public health crisis to break the wildcat strike.

“We saw a turn university for emergency measures as an exercise to shift permanently to the instructions online large scale, accelerating creep online teaching with little supervision, without bargaining, and with little to no transparency,” said the statement. “Appearance As UCSC way to operate in the spring after losing about 80 employees graduate students turn to online learning will set a precedent that worried about how the university could function without workers.”

University dismissed or refused to appoint around 80 graduate student teaching assistants who value cutting. Graduate student strike began in December. This is a labor action requests from the adjustment cost-of-living by the university.

“For the students, this is not the education they pay for,” the statement said. “Teaching Online is a poor substitute for learning in the classroom, and have been shown to reduce the value of a university education.”

graduates will continue to picket digital, involving the continued value hold, keep any updates class off the Canvas, do not teach online classes and have students submit assignments directly to the TA.

university replied, “As a local, national and global health recommendations public increasingly shifted to efforts to transmission Reduce by social distancing, UC Santa Cruz proactively take steps to protect our campus community. In our assessment of the current situation, we believe that this is the best course of action for our campus and the community of Santa Cruz wider “

-. Lilah Burke

SUNY and CUNY Moves to Distance learning

Mar 11, 15:55 The state University of New York and City University of New York system will move into distance learning for the rest of the semester, the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, has announced.

“this will help us reduce the density and reduce the spread of this virus,” the governor on Twitter.

A statement from the governor’s office later clarified that the two systems of public universities will “implement a plan to maximize distance learning and reducing in-person classes, from 19 March to the rest of the spring semester in the light of the new coronavirus situation that developed in new York. All campuses serve the campus will develop a plan and a specific curriculum needs while reducing the density in the campus environment to help slow the possibility for exposure to the new coronavirus. distance learning and other options will be developed by the college. “

Hundreds of thousands of students will be affected by the move, making it one of the most significant has not been seen in the whole country. SUNY crashed head-count enrollment of more than 415,000 across campus. CUNY nearly 275,000 in 2018.

SUNY Student Assembly issued a response voiced appreciation for the move while also acknowledging the fact that students will need help.

“SUNY Continuing a tradition of inclusive and accessible academic excellence is as important as ever,” the statement said this assembly. “SUNY Student Assembly looks forward to working with Chancellor [Kristina M.] Johnson and his team to ensure that students have all the resources and support they need as we make this transition.”

– Rick Seltzer

AAC & U Conference Cancellation

Mar 11, 03:32 another association conferences, such as the Association of American Colleges & Universities canceled 2020 Conference on diversity, Equity and Student Success, which had been scheduled to be held in New Orleans March 19 to 21.

AAC & U plans to present several keynote and workshop sessions virtually. Materials from the presentation of concurrent sessions will rise online, plan the association’s outreach to people who are registered immediately with information about participating virtually or options for refunds.

“health and safety conference participants and AAC & U members of staff is our highest priority and is a factor determinant in the decision difficult, “AAC & U said in a statement.

– Rick Seltzer

Big Ten says Hoops Tournament Still

March 11, 03: 15 Big Ten Conference said Rab u evening that the men’s basketball tournament will continue as scheduled. The game is set to tip off tonight.

“The main priority of the Big Ten Conference is to ensure the safety of our students, coaches, administrators, staff events, fans and media as we continually monitor all relevant information about the virus COVID-19,” said the top ten in ,

The Ivy League on Tuesday its men’s and women’s basketball tournament on concerns coronavirus. Some conference basketball player criticized the move, creating a call for the tournament to be reactivated.

“The hypocrisy of our Ivy League president confusing and alarming,” said the petition. “We are disappointed and discouraged that they will discriminate against one of the sport and to allow others to continue to compete.”

On Wednesday the conference all athletic training and competition through the rest of the spring.

The local government large gatherings in San Francisco and the Seattle area, according to news reports

-. Paul Fain

University Closures Continue

Mar 11, 01:30 University of Massachusetts system, the University System of Maryland, University of Virginia, Georgetown University, George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University is one of the latest institution to move online classes and for students encouragement to leave campus.

five UMass campuses will “shift to virtual mode instruction” begins on 16 March and 3 April through at least within a system. Most of 75,000 students will not be on campus system during that time, says UMass.

University System of Maryland on Tuesday to universities across the 12-institution system to prepare students to stay on campus for at least two weeks after the spring system, which starts on Saturday and ends on March 22.

and the two announced the suspension of classes in the people, who will move to the online version or remotely.

UVA shift to online instruction will begin on March 19, James E. Ryan, president of the university, said in a.

“Students who go in the spring are strongly encouraged to return home or to stay at home if they are already there,” said Ryan. “Students in the field and in the Charlottesville highly recommended to go home this weekend.”

Georgetown step for online will start on March 19, the University is highly recommended students to move into their permanent address.

“We understand that for some number of students to be no compelling reason to stay on campus,” the university said. “The campus will remain open and the main service will be available.”

– Paul Fain

More Campus and Conference Suspensions

March 11 12:30 Michigan State University is one of the newest and largest university for the suspension of all classes -people, effective at noon Wednesday. ThatThe university said in a statement that the health authorities are investigating and monitoring a person associated with the campus for coronavirus- related issues.

Notre Dame University also Wednesday that the move to cancel the instructions online and in-person classes, beginning 23 Mar although at least April 13.

by Wednesday morning, about 90 colleges and universities have shut down their campus or suspended in the instruction and move them online or for long-distance transmission, according to a crowdsourced created by Bryan Alexander, a futurist, researchers and senior scholar at Georgetown University.

Some of the other people who helped Alexander, which was inhabited by contributors throughout higher education. It has fallen several times because of heavy traffic.

ASU + GSV, the meeting focused on technology education, postsecondary education and workforce development that has been scheduled for April in San Diego, has until the autumn.

The organizers of the conference, which hosted 5,500 participants last year, said the delay was “the best choice to protect our communities and to have a really productive convening.”

The American Association of Geographers also the cancellation of their April meeting in Denver. The group said Wednesday that it will shift to the online version, free

-. Paul Fain

Low-Income Students and Shutdowns Campus

march 11, noon. Harvard University is less than a week to pack up, leave the campus and did not return after spring break ended.

Primus, a Harvard student organization that advocates for low-income and first-generation college students, took out some way hope this will be almost impossible for students who are not special.

Many can not afford the cost of an unexpected trip to return. They are expected to pay a storage unit for the items on campus. Students will not be able to rely on their campus jobs. And they are being asked to make all these changes while still attending classes this week.

In addition, students will have to take an online course, which requires internet access and computers.

“The closing is not disproportionately affect the most vulnerable groups of students on campus,” said Anthony Abraham Jack, assistant professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, then added, “I know what it means to be influenced by anything money can not be stopped, but the money will help you through. So, when you do not come from money, you feel full load it. “

In addition to financial constraints, some students may not have a safe home to return to, he said. Jack says he knows of one student who lives an hour from home but never visit, because students are strange and did not get a bed in the house. Other students never three meals a day and a consistent roof over their heads to come to college, he added.

“Even if college is hell, it is still a place of refuge for some students,” he said.

Primus has organized a document from the resources and answers for students on financial aid and support from alumni. But he says it is unfair to expect students to take the work of the university.

“We have to be better, as college officials, in outlining the process so that students can only student,” he said. “At present, the college’s handling of pandemic almost solely as a public health problem, when it is actually one that affects inequality on college campuses.”

– Madeline St. Amour

The riots at the University of Dayton

Mar 11, 11:30 am A large crowd including students from the University of Dayton gathered on the campus of Ohio yesterday after the university on Tuesday in the class because concerns coronavirus. The university asked all residential students to leave campus by 6:00 Wednesday.

Students began to gather in large numbers after the announcement. That police officers from several departments, some wearing anti-riot gear, cleared the crowd, which dispersed by 02:15 One person was injured in the disturbances, according to the university.

Students do not react to the measures coronavirus, the university said, but “wants the last big meeting” before Dayton’s spring, which begins Friday.

“A lot of big fuss that grew to more than 1,000 people gathered in the street Lowes began around 11:00 am, throwing objects and bottles in the street and the police, and jumped on the car,” the university said in a writtenstatement. “Police gave verbal orders to disperse were ignored. Police initially launched balls of pepper, which contains the powder with irritants that spread quickly, which did not succeed in reducing the size of the crowd. “

student UD gathered in a large crowd at Lowes Street Neighborhood Tuesday Students of Southern nights in reaction to news that university housing will close Wednesday for most students because of the spread of the coronavirus.

– Paul Fain

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Monterey County is Preparing for Impacts of COVID-19 (Novel …

China coronavirus: Latest news on the deadly outbreak - Los ...
China coronavirus: Latest news on the deadly outbreak – Los …

China’s coronavirus outbreak: What you need to know about the …

February 27 coronavirus news - CNN
February 27 coronavirus news – CNN

Your most pressing questions about the new coronavirus, answered ...
Your most pressing questions about the new coronavirus, answered …

Coronavirus updates: The latest news on the outbreak and the ...
Coronavirus updates: The latest news on the outbreak and the …

The 10 most common questions on the coronavirus answered | China ...
The 10 most common questions on the coronavirus answered | China …

How worried should we be about the coronavirus outbreak spreading ...
How worried should we be about the coronavirus outbreak spreading …

First American and Japanese deaths reported in coronavirus ...
First American and Japanese deaths reported in coronavirus …

Coronavirus: UK moving to
Coronavirus: UK moving to ‘delay’ phase of COVID-19 response, says …

Coronavirus emergency: here
Coronavirus emergency: here’s what we know so far | UN News

Coronavirus: How Facebook, TikTok and other apps tackle fake ...
Coronavirus: How Facebook, TikTok and other apps tackle fake …

Can the coronavirus outbreak be contained? | Science News
Can the coronavirus outbreak be contained? | Science News

Why misinformation is a clear and present danger during the ...
Why misinformation is a clear and present danger during the …

Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics offers
Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics offers ‘tweetorial’ on …

US scientists study coronavirus to combat covid-19 outbreak - The ...
US scientists study coronavirus to combat covid-19 outbreak – The …

What you need to know about the Wuhan coronavirus | WBNS-10TV ...
What you need to know about the Wuhan coronavirus | WBNS-10TV …

Track the spread of novel coronavirus with this map | PBS NewsHour
Track the spread of novel coronavirus with this map | PBS NewsHour

Doctor who blew whistle over coronavirus has died, hospital says ...
Doctor who blew whistle over coronavirus has died, hospital says …

Coronavirus News: WHO chief says China virus evacuations not ...
Coronavirus News: WHO chief says China virus evacuations not …

Information on 2019 Novel Coronavirus from Division of Public ...
Information on 2019 Novel Coronavirus from Division of Public …

The latest on the coronavirus spreading in China and beyond | News ...
The latest on the coronavirus spreading in China and beyond | News …

Coronavirus Agra News | Coronavirus India: Suspected cases in Agra ...
Coronavirus Agra News | Coronavirus India: Suspected cases in Agra …

As Coronavirus Fears Intensify, Effectiveness of Quarantines Is ...
As Coronavirus Fears Intensify, Effectiveness of Quarantines Is …

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